Opera Launches AI-Powered Browser For European iOS Users Following Apple’s DMA Changes

By Iulia P February 4, 2024

Opera has revealed its plans to launch a novel AI-powered browser, Opera One, designed explicitly for iOS in the European market. This strategic move comes in response to Apple’s recent decision to permit alternative browser engines on iOS, complying with the European Digital Markets Act (DMA) regulations.


The DMA necessitates Apple to allow browsers not based on the WebKit engine, which is presently mandatory for third-party browsers. This engine is the same one that underlies Apple’s Safari browser.
The transformative shift by Apple enables developers to submit browsers that are not WebKit-based, applicable to both standalone web browser apps and in-app browsers used to display web pages within iOS applications. Opera sees this policy change as an opportunity to offer iPhone users an excellent alternative to the default Safari browser.

Opera’s Executive Vice President of Mobile, Jørgen Arnesen, expressed the company’s enthusiasm for the changes introduced through the DMA. Arnesen emphasized Opera’s commitment to delivering an AI-centric browsing experience with Opera One for iOS, aligning with the DMA’s objectives to promote healthy competition and diverse browser options on iOS devices. Additionally, he welcomed Apple’s decision to implement a browser choice screen for iOS, simplifying the process for users to select their preferred default browser.

Andrii Nekrasov/Shutterstock

The anticipated launch date for Opera One is March, coinciding with the enforcement of the DMA. Although the changes are specific to the European Union, Opera encourages Apple to extend these new provisions globally.

While Opera has not provided intricate details about Opera One for iOS, it has teased a “major investment” in a significant AI infrastructure project in Europe. In the previous year, Opera introduced its “Aria” browser AI and revamped its flagship desktop browser, naming it Opera One. This branding will carry over to the forthcoming iOS browser. The Opera One browser is designed to be well-prepared for an “AI-based future,” underscoring Opera’s commitment to advancing AI technologies within its browser offerings.