GOAT Walmart Moments Which Show The Wonderous And Entertaining Array Of Peeps Who Shop There

By Larissa C September 7, 2023

This article was originally published on travelerdoor

If you imagine a store so big, it could have its own zip code and offers literally everything under the sun, whether a simple bottle of shampoo or a new desk for your room, that store is Walmart. Sometimes, when you ask people about America, the first thing that comes to mind is Walmart. It sounds like a grand ol’ time! But hold up, that’s only half of it.

Because millions of Americans go shopping at Walmart every year, it is only natural that the employees see some crazy shenanigans (and people) on the clock. And we are not exclusively talking about rude customers who walk in acting like they own the store. We’re talking about the ones that have a statement to make.

Naturally, we had to write an article about the wild and fascinating things that go down at the infamous Walmart. And, if you’ve never set foot in one, we think this article will give you a pretty good idea of what you are in for. You may find it hard to believe that so many absurd customer moments happened all in one place.

Wearing a moisturizing mask

Do you know how people sometimes forget to do something before leaving the house and end up embarrassing themselves? For example, some women forget to remove their hair rollers and then feel like a deer in headlights once they’re in public.

Image courtesy of lj_masterok/LiveInternet

While we could argue that this woman has no idea that she has that horrifying green mask on, we find it hard to believe that she didn’t do this on purpose. It looks like she stopped by Walmart knowing very well what she was doing. Creepy!

Someone give them some masks!

Even when mask mandates were still strict, some people refused to wear them — even if they were putting their health at risk by doing so. The ironic part about this scenario is these makeshift masks might kill people from laughter!

Image courtesy of plywalker/Reddit

They didn’t have any masks in their car, so they had to make do with what was available, which just happened to be a couple of sanitary pads over their nose and mouth. They didn’t have a scarf or something? We warned you. You see it all. And this is just two pictures in.

Don’t let this happen to you!

If you go to Walmart in Florida or in any coastal area, it’s likely that you will come across a customer or two wearing the tiniest outfits you’ve ever seen. Maybe this is their way of showing off their newly-acquired tan.

Image courtesy of daily-choices.com

There’s nothing wrong with the woman on the left, but the woman on the right clearly forgot to put on some sunscreen when she tried to get her tan on. We are praying that she has a one track mind heading straight for the aloe vera section.

Where are the rest of her shoes?

You don’t have to be into fashion to know that some designers are pushing the boundaries when it comes to what is in at the moment. You’ve probably seen a picture of ripped-up shoes being sold for thousands at some point.

Image courtesy of trashy/Reddit

If we didn’t see this picture featured in an article about Walmart customers, we’d assume this is probably one of Balenciaga’s latest concepts. But no, this is some type of DIY shoes/flip-flops. They might not be the most aesthetically pleasing, but they certainly come in handy for the ladies who just got their toenails done!

It looks like a tail!

Walmart employees have seen it all but were surprised to see this customer walking into one of their stores. Their hairstyle certainly caught other customers’ eyes. It looks like Rapunzel got fed up with brushing her hair for an hour every day.

Image courtesy of xexe.club

Unfortunately, this is not Rapunzel. This is just another case of a Walmart customer who obviously woke up one day and decided she didn’t need to take care of her hair anymore. It’s a little disturbing, but we’ve seen way worse in Walmart.

What in the world?

Do you know how sometimes we can’t exactly describe what our eyes are seeing? Well, in Walmart, this happens every ten seconds! This woman and her one-of-a-kind fashion style definitely fit in, and we know she knows it!

Image courtesy of yaplakal.com

Where shall we get started? The leg warmer on just one leg is pretty questionable and deserves its own article. The tye-dye shirt with the cute bear prints is kind of acceptable — a true Walmart woman is not afraid of a little extra attention!

That can’t be true!

These days, women are all about fake eyelashes, fake nails, fake lips, and whatever else is not natural. This includes fake eyebrows. Razor-thin eyebrows used to be all the rage, but this woman is focused on bringing back vintage brows!

Image courtesy of nowaygirl.com

And by vintage, we mean furry caveman vintage. We believe this woman’s mega brows are exclusively a Walmart thing. We don’t know what kind of trend she was following here, but it certainly hasn’t left store grounds, thank goodness!

It’s a Walmart miracle!

The craziest things can happen at your local Walmart — but did you know that Walmart was a national hub for miracle work! Think of a Christmas miracle but at Walmart. Once you take a look at this next image, you’ll understand what we’re talking about.

Image courtesy of thepic.net

This has got to be a Walmart miracle! If a customer needs one of those special motorized carts, it’s because they are in no condition to be on their feet. It also means that they can’t be pulling crazy stunts as this woman did. But hey, you can’t pass up a deal at Walmart! 

