40+ One-Of-A-Kind Cars That We Would Never Lose In A Parking Lot

By Ridwan S November 7, 2021

Over a century ago, the first vehicle was introduced to the world. Since then, several thousands of cars have been developed, ranging from mind-blowing designs to downright wacky ones. While many rides are truly worth the hype, some shouldn’t have made it past the drawing board. In other words, it’s safe to say the history of automobiles is full of bold designs in various forms and to meet different needs. Besides, considering that government regulations do not limit the creativity of automakers, some daring car developers have managed to come up with some concept cars that only a few could ever think of. Herein, you are about to find out some of the strangest car designs that made it from the idea stage to the automobile industry. From Sir Vival, Learjet Limo, to Citroen Karin, hang on and enjoy the ride!

Valmet Dawn 

Making its first introduction during Geneva Auto Show some years back, you’ll probably think Valmet Dawn is one of Batman’s rides. It was designed with a universal outlet plug for charging. Hence, you don’t need to worry if the next gas station is unavailable. 

Image courtesy of @3DSCATIA/Twitter

At the vehicle’s front, users can also use the wireless induction charging system. You can find the core technology of this eye-pleasing ride on the body’s surface. It’s a futuristic ride worth commending from a battery pack, electric motor to a power electronics control module.

Double Wide Limo 

Jay Ohrberg is widely known for collecting many strange cars, including the infamous Flintstone’s car, General Lee, and more. And without a doubt, the Double Wide Limo is one of his standouts. At first glance, you are most likely to want to dive into the wide interior. 

Image courtesy of mentertained.com

The Double Wide Limo features two ’75 Cardillac FWD engines and eight wheels on each side. Jay disassembles the ride for transporting from one show to another. A more exciting fact is that you can separate the halves of the 30 feet long car for an individual drive.

Renault EZ-ULTIMO Limo 

If you are the high-tech type, here is an exciting model for you. Renault EZ-ULTIMO is a driverless limo and certainly one a ride for the future. This beautiful, ever-connected Renault masterpiece is only the third prototype released by the famous brand in recent years.

Image courtesy of Top Gear

Old horse-drawn carriages inspired the Renault EZ-ULTIMO Limo with skateboard-like bodies and front-wheel drive. Aside from the fancy body and cabin, it’s four-wheel steel with level four autonomy. We agree with you if you call it a glorified luxury limousine.

The Weirdest Car on 4 Sleds 

For those who stay in areas where it snows most of the time, you might want to get yourself this “not-so-common” ride. The four sleds and comfy interior will help you travel across the neighborhood on ice effortlessly, especially if you need to get to work regardless of the weather.

Image courtesy of Iminlovewithafoxfairy/Imgur

Admittedly, this weird car is not built for dry roads. Aside from the ‘80s headlight, the “weird car on four sleds” has a beetle-like design fixed with a “boxer engine” at the back. It might take some time before you get to travel in this ride once the snow clears, though.

Evinrude Rooney Lakester 

When you take a close look at the Evinrude Rooney Lakester, you will notice that this beauty is a combination of a dune buggy and a boat. Then, we understand better why it’s otherwise known as “boaterized dune buggy.” Evinrude was first introduced in 1970 during a Sports & Boat Show in San Francisco despite the modernized appeal.

Image courtesy of curbside.tv

Understandably, the “lakester” has two parts, including an outboard motor and a shell-like boat surrounded by wheels. At a lake, you can remove the “boat” and let it float on water. The designer, Brooks Stevens, unsurprisingly, developed boat designs for Evinrude in the past.

Wide Suzuki Mehran

We are all familiar with the word conjoined twins in medical parlance. But, you will hardly ever hear about a conjoined vehicle in the automobile industry – until you meet the Double Suzuki! It’s simply two Suzukis welded together in the middle that has two headlights and single steering.

Image courtesy of motor.ru

The Wide Suzuki Mehran is apparently a handy vehicle for a large family. Aside from the multiple seats, you can use the double boot to your advantage, especially during a family trip. Spoiler alert? This is most likely the only model in the world.

