The Most Reliable Gaming Mice

By Stephen M

The gaming industry is flourishing like never before as the current generation has become more addicted to the numerous games they have at their disposal. As such, gaming hardware such as gaming mice are also cashing in big time. But as game lovers, not just any gaming mouse would work for you. This is why we’ve decided to take you through some high-end gaming mice on the market now. We made these selections taking into consideration affordability, durability, and sensitivity.

Razer Viper Ultimate

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The Razer Viper Ultimate is certainly is on our high list when it comes to gaming mice. The £140 device comes in a sleek design and is very light. Its sensitivity level is unparalleled, with an impressive 20,000 DPI. Razer viper ultimate has the best endurance rate of 70 million clicks and a stupendous 1000HZ polling rate. Doesn’t all these justify its pricing? Built with optical switches, this device also has a 0.1ms response, the highest on the market now. You can use the Razer either wireless or with a wired connection.

HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro

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If you are on a tight budget yet want something that really works, we recommend the HyperX pulsefire fps pro. Selling at £33, this device is definitely awesome for its price. Having a 16,000 DPI sensitivity level, the HyperX has the usual six-button design, with the scroll-wheel having RGB LEDs. The device also has a 450 IPS speed level and an acceleration force of 50g, making it ideal for mainstream gamers. I hope you would also enjoy its endurance rate, which stands at 20 million clicks.

SteelSeries Sensei Ten

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If you are an Esports fan, then go for the SteelSeries Sensei Ten. Having a sensitivity of 18,000 DPI coupled with its fabulous core performance, this mouse is the best buy for Esports players. SteelSeries Sensei Ten sells at £45 and is built for high performance.

Roccat Kain 120 Aimo

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The Roccat Kain 120 Aimo offers an impressive 16,000 DPI sensitivity level with a polling rate of 1,000Hz. It has an endurance rating of 50 million and is definitely, something a mainstream gamer can rely on. Coming at £60, Roccat Kain 120 comes with RGB LEDs with buttons built with Roccat’s Titan Click technology. That notwithstanding, it is speedy.