A different kind of pet

When we think of pets, we usually think of cats and dogs. Store owners typically put up signs indicating that pets aren’t allowed in their stores — but do they specify what kinds of pets aren’t allowed? It seems like this Walmart store didn’t.

Image courtesy of keptelenseg.hu

We bet that sign saying “no pets allowed” had a picture of either a dog or a cat. But there is nowhere that says a turtle can’t be an emotional support pet! Now this woman can shop until she drops. She’s in for it with that small turtle. He has a lot of ground to cover.

You said no pets are allowed on the floor.

Another Walmart customer who decided to test the grey area of the “no pets allowed” rule is this guy who brought his cat to the store with him. Considering that nobody has ever said anything about pets in a bag, he wasn’t totally wrong to assume that he could bring his cat.

Image courtesy of themoneytime.com

This bubble bag is genius. There’s a comfortable bed and some holes for the air to come inside — so don’t worry, the cat is chillin. And considering the way that it is looking at people, the cat is having a field day judging the peculiar people of Walmart!

We hope this trend won’t stick around.

Do you remember the 90s and early 2000s? Those years were pretty crazy in terms of fashion. We mean, who doesn’t remember low-rise jeans? Or the way that celebrities would walk the red carpet wearing skirts over leggings! Thankfully, all those fashion trends are gone.

Image courtesy of funny-memes.us

But this guy is trying to keep rat tails alive! What we don’t comprehend is how in the heck did his hairdresser let him leave like that? Did he tell him that he was going to Walmart straight after? If that’s the case, the hairdresser probably said to himself, “Perfect.”

He’s my kid, and I won’t leave him alone

Everyone who studied science at school knows of Darwin’s theory of evolution. He said that humans descended from apelike creatures — and that’s why many people say that humans and monkeys are related. Maybe that’s the excuse this lady used to bring her pet to Walmart.

Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

With the way she’s holding that monkey, we wouldn’t be surprised if the employees never even realized that this is a monkey — if you look at it from the back, you may think she’s holding a baby in her arms. We’re telling you. Walmart is home to all things monkey business!

That’s actually adorable

Onesies are adorable for children and teenagers. However, we can’t say the same thing for adults. Not every adult looks cute in one of those — but it seems like this couple woke up that morning and decided to role-play.

Image courtesy of ekabu.ru

Now, that must be one happy family. The lady comes out of the house wearing a onesie, not caring about what others might say. The man puts on that cool jacket and those unique boots. Together, they are an unstoppable Walmart force!

I’ve seen this icon somewhere

Well, this woman is taking social distancing to new heights. She really did a great job color-coordinating. We see she is trying to social distance, but she won’t have that problem being masked and totally hard to miss.

Image courtesy of spotlightstories.co

We have two theories. The first is that she’s recently watched the show Orange Is The New Black and took the title too seriously. The other theory is that she loves Halloween and wants her outfit to show it — hence the candy-corn hat! This will be a Walmart trend. You heard it here first.

While the wife goes shopping…

Men don’t like shopping. There are some exceptions to this rule, but usually, they will beg to stay home. And while this guy’s wife made him come to Walmart with her, she couldn’t stop him from having a full-blown siesta in the middle of the store.

Image courtesy of beartales.me

Who’s never dreamed of passing out cold in the furniture section at Walmart? Well, this guy is a rebel, and he turned his dreams into a reality. Now he is literally dreaming while living out his lifelong Walmart dream. Do you understand how powerful this is?

Late-night cravings be like!

If you are like most night owls and can’t sleep early even if you try, you’ve probably experienced this. It’s the middle of the night, and you’re craving food you don’t have, of course. So what do you do? Head to Walmart wrapped in your sheets!

Image courtesy of twicsy.com

It looks like this isn’t her first Rodeo. She wanted food in the middle of the night, and she didn’t hesitate to go out and get it. And judging by her outfit, her cravings must’ve been insane if she went out looking like that! Walmart must have welcomed her with open arms.

He’s so brave for this!

While most older people are pretty conservative and will never miss an opportunity to complain about today’s society, some elderly people are actually pretty rad. They’re open-minded enough to accept that the world has changed and that this is not necessarily a bad thing.

Image courtesy of obhohocheshsya.com

This man certainly is one of the cool elders. We mean, he wouldn’t go grocery shopping at Walmart wearing jean shorts, and a pair of leggings if he weren’t. This man is truly ahead of his time. And he knows Walmart will accept him no matter what!

How much for that wig?

If you know anything about wigs, you know that they become more expensive the bigger they are. And this person would have paid a small fortune for this wig — if only it weren’t in such poor conditions, that is.

Image courtesy of TuboWare/Reddit

Everything about this Walmart customer is out of proportion. They’re wearing a huge wig and larger-than-life chains — and we’re pretty sure that those are not their natural teeth. It looks like this person came straight out of a movie, and we think you know what kind of movie we’re talking about!