1955 Chrysler (Ghia) Streamline X Gilda

With its fin-like backside, the Streamline X Gilda is an attention-grabbing ride of its generation. The vehicle’s design includes a sturdy aluminum body on top of a square tube chassis. Also, the full belly pan and separate aluminum floor contribute to the ride’s aerodynamic efficiency. 

Image courtesy of throddal.com

The interior is as stylish and stark as the exterior. While cornering, the short armrests help keep the driver and passenger in place as they serve as side bolsters. The dashboard feature contains two main instruments that float below a binnacle positioned on a simple bodywork that sweeps from door to door.

Citroen Karin 

In 1980, Citroen Karin received its first public view during Paris Motor Show. The three-seater features steering right in the middle without side mirrors. So you are not outrightly wrong to call it a “role model” to the new Tesla truck.

Image courtes of Citroen

With the Citroen Karin’s long steering column, the driver can control almost everything without taking the hand off the wheel. It features small computers that control different functions. Also, the door panels come with features that passengers and the driver can easily reach.

Brütsch Mopetta 

With this next one, we can’t figure out if the car is smaller than its driver. Say what you like, just know that Brütsch Mopetta is roadworthy and street legal. This cute microcar is capable of a 28mph ride with its three wheels and a single seat. A 50-cc two-stroke engine powers it.

Image courtesy of Ebonystealth/Imgur

The developer, Brütsch, is well known for developing famous microcars. Despite making only 14 units, Brütsch Mopetta was never again restored. This minicar was featured in several books and magazines over the year. You don’t want to bet against Mopetta to complete the slowest laps in a race.

Meet Mr 4 Doors & 8 Wheels 

We don’t call it a monster; it’s a monstrosity! Here is another one-of-a-kind ride that will take some luck to come across. To be honest, only the developer can tell you the reasoning behind the multi-wheel vehicle. What we can tell you is that it’s completely street-legal.

Image courtesy:Tatiana Karmazina

If you haven’t thought about this before, know that you’ll be paying double for tires to have this strange vehicle in your garage. Aside from the eight wheels, everything else is pretty standard, including side mirrors, four doors, an exhaust pipe, and front and rear lights.

Sir Vival

Here is arguably the most intriguing concept car ever. Developed in 1958, Sir Vival was the first car to be designed with many standard safety features that are still in use today. This includes seat belts, rubber bumpers, sidelights, roll cages, and other features. From afar, anyone can easily notice the two-part segmented chassis.

Image courtesy of kustomrama.com/

However, you’ll hardly see any vehicle with its engine and front wheels section connected to the passenger cab like Sir Vival today. Also, the drawback doors are one-of-its-kind during its era. A drive around town today will probably fetch you “the Alien” nickname.

Prop Car 

If you think you have seen it all, not so soon, mate! This Prop Car is simply another attention-winning ride from the 1850s. The carriage-looking ride features four flat wheels and fans from an Everglades cruiser. For convenience, you don’t want to carry more than a single passenger.

Image courtesy of kitfoster.com

Aside from the exposed engine and steering, there is not that much to the Prop Car. However, you can be confident that you’ll receive a calm evening ride around your yard if need be – without having to pay for a lot of gas!

Wooden Lamborghini

It’s not a secret that a Lamborghini is pretty expensive. So, we get it! But, sometimes, you simply need to think out of the box to achieve your dreams. While not many would want to move in this wooden Lamborghini, we hope this car’s designer feels fulfilled after creating this “masterpiece.”

Image courtesy of Medium

Apparently, the developer must have a crazy imagination to collect a hefty amount of wood to create a seemingly strange car. Also, a couple of fellow wood experts and friends must have supported him, too. Even though it looks weird, we can all agree that it resembles a Lambo!


From Ford EcoSports to the Lamborghini Aventador to the BMW Z4, several two-seaters are out there. But none of them comes with three engines and 14 batteries. In other words, there is hardly any two-seater that is stranger than what we have here.

Image courtesy of blursedimages/Reddit

This four-wheeler is the world’s most extended hood that includes an extended-radiator hose. Despite the long hood and multiple engines, this ride is basically meant for you and your partner. However, you can trust it to move comfortably on rugged terrains.

