Work Out Fashionably With This Hammer-Shaped Water Bottle

By Stephen M

Water is life as it rejuvenates and replenishes the body, especially after an exhaustive workout or daily activities. The feeling becomes even more pleasurable when it is coming out from a fashionable water bottle. Just like Thor loves his hammer, you will surely love the look of this Thor-inspired thunder-shaped water bottle.

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The container is shaped like a Mjolnir, best known as the hammer of the God of Thunder, Thor. So what are you still doing with your old-fashioned water bottle? It’s time you dispose of the old one for a classier bottle.

Are You a Marvel Fan?

If you are a Marvel fan, the Thor Hammer Water Bottle is a must-have. Oh yes, imagine, you will feel the power of Thor in your hand once you get this bottle. All you need is to fill the bottle to the brim with water or your favorite protein-rich drink. Afterward, grab the handle with swag and notice how it moves around comfortably. You will surely attract attention and double-takes from people wishing they had one. Take it with you to the gym, for hiking, and any other outdoor sports event. You can even take it to the workplace.

Capacity and material

Thor’s Hammer Water Bottle has a capacity of 1.7 liters. The head serves as the reservoir to serve you the daily recommended water intake. The bottle is very safe, eco-friendly, and recyclable. It is made of PETG plastic used in producing food and liquid containers. For easy grip, the handle is designed in a textured pattern to avoid slip. Thor’s Hammer Water Bottle is very durable and can tolerate a certain level of high pressure. You have two color options to choose from, blue and clear black.

How to refill

To refill the bottle, look for the cap at the tip of the handle and screw it backward. After filling it to the brim, close it tightly to prevent leakage. It is best used for cold liquid, so avoid filling it with hot beverages. Also, don’t wash it with hot water.