Just tell me why!

If you want to work at a place where you’re sure to have a good laugh at least once a day, Walmart is the ideal place — like this guy in a weiner costume. Seriously, what was it about this day that made him want to wear this?

Image courtesy of buzznet.com

How lucky were the employees who got to see this sight for sore eyes grocery shopping? He obviously wanted to read the tabloids in peace. We seriously hope he is leaving trails of mustard and ketchup around the store because that would be proper hilarious.

The kids don’t stay at home

Nowadays, it feels like more families are adopting pets. And they have become such a fundamental part of society that many establishments call themselves “pet-friendly.” While we had no idea that Walmart was one of those places, it seems like it is.

Image courtesy of note.taable.com

You’ve already seen other people with unique pets at Walmart. This woman might not have a monkey or a turtle, but she has three dogs and doesn’t leave them alone when she has to go grocery shopping. We wonder if these adorable babies asked for snacks!

That’s so scary!

The whole world was a completely different place just a couple of years ago – we saw masks plastered on everyone’s faces. This is obvious as everyone was paranoid about getting sick or breathing in anything that could potentially make them sick.

Image courtesy of Sweetbadger/Reddit

However, this guy has a whole other strategy to defend himself, judging by the ‘grim beaker’ mask. And do you know what’s even more interesting than this costume? No one seems to care. It’s like they see this every day or something!

Can’t get married with no pictures!

While marriage is not as common nowadays as it was decades ago, many people still get excited by the idea of saying “I do” to the love of their life. For this couple, it’s only natural to return to the place where they first met.

Image courtesy of trinixy.ru

In fact, they were so excited about their marriage that it looks like they left the courthouse and headed to Walmart straight away. Isn’t this the most romantic setting? Just two love birds standing in line. We feel the love all the way over here!

Is that Barney?

When you think that you’ve seen it all, Walmart goes ahead and surprises you. It seems like this store attracts the weirdest, offbeat customers in comparison to other grocery stores — and that’s great for us. It’s prime entertainment.

Image courtesy of trickfist.com

And here we have! We’ve been searching for Barney’s wife for decades! How in the world did we not think to check in Walmart!? But seriously. There are so many questions we wish we could ask this lady. And we know we’re not alone.

We need explanations!

If you’ve watched the Grinch, you probably remember most of his physical characteristics. One of the Grinch’s main characteristics is that he has a bunch of fur around his neck, resembling the collar of a furry top or something of that kind.

Image courtesy of lolbrary.com

Well, this Walmart shopper could give Jim Carrey a run for his money! Even the employees didn’t know what to do! We assume they didn’t lead him astray and led him right to the shaving and razor aisle. He needs the strongest Gillette razor they have!

Ma’am, that’s not doing much for you…

Walmart was one of the places that saved a lot of people’s lives during that weird period of social distancing. But if you remember well, lots of people didn’t take the whole thing seriously when it had just begun, like this woman in the picture.

Image courtesy of DrimDramFlimFlam/Reddit

Well, every person in this picture seems to not have taken it seriously because none of them are wearing masks. We appreciate the effort, but that snorkel is not doing anything because she is still sucking in germs and particles. Who has the nerve to tell her?

Oops, missed the parking lot!

One of the best features of Walmart stores is the fact that you can do your grocery shopping online and then pick up your items without having to get out of the car. This is a convenient option for customers and helps generate more jobs.

Image courtesy of pe.com

This person must have ordered their items online and probably chose the curbside delivery option. And boy, did they take that literally! They were probably sitting there a bit too long and decided it was unacceptable! And we bet they had no shame about it, too!

What should we mention first?

You’ve already laid eyes on a Walmart customer holding her pet monkey. There was also that one woman carrying her turtle on a leash and the other lady who brought her three dogs to the store with her. Now, it’s time for this man to shine.

Image courtesy of sonxeber.az

He is holding onto his pet ferret if you can’t see very well. And he’s holding on so tightly that the poor animal barely has any space left to breathe. He is also wearing a wig. Just thought we’d mention it in case you missed it staring at the ferret.

Is that the newest trend?

Digital influencers get that name because they manage to influence their followers into doing and buying things that they endorse. For instance, everything that the Kardashians do is copied by others, from how they pose in pictures to how they look.

Image courtesy of peopleofwalmart.com

Thank the heavens that this lady is not a digital influencer. If she were a trendsetter, it would be the doom of humanity. We mean, imagine if people started wearing their pants like this! But hey, we can’t say anything. She is in the one store where literally everything goes.

You’ve grown out of that phase, sweetie!

If your mother used to take you to the grocery store when you were a kid, you probably remember how she would put you inside the shopping cart and push you around the store. Every kid loves doing this! Apparently, so do some adults.

