Lua, The Smart Planter That Turns Your Plants Into Pets!

By Anthony K

The robotics revolution is speeding up as fast-moving technological advances in automation, energy storage, artificial intelligence, engineering and machine learning collide. The far-reaching impacts are starting to change robot abilities and their capacity to do tasks formerly handled by humans.

Photo Credits: Mu Designs

Your plant has requirements, but it can’t tell you about them? Well, worry not! Meet Lua, the plant pot that transforms your favorite plant into a lively virtual companion! Thanks to its vibrant personality, it’s the ideal plant partner for your indoor garden houseplants! The intelligent planter uses sensors to activate different global animated emoticons.

Photo Credits: Indiegogo

It monitors moisture in the soil, light exposure, and temperature to keep your houseplant healthy and happy. The setup appears to be very straightforward. You tell the app what kind of plant you have, and it generates a QR code that Lüa can immediately read and understand.

Photo Credits: WRAL

Lüa has six main animations to assist you in meeting the needs of your plant:

  1. Hot- This will show that your plant is hot and needs cooling.
  2. Cold- When the weather cools down below the usual. The next day, Lüa will sneeze.
  3. Squint- When Lüa squints, it’s hunting for shade since it’s been exposed to too much light.
  4. Vampire- Lüa will transform into a vampire emoticon after a few days if the plant is not exposed to enough sunlight.
  5. Thirsty- When the soil moisture level falls below the set threshold, you must water your plant.
  6. Sick- Adding too much water to your plant might also harm it; wait until Lüa is thirsty before adding water.