The Largest Anamorphic Illusion In The World: The Massive Wave In Seoul Aquarium

By Shivam B

Advertisements and how much they are disliked have now become a universal phenomenon. You must look at the ad blockers, which will give you an idea of how many people agree on this concept. We all have a little bit of disdain for “clickbait” articles and other times ads are unwanted but pop up anyway. However, marketing people are the exception. To be more specific, marketers who appreciate ads for what they are. When done right, it can be a piece of art. If an ad has the right appeal, it will be liked by people and will become viral. Here are some situations when you see the electronic billboard and cannot find any ad. Instead of that, you can find some virtual art. It is like a giant ocean that will break free from the mere glass and wires that hold it back.


What Will You Do After Finding A Ocean Waving At You Where You Used To See Ads?

Seoul, in South Korea, is known to have the most prominent advertising screen. It serves as an aquarium for a computerized-simulated ocean wave, an enormous in constant hectic motion. The waves are The Public Media Series part designed by the district and with whom Bored Panda got in touch. It was titled #1_WAVE with Anamorphic Illusion. It is a series hinting at the potential entries in the coming times.

Who Is Behind Such Ideas?


District, a well-known media-tech company, is behind the display of these elements. They are specialized in making, designing, and delivering awe-inspiring content. Their objective is to offer new, space-based, visual experiences to consumers around the world. The ad, DOOH, is one such example that will transform into a space surprising all.