GM XP 512

Some individuals love minicars. However, it’s understandable if the Mopetta is too small for you – here is an option, though. Also, this little guy enables you to enjoy an evening ride with your partner. It’s spacious enough to take a food basket and wine along for a quick picnic.

Image courtesy of Carscoops

We recommend not going on a highway with this little guy as it has no external side mirrors. Other features such as four wheels, front and rear lights, and comfy seats are readily available. Not many units of this ride are available, though.


Nope! You are not looking at a toy. This two-seater is a trike but also a car. DDG 47L is an odd ensemble described as “one of the best examples on offer” by the developer. Well, it’s difficult to disagree after having a closer look at the minicar. 

Image courtesy of Adam Warner/RM Sotheby

DDG 47L features a galvanized chassis and 850cc engine. Originally, the small car was designed with a 700cc motor. If you are not in a hurry, you can trust DDG 47L to go some distance with its two front lights, side mirrors, and three wheels. 

Signature Car

No one can dispute the fact that the developer of this signature car spent quite some time getting this “masterpiece” just right. It must have taken a huge effort to get the hand and pen right as the bonnet without losing the space for lights and side mirrors.

Image courtesy of wiejskituning.pl

Interestingly, the signature car has enough space in the back to pack a few pieces of luggage for a short trip. The two-seater has two side doors, four wheels, and a “pen!” Whether the hand is a replica of the designer’s or not remains a mystery.

1974 Fascination 2DR Sedan

Without any doubt, this concept car is undoubtedly among the strangest cars in the world. It’s apparently airplane-inspired and developed by the Highway Aircraft Corporation located in Lakewood, Colorado. It was reported that the earlier version malfunctioned with a propeller.

Image courtesy of ebaumsworld.com

The later 1970s version works with various aircraft design elements. The three-wheeler comes with rare rear fenders, while the dashboard has a fur-covered headliner. Also, the interior features a considerable package tray area because of the streamlined canopy. The original version was reported to travel 130mph.

Tractor Trailin’ A Car

Of all the strange cars discussed so far, you’ll agree that this is the most useful vehicle for farmers. Anyone could be forgiven for thinking whether the creator owns a few yards of farm or not. Anyways, it’s a pretty fascinating concept tractor-turn-car vehicle.

Image courtesy of evilmilk.com

After getting a tractor, you will also need an abandoned piece of the old coupe to recreate this concept car. Heavy-duty tires on the tractor-part carry the tractor engine comfortably and regular tires on the coupe side. A two-passenger can run along in this uncommon concept.

The Monster Lexus

Okay, you should forgive us for calling this one a monster! This strange ride will surely take you across the Sahara desert comfortably since it includes heavy-duty tires and a 2012 Lexus coupe body that is well-positioned into a sturdy frame.

Image courtesy of meentertained

Aside from the height and monstrous structures, you are really riding in a classy and comfortable Lexus. However, we are confident that it will take more money to get this custom-made Monster Lexus for yourself compared to the regular coupe.

A Skirt or a UFO?

If you would like to feel like an alien for a moment, a ride in this concept car should do. The skirt-like body and small headlights indeed give it a funny look. The four-wheel is unsurprisingly not the fastest ride around, but you can give it a run if your goal is to cruise.

Image courtesy of WeirdWheels/Reddit

You and your partner can comfortably ride in the UFO-like machinery with its four wheels, bulb-like center, and single side mirror. We recommend this garage-type ride during the next Halloween while hoping that your neighbor won’t get frightened seeing an alien-like ride move by. 

1958 Zundapp Janus

Developed between 1957 and 1958, the Janus was made in Germany for individuals whose preference is a microcar. Zundapp Janus was designed to be a stylish fashion accessory. Hence, the developer paid more attention to its appearance more than the interior.

Image courtesy of car-from-uk.com

Within the microcar are two long back-to-back seats. In other words, you’ll be facing the opposite direction if you are not in the driver’s seat. While Janus is similar to the Delta prototype, it comes with a larger glass and a brighter bumper. Another distinguishing quality is the front and rear doors.