Image courtesy of xmeds08/Reddit

This woman is clearly ridin’ dirty! Her laziness is an understatement, and we feel bad for the guy driving. We also find it difficult to believe that Walmart allows this kind of behavior, so maybe this picture was taken minutes before the manager asked her to hop out of there.

Can you even explain this?

Sometimes, when you see something but have no clue regarding the context, the only thing left to do is to come up with theories. For instance, when we look at the picture below, we create so many theories as to why this woman looks like this.

Image courtesy of batona.net

One guess is that she fell asleep, and her kids used this opportunity to draw random stuff on her face. Then, she woke up and headed to Walmart without realizing that she looks absolutely off the rail. One obvious thing is that she is sad someone had the chance to take a photo!

You better stay away!

Back when we still had to keep a social distance from other people, it seemed like there were those who deliberately chose to ignore these rules. The problem with that is that they were putting not only themselves at risk but also those around them.

Image courtesy of peopleofwalmart.com

And it seems like this man was not having it! We can see the outline of his mask’s ear loops, and he’s also wearing that shirt, so this means that he is not messing around! Wanna test him! Have fun. We will stand back and enjoy the show at Walmart!

That’s not it…

Before Coronavirus became a thing, the word “corona” was already in existence. And we bet that, when you read this word, you immediately think of a particular beverage that has that name. It seems like an employee at this Walmart store got a bit confused regarding their meanings.

Image courtesy of themoneytime.com

His intentions were obviously good. He was using a surgical mask to protect it from the virus — but that’s not the Corona that was getting people sick. In fact, this is the Corona that helped a lot of people deal with being stuck in the house 27/7!

Is this really the ideal place for a photo?

When we think of going grocery shopping, we certainly don’t think of dressing up. But it seems that some people live by the “every moment is an opportunity to dress up” motto. Well, at least this lady definitely does.

Image courtesy of Alfredo Gallardo/Pinterest

We’re sorry! Are we not cool enough to know that Walmart turns into a club at night? Seriously though, why would anyone wear that outfit to go shopping at Walmart? It’s also comical that she’s posing like that as if she were in some nice place and not at a grocery store!

What’s the point in doing that?

We’ve already learned from this article that fashion is relative and every person has the freedom to do whatever they wish. Does that mean everything looks good? Heck no! Does that mean you should replace your hair beads with Jolly Ranchers in case you run out! Heck yes!

Image courtesy of peopleofwalmart.com

We mean, they look just like regular hair beads, right? Sike! He’s probably trying to be different and unique, claiming that this is fashion, but we can all agree that it doesn’t look any good and makes no sense at all!

Is this the Metaverse?

Everyone is raving about alternate realities and the so-called Metaverse these days. And while there is no way to prove that alternate realities with “mirrored” versions of ourselves exist, it would be fun if they did. Scenes like this one, for instance, would probably be common.

Image courtesy of mt5.com

Usually, it’s the kid inside the shopping cart and the parent pushing them around. But in this case, the little girl is pushing her dad as they go shopping. We don’t know if this is the metaverse, but he’s surely making her push a full load!

We just had to look twice!

It is not unusual for our eyes to deceive us, but sometimes, it’s not even our fault. Don’t be fooled here. Underneath that hot bikini body is a whole lotta, man. We know it’s an illusion, but hey, this is Walmart. Everything goes!

Image courtesy of yadbw.com

This man is a clear example of that. Out of all shirts he could have worn to go to Walmart, he decided to wear this funky top. We bet that he did it on purpose — and we also bet that lots of people looked twice. He’s rolling down the aisle in style!

You got me for a second!

And while we’re on the topic of “optical illusions,” here goes another one. Just when those modest members of society who are trying to cruise by with no attention try and buy milk and bread, Walmart just had to get freaky again.

Image courtesy of thedawgpound.com

If you saw this woman from a distance, you’d probably think that she was carrying her child on her back, which is not exactly the weirdest thing ever. It’s probably the best solution for those who don’t really want the responsibility of a kid; you can just wear a dead doll on your back, and no one will think twice.

Every kid’s dream!

When we bring our kids to the grocery store, we have to keep them entertained somehow. And this woman might have just found the best way to keep her young kid busy while she pays for the items she purchased.

Image courtesy of poxe.ru

If you’ve ever worked as a cashier, you’ve probably heard countless parents joking with their kids about having them scanned and paying for them. Well, this woman took that joke to a whole new level as she put her child on the checkout conveyor belt!

It’s just a quick nap

Do you know those nights we can’t sleep well for no reason in particular? The following morning, we feel so sleepy that we could literally sleep while eating. And judging by this next photo, it looks like this lady just had one of those nights.

Image courtesy of penera.pl

Did she fall asleep because she was exhausted from work or because he husband dragged her to look at belts? We understand her. After a while, all the belts just morph into one! If we were her, we would leave him in the dust and book it out of there.

The most chill dad in the county

Dads have their own kind of humor, and it seems like the older they get, the funnier they try and be. And that’s especially true when they’re out in public. This father was shopping at Walmart with his wife and decided to do something funny.

Image courtesy of epicfail.com

You can officially call him the most chill dad in the entire county. What is the point of the frozen meat section if you can’t cool down there? There must have been a fantastic deal on pork chops because he is not messing around.

Is that what life in small towns looks like?

Who said that Walmart is all about weird and funny stuff? It’s also a fascinating place too — you just have to be lucky enough to see some of these things in person. The person who took this photo didn’t see anything hilarious but rather something weird.

Image courtesy of themoneytime.com

Haters are going to say that that is what all people in small towns dress like! While there is nothing wrong with wearing some camo, these ladies look peculiar because they are matching their outfits from head to toe!

A free concert? I’m in!

Walmart should not be reduced to a place where weird people go shopping. It is also a place of culture, and we can totally prove it! Just take a look at this next picture. If this doesn’t scream that Walmart is an American cultural hub, then we don’t know what does.

Image courtesy of xexe.club

While Walmart has its own radio that plays at every store, this store, in particular, decided to bring in these musicians to play some live music for their customers. But judging by the lack of people in the perimeter, we’d say that these two guys were not that popular!

This is how you deal with petty kids

Bringing a child to the grocery store is quite tricky. That’s because you never know how your kid is going to act once you get there. Some days, they’re as nice as angels sent from heaven; but on other days, they want to be brats in Walmart, of all places!

Image courtesy of funkydowntown.com

This kid probably wanted something that’s bad for him, and his father said no. His immediate reaction was to throw himself on the floor and throw a tantrum in front of everyone. Much to the kid’s surprise, his dad obviously didn’t care and continued shopping as if he wasn’t even there!

That doesn’t look like a shopping cart!

There is so much going on in the world right now that the global economy has been deeply affected. What does that mean for us, regular folks? It means that we have to pay more for things that used to be cheap, like gasoline.

Image courtesy of peopleofwalmart.com

This guy probably ditched his car for a horse to fix that problem. And it’s pretty clear that he’s a responsible guy — he even parked his horse with the other cars. This has to be a Walmart in the Wild Wild West somewhere.

No getting lost today, young man!

While some kids throw tantrums at the grocery store, there are kids who do something even crazier: they get lost from their parents. You probably got lost when you were a kid and had to ask an associate of the store to help you find your family. And it was probably in Walmart.

Image courtesy of Minifig81/Reddit

This boy must get lost every single time his mother takes him to Walmart — or else she wouldn’t handcuff him to the shopping cart. This is a pretty extreme measure that she’s taking, but no judgment from us. It is Walmart, for crying out loud.

The good ol’ prank!

Back in the day, pulling pranks on people was extremely popular. Remember how there were TV shows dedicated exclusively to pulling pranks on celebs? Well, it looks like the pranking spirit is still very much alive at this Walmart store.

Image courtesy of capa.ru

This Walmart associate was working on organizing the products. One of his colleagues stopped by and gave him a hug, which was kind of unusual — but the idea of getting pranked didn’t even cross this man’s mind. While he received the hug, his colleague attached a “I am a woman” sign on his back! How original!

So, what is the truth?

We know this is a list of wacky and weird Walmart customers, but he just had to throw this one into the mix because of how ridiculous it is. Really, the person who made this shirt had one job! How do they make an epic mistake like this?

Image courtesy of bannedinhollywood.com

This t-shirt, for instance, says two different things. The number displayed on the front is clearly 12, but that is not what is spelled out directly above the number. Leave it to Walmart to accept mistakes like this with open arms.

Are you really in that much of a rush?

Do you know when you want something so bad that you just can’t wait to get your hands on it? When we feel that way, it’s like there is nothing that can stop us from getting what we want — not even a lack of shoes!

Image courtesy of peopleofwalmart.com

This man certainly didn’t allow his lack of shows to keep him from stumbling into Walmart and grabbing a bottle of what he wanted. Though we would love to know why exactly he’s not wearing any shoes. Walmart customers have an explanation for everything.

Sir, I think you have something on your….

If something embarrassing was going on with you, would you like to remain oblivious, or would you prefer someone to come up to you and say something? That’s the kind of question we ask ourselves when we see things like this.

Image courtesy of to-mati.gr

Walmart stores have some pretty nice bathrooms, you know. The only problem is that when he finished his business, he forgot to check if there was toilet paper stuck in his pants. This is a nightmare people wish never happens to them. And this guy is famous for it now!

If I can’t bring my pet, I’ll dress up like it!

Even though some customers blatantly ignore the rules and bring their pets to Walmart, most people have common sense and respect this rule. But this wolfpack was hungry, so naturally, they came out from hiding in the wild for a memorable trip to Walmart.

Image courtesy of thewondrous.com

These ladies know that they can’t physically bring their pets to Walmart, but that doesn’t mean they can’t manifest their dreams some other way. If you can’t bring them, then just pretend to be them! Stay away from this wolf pack!

Well, the eyes are defined indeed

This next image is not necessarily about a funny customer being weird — rather, it’s about what a customer did to one of the advertisements for makeup. This person was quite creative and must’ve been pretty bored when they did this.

Image courtesy of baman/Imgur

We wouldn’t be surprised if this had been done by a bored man waiting for his wife to finish shopping. He read the sentence “define your bold eyes” and decided to show them what it really means to have defined eyes.

Time for a nap!

Remember that lady who fell asleep while sitting on the motorized shopping cart at Walmart? Or the man in the meat section. It seems like she was not the only one who loves to take a nap while shopping.

Image courtesy of vkmag.com

Falling asleep on a chair is not comfy at all. And while laying down on a metal shelf is not necessarily comfy either, it’s still better. It’s definitely cheaper than a hotel room, and maybe he just wanted some peace and quiet for two minutes.

This is what happens when there are no crimes

If you’re into superheroes, you know that Batman is pretty rich, and so is the Iron Man. But there is a superhero who is not rich at all, according to the stories. And that guy is the Spider-Man, also known as Peter Parker (The OG).

Image courtesy of peopleofwalmart.com

Peter Parker always struggles to make ends meet, so this photo is not surprising. When he’s not saving people in New York, he’s probably doing a bunch of random jobs — including working at Walmart’s customer service section! 

Runaway bride!

Many love stories feature runaway brides who realize at the altar that they’re not getting married to the love of their lives. And while we don’t see a lot of these stories happening in real life, it does happen from time to time.

Image courtesy of peopleofwalmart.com

See? This woman must have run away from the groom so that she could be with her one true love, the guy standing right next to her in the most romantic place ever, Walmart. If that’s not the sappiest love story you’ve ever heard, then we digress!

A great idea to entertain the guys.

Walmart is always trying to do things that please their customers, and they decided to do something nice for the men who come into their stores just to accompany their wives. Waiting for someone to finish grocery shopping used to be pretty boring, but not anymore.

Image courtesy of thechive.com

We mean, how can this man be bored if there’s a whole fishing section at his local Walmart? His wife can spend hours in the store, and he won’t even notice anymore. But we have to say — maybe his fishing would go better if he was using the net instead of a rod.

His barber probably hates him!

Old-school video games went pretty much off the rails when it came to creating multiple characters. And this is especially true for fighting game franchises like Mortal Kombat and Tekken. Maybe it was the fact that technology back then was not nearly as advanced as it is today, but lots of characters looked like this:

Image courtesy of sunnyskyz.com

We’re talking about this guy’s haircut, if you haven’t noticed. He certainly reminds us of that one Tekken character, Paul Phoenix, who had a square haircut. We guess this man is a fan of the franchise. That, or his barber decided to do him dirty!

Kids are going to need therapy after this

For most people, the only time they can go grocery shopping during the week is after they’re done at work. Instead of heading straight home, we have to muster the energy to stop by Walmart first. The thing is: not everyone has conventional jobs.

Image courtesy of peopleofwalmart.com

This woman works in horror entertainment. Instead of wearing regular clothes, she has to wear this wig and makeup at work. But you know what’s nice about Walmart? It doesn’t have to be Halloween to throw on a terrifying costume.

The theft detector might go off, sir

Earlier in this article, you saw a lady who had quite a peculiar fashion sense. Remember that one woman with the extravagant headpiece? Well, it seems like that customer has found herself some pretty tough competition with this guy.

Image courtesy of kostas.blog.bg

He might not be wearing a headpiece, but his wheelchair is so densely decorated that he definitely poses a threat to the headpiece woman. They both carry a lot of stuff. In fact, we wonder if Walmart’s anti-theft detectors ever go off when they walk through the doors!

Maybe that’s why you need that cane

If you are a woman who has to wear high-heels on a daily basis, you probably hate these kinds of shoes with a passion. While lots of women are constantly fighting to abolish this “high-heel culture,” it seems like this elderly man is headed in the opposite direction.

There are so many questions that we could ask this man. Is he wearing heels because he enjoys the feeling of having his feet and toes squeezed into that tiny stiletto? Or is it some kind of bet that he lost? Either way, he’s in Walmart, so we know he is safe.

The next Lady Gaga!

Lady Gaga rose to global fame back in the late 2000s and early 2010s — but she didn’t become popular just for her music. The pop star also gained a lot of media attention for the outfits she used to wear, as well as the gigantic high-heels that she loved so much.

Image courtesy of pritikina/Reddit

While Lady Gaga is no longer dressing up in such a peculiar way, it seems like her legacy is still very much alive to this day. This woman must’ve been trying to get used to walking around in those shoes to try and become the next Lady Gaga.

The most efficient Craigslist

Nowadays, we can find anything we want and need on the internet in a matter of minutes. But that doesn’t mean that the internet is the best tool to look for or advertise things. In some places, word-of-the-mouth is still more efficient.

Image courtesy of peopleofwalmart.com

In this man’s town, for instance, it’s much easier to find something or someone by advertising in person. The internet is not as efficient, hence why this man decided to put up this sign on his back when he went to Walmart. We bet he’s going to find a roommate now!

What exactly is going on here?

Judging others is not cool. But does that mean that we’re going to refrain from making polite observations about others? Well, not really. We’re pretty sure that if you saw this person at Walmart, you’d question some things too.

Image courtesy of theburningplatform.com

Most women can only wish they had long, luscious hair. But this is not exactly what the ladies dream of. Her hair might be naturally blond and below her waist — but it looks like this woman hasn’t washed or brushed her hair in ages!

That’s not too shocking, actually.

You don’t have to be into makeup and cosmetics to know that fake eyelashes and nails are the biggest trends these days. Lots of women are getting lash extensions and extremely long fake nails. But this lady wants to teach them that they can achieve long nails naturally.

Image courtesy of triplosentido.com

See how this woman’s toenails are so long that they’re curling at the ends? That’s the sign of a real nail. Our only question is, why is she letting them grow this long, and how’s she supposed to wear any shoes other than open-toe shoes?

What if someone steps on it?

Having long hair is all fun and games — until a clumsy person steps on it. This might sound kind of far-fetched, but it’s possible. If you have long hair like this woman in the picture below, there are high chances that someone might step on your beautiful locks.

Image courtesy of baconflutuante.com.br

Her hair is still not touching the floor, but it’s going to be there in a couple of years, for sure. Until then, she’s safe. But we would love to know just how many hair bands she needs in order to keep her hair like that!

A clown’s gotta eat

Who said that regular people are the only ones who need to go grocery shopping? Apparently, scary killer clowns also have families to feed, and Walmart is their go-to place when they need to get some groceries for their homes.

Image courtesy of myfunny.ru

See what we’re talking about? We surely don’t want to know what this guy was up to before he got to Walmart, but we’re glad he didn’t forget to stop by the grocery store so he could bring dinner home. His wife will certainly appreciate it!

Dad, you’re embarrassing me!

Even celebrities’ children get embarrassed by their famous parents sometimes — and regular teens certainly feel the same about their old folks’ antics sometimes. This young girl definitely felt embarrassed to no end when her dad dressed up like this.

Image courtesy of tapiture.com

As girls grow older, they want to wear shorts and cropped shirts — but their dads are not too happy about it. And using his dad powers, he decided to teach her a lesson in the most humiliating way possible.

That’s just creepy

If you are into horror movies, you probably look at dolls differently now. Ever since the horror movie Anabelle came out, most people who watched it avoided dolls like the plague. But it seems like some people are running to get their hands on them.

Image courtesy of brostrick.com

Go figure! Instead of staying away from creepy dolls, this person got his hands on three of them and put them in the backseat of their car. While we’re glad that they bring these weird dolls inside the store, leaving them in the car is also freaky.

And he’s touching all your items

When Walmart hires a new associate, they must undergo a couple of days of training before they can get started at work. Technically, the associate should be well aware of all the sanitary rules and not go around doing things like this.

Image courtesy of TheKoleslaw/Reddit

Scratching your butt at work is entirely unhygienic — but it’s even worse when you’re the cashier. He’s supposed to be touching customers’ items, and he’s doing that? If we saw this, we would definitely return everything immediately!

That’s just too inappropriate

From an early age, we’re taught that we need to respect our elders because they know more than we do. Older people have lived through a lot, and people usually associate old age with wisdom. But it seems like not every elderly person is that wise.

Image courtesy of Stan_Baniszewski/Reddit

We certainly would not classify this man as ‘wise.’ Not when he’s bringing that inappropriate doll to a grocery store as big as Walmart. There are children there, you know? He should at least put some decent clothes on his rubber companion.

She’s giving…Superman!

Back when superheroes first became popular, which was decades ago, some of them were designed in a funny way. You probably remember how Superman used to wear his underwear over his pants, right? Well, it looks like some people are still inspired.

Image courtesy of tuxboard.com

Our best guess is that this lady was in such a rush to get to Walmart that she didn’t realize that she put her underwear over her pants. If she’s already checking out her items, it means that nobody told her that she looked like that. Poor lady!

Maybe she just arrived on this planet?

