Unagi’s Revolutionary New Electric Scooter

By Anthony K

Unagi revealed an electric scooter that completely overhauls the rules for how full-suspension electric scooters should appear and operate. The Unagi Model Eleven electric scooter stunned the industry with its sleek look and packed with automotive-level technology as it introduced previously unheard-of technologies to the scooter market.

Photo Credits: Unagi

A dream team of outlaw professionals from several fields has spent years developing the Model Eleven with the goal of revolutionizing urban transportation by pushing industrial design, material science, and engineering to their extreme limits. They even have similar collision warning sensors as electric cars.

Photo Credits: Unagi

Unagi’s Model Eleven is a technological marvel in a plethora of ways. The scooter’s smart sensor checks for potential threats and alerts the rider audibly. Sports enhancements like a speaker for turn-by-turn Google Maps instructions are also included.

Photo Credits: wordlesstech.com

The scooter also includes GPS as a theft impediment. The in-built GPS tracker keeps a record of a scooter’s location if the motion-activated alarm is unable to deter a criminal from taking it, and users may still remotely lock the scooter using the companion smartphone app. Pretty enticing features right there!

The Unagi Model Eleven was constructed in a revolutionary manner that is still in its infancy. The notion of what to anticipate and how an electric scooter should seem has since been dispelled. Thanks to industrial designer Yves Behar, Unagi has actively worked to make the design more intriguing and appealing.

Well, if you don’t have the money for a fancy four-wheeled ride, this might be your jam!