The Multi-Colored LED Cube Chairs That Will Dazzle Any Event

By Stephen M

Are you an outdoor event manager or operates a recreational facility and looking for new ways to light up your venue? Do you want your guests to open their mouths in awe at that special occasion? Then, introduce this stunning LED cube into your space.

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These cubes create a perfect ambiance and look you’ve ever wished for. The multi-purpose cube can serve as lights, side tables, seats, and a display box. Installing more of these at your venue would create a special feeling while spicing up the atmosphere. What about giving your garden, poolside, and deck a facelift using these units? It would be amazing, right?

Specs of the LED Cube Chairs

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Built with bright LED modules, these chairs can display 16 different colors and are energy efficient. It is 4.8W light with a high capacity built-in chargeable battery. You can charge the cube with a mobile adapter, power bank, and even with your PC through a USB port.

Coming with remote control, you can adjust the brightness of the seat from a distance. Depending on the kind of atmosphere you want to create, you can select from the fade, static, flash, and strobe modes. With a 16-inch seating area, the cube chair can withstand 300 pounds of weight.

The buildup of the chairs

The manufacturer of this cube chair built the units having your safety and comfort in mind. The battery and light lamp are securely fixed inside the unit and free from toxic elements. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about having lead and mercury traces in your space. Also, you can use it everywhere because it is UV resistant and waterproof. If you are worried about maintaining its beauty, relax because it is easy to clean.


Charging it is very simple and convenient. You need to remove the LED lamp from the bottom of the seat and charge it. A 5 hours charge can give you 12 hours of working time.