Why Would Anyone Want A 16-inch iPad?

By Stephen M

Are you ready to own a mega iPad? It is rumored that Apple is planning to release a 16 inch iPad Pro Max onto the market. Their latest release, the 12.9 inch iPad Pro received positive reviews, and it’s doing well with consumers. But, is there a need for a 16 inch Pro Max while Apple laptops of the same size already exist?

Photo credit: bgr.in

Already, proponents see the move as welcoming. They believe that an iPad of that size would afford designers and businesses a larger space to operate. That aside, the creative apps on the device could be highly explored and utilized. A 16-inch screen means users would have more rooms for video and audio editing, illustration, and use of Office documents.

But, critics believe otherwise. To them, the iPad came in as the middle device between a laptop and a smartphone. So, a larger size iPad will defeat the concept behind it. The device came in handy because it could do what a normal smartphone couldn’t and was even more portable than a laptop. These features made it a commercial success, and they have enjoyed great reception.

Photo credit: appleinsider.com

The iPad has seen several development and upgrades in recent years, making it work as a laptop. The current generation of the device comes with a Magic Keyboard for an easy typing experience. So, if Apple is not planning to replace its laptop brand with iPad’s then what is the need for a 16-inch iPad?

Some people still find it difficult to manage the 12.9-inch iPad Pro due to its size and weight. However, it can be a nice choice for artists and designers looking for a larger screen. This means they would maybe even want the introduction of even a much larger screen than the 16-inch. But won’t that make it lose its portability?