The Best Juicers For Tastier Smoothies and Green Juice

By Kanyi M

There’s nothing quite like making your own juice from fresh ingredients. It is no longer necessary to keep a fancy juicer in the cabinet since the current models are functional and elegant. They make juicing easy and a fun process.

Centrifugal and ‘slow’ masticating juicers are the two major kinds of juicers.

Image by silviarita from Pixabay

Hard fruits, such as apples and carrots, benefit most from centrifugal juice extraction because they are powerful and fast. Fruit is shredded on rotating blades and then thrown against wire mesh to strain out the pith and squeeze out the juice, which is then collected.

On the other hand, masticating juicer machines chew and press fruits and vegetables slowly so that more nutrients are sealed in. They are great for soft foods like spinach and blueberries because they preserve as much nutrition as possible in the juice.

So, Which Juicer is the Finest in 2021?

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Well, we did extensive research on the current juicers in the market, and we are happy to recommend the following.

  1. Kuvings EVO280 Evolution Cold Press Juicer – You will love its high-tech specs
  2. Braun J300 Spin Juicer – Talk of shear power when blitzing whole fruits
  3. Nutribullet Juicer – Hard fruits are no match over its power
  4. Sage The Nutri Juicer Cold XL – Have a large household? Juice for everyone
  5. Beko Slow Juicer SJA3209B – Value for money
  6. Smeg SJF01 Slow Juicer – Inventive kit with classic style
  7. Philips MicroMasticating Juicer – One juicer to serve all your needs