The Best Beard Trimmers For Precision

By Stephen M

Beard trimmers currently have a huge market and have become one of the highest-selling men grooming devices. But how easy is it to find something that gives you a neat trim with high precision yet very durable? You may not have all the qualities you require in a single beard trimmer. However, there is something that comes closer to your expectation. With many people looking for the perfect trimming device for a clean shave, we’ve taken time to assess some and recommend the following.

Braun’s MGK7221 10-in-1

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Braun’s MGK7221 10-in-1 is the perfect match when looking for an all-in-one device. This all-around device selling at £61 can take care of all body hair no matter where it is. Aside from being the best beard trimmer, there is something for your nostrils, ear, chin, and other parts of the body. MGK7221 10-in-1 comes with eight attachments, a Gillette razor, a long comb, and a mini foil shaver.

Wahl Aqua Blade

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Wahl Aqua Blade is the device that easily comes to mind when looking for something for shaving. The device gives you a net trim with its wide and powerful head with no extra effort. Wahl aqua sells at £70, and it’s the best buy if you can deal with its cumbersomeness and the need for great care.

Remington T-Series Precision Trimmer

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Selling at £50, the Remington T-Series Precision Trimmer works just as the name suggests. Aside from its relatively low price, it is comfortable to use and gives you the precise trim you require. The device has eight attachments that serve different purposes. You are assured of great comfort, and this device is user-friendly and wouldn’t stress you out.

Philips Series 9000

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The Philips series 9000 is a premium device that really suits its price. Coming at £140, the trimmer is made from stainless steel. It has a built-in metal comb and a flat plastic base to keep it standing when storing. Philips series 9000 smoothly goes through your hair and cuts with precision and consistency for an even hair.