Turtle Time

For a start, you’ll hardly find any significant information about this concept car in the form of a turtle. However, there is no denying that they developed the turtle-themed ride from a new Beetle. Apparently, the front end was cut out to show the turtle as peeking out from beneath its shell – perhaps taking in some fresh!

Image courtesy of Jin Antonick/Driver Tribe

If you ever find yourself driving the “turtle time” car, kindly maintain some distance between yourself and the next ride. Otherwise, you might just scare off your co-road users into an accident. Or better still, keep the ride’s movement limited to your vast home driving space.

1938 Phantom 

If you have lived close to seven decades, there is a chance that this ride looks familiar. We understand the feeling – you are looking at the classic 1938 Phantom (Corsair) in a modern form. The famous Russ Heinz was the first to develop the prototype as a six-passenger two-door sedan ride.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia/Rex Gray/CC BY 2.0

The futuristic version is pretty mind-blowing after making its debut at the Concours d’Elegance. Otherwise known as Pebble Beach Classic, the show features Monterey automobile week and features exhibition, displaying different sorts of rides, including a modified classic like the 1938 Phantom.

The Kitchen Sink

If you are a fan of the Beverly Hillbillies, there is a chance you’ll appreciate this ride better than many of us. Some years ago, Kitchen Sink was featured in the Houston car parade and quickly emerged as the showstopper. This is understandable as the antique ride is surely an attention-grabbing vehicle with its lanterns, farm tools, and cow skulls.

image courtesy of joyenergizer.com

Not even we can dispute the fact that a lot of resources, time, and money must have gone into building the Kitchen Sink – but to what end? A kitchen Sink! Many smart cowboys are likely to appreciate this beauty than most of us, though.

The Best of Both Worlds

If you are an avid pool player and a Volkswagen bus enthusiast, we are confident that you’ll appreciate this next piece of art. Here is a ride that lets you enjoy the pool table to enjoy a cold drink with your friends after a quick ride around town. 

Image courtesy of odditymall.com

A closer look will help you appreciate this concept more. Apparently, the top half was removed to shorten it into a regular pool table. Both the side rails of the table and the pearly inlay are completely mahogany. At a measly $8,200, you can have both the pool and the ride in your garage.

Bye Bye Rear End

Do we really need a rear end? This concept car won’t stop screaming! Our best guess is that this ride’s owner has a lot of sentiment for their beloved oldie. So rather than having it thrown into the junk pile, why not show that the ride still has much more to offer?

Image courtesy of joyenergizer.com

The mechanic department apparently removed the entire back half of the car. If you own this, we strongly advise you not to go out when it’s cloudy. Otherwise, you can end up with a water-filled ride. Also, kindly use your seatbelt – you need it more than most!

The Isetta

It would take considerable creativity to outclass this concept car in terms of strangeness during its time. The Isetta appears as the end-product of mixing a trailer, a boat fan, and a beetle together. And, it’s made for those who don’t want to use more than three wheels.

Image courtesy of ntv.com.tr

Despite looking completely inconceivable, people saw this Italian microcar in several nations. This includes Spain, Belgium, France, Germany, Argentina, and the United Kingdom. Hence, it is possible that more than one unit was made – perhaps, you might even be able to get one for yourself if you ask the right people.

Polaroid Van

Developed by Harrod Blank, the Polaroid Van is a vehicle that is capable of what you are thinking – it takes the spectator’s picture. For those who are exhibitionists, this is pretty impressive. However, there are others who consider it quite creepy and frightening. 

Image courtesy of steemit.com

Regardless of your standpoint, it must have taken a lot of cameras to pull this one-off. Aside from the thousands of image-taking devices, it’s simply a bus that could have been very useful for logistic companies or delivery teams.

4-Seater Banana

Finally, we have something for our fruit-loving readers. Unlike Polaroid Van, this designer couldn’t have used more than a single banana to create this pretty impressive, albeit strange, ride. Interestingly, the 4-seater banana features every basic quality you can expect from a vehicle.

Image courtesy of hotcars.com

Aside from the apparent four seats, four wheels, and side mirrors, you’ll