This next photo will confirm that Walmart has some of the weirdest customers ever — but it’s also going to show you that this company is pretty inclusive and welcoming. After all, not a lot of grocery stores would let customers walk in dressed like this:

Image courtesy of funnyzela.com

We have no idea what happened to this lady’s clothes, but it seems like the fact that she’s only wearing a piece of cardboard doesn’t seem to bother those around her. She kind of looks like she just arrived on this planet and is just now realizing that humans wear clothes!

Where did you get those?

If you remember the early and mid-2000s, you probably remember how Ugg boots were so popular back then. Every celebrity had a pair of these boots and wore them everywhere! Every young woman wanted to own a pair of classic Uggs until the hype was over.

Image courtesy of failblog.cheezburger.com

However, it seems like the Uggs hype is coming back full force. And, consequently, their prices have also been raised once more. Those who can’t afford authentic Uggs have to make do with whatever they have. In this girl’s case, she got a pair of boots at Walmart and placed a piece of paper saying ‘Uggs’ on the back of her boots!

Family pastime!

Every family is different. Some families are really close and have a great relationship, while other families are distant. If your family is close, you guys probably see each other all the time, or maybe you even live close.

Image courtesy of ShamrockFury/Imgur

But we doubt that your family is as close as this family in the picture. They’re such a tight-knit group that they go shopping together and move around the store like this. It’s like a Conga line of Walmart electric carts!

Harley Quinn, after another breakup

Harley Quinn and the Joker have one of the most toxic on-again-off-again relationships in the history of comics. And while Harley Quinn manages to find herself again after a while, she does go through quite a process of grieving after their many breakups.

Image courtesy of daily-stuff.com

And it seems like this time around, Harley Quinn ended up putting on a few extra pounds and shopping for clothes with a friend at Walmart. All jokes aside, this mother is really cool if she lets her kid come to the grocery store with her wearing a costume like this one.

After a long period of recovery…

In this article, we have seen a lot of random and weird things happening — but it seems like Walmart customers are always one-upping each other. When you think you’ve seen it all, you come across another picture that is even weirder than the previous ones.

Image courtesy of Anthony Selden/PowerLah

It’s not every day that you see a patient leaving his hospital bed to go grocery shopping. Usually, it’s the family and friends that bring that kind of stuff to the patient. But it seems like this guy was left to fend for himself!

Miss America!

With July 4th just around the corner, lots of Americans are showing their love for the country in different ways. Some people decorate their homes, others make emotional posts on social media saying how much they appreciate their nation — and there are those who show their love through fashion.

Image courtesy of themoneytime.com

This woman took the concept of patriotism really seriously. She doesn’t seem to care at all that her outfit looks corny. All that matters to her is that everyone and their mothers are going to know that she’s proud to be an American!

Ma’am…I mean, sir!

Look, everyone has the right to do as they please with their bodies. But don’t go around wearing some crazy outfit and expect people to not stare or make comments on your look. Sometimes, we can’t help ourselves when we see things like this.

Image courtesy of seriouslyforreal.com

If this man was only wearing the dress and the shoes, we wouldn’t say anything. But the fact that he also put on a fake pregnancy belly under that dress is pretty weird. We’re guessing that this was a dare, or maybe he’s lost a bet. All that we know is that we’d be so confused if we saw a pregnant lady and then she turns around, and it turns out it’s actually an old man!

Mommy just had a baby!

When parents welcome a baby, the older kids can get kind of jealous that the baby is getting all the attention. But some kids are just too pure for that. This boy, for instance, certainly loves his baby brother so much that he’s even willing to do things like this.

Image courtesy of meganhofmann.com

Though we have to say that the mother is taking advantage of the whole situation. If the older brother was pushing the younger kid in the cart, that would be fine. But to push the mother as well? That’s just not right — especially not when the mother is so much bigger than the kid!

Did you like my headpiece?

People are acting so unusual these days that even snakes are considered to be pets nowadays. Snakes may look scary to most of us, but apparently, there are a lot of people who love snakes as if they were cute dogs. And the unusual pets don’t stop there.

Image courtesy of xexe.club

Lizards are also popular pets now. This girl loves her pet lizard so much that she doesn’t leave the house unless she’s allowed to bring her lizard with her. And while you’re not supposed to bring pets to Walmart, she managed to make it through security because her lizard passed as a headpiece!

I think you did it.

To end our article in the best way possible, we had to choose a weird Walmart shopper who managed to top all the others. And while you can argue that this guy is not as weird as the others, we have to say that he’s the star of this article for other reasons.

Image courtesy of peopleofwalmart.com

This man is weird, he wears weird clothes, and his hair and beard look pretty weird too. But he doesn’t care about what other people have to say. Or at least that’s what his smile and laid-back posture tell us. And that’s what being weird is all about — it’s about embracing the unusual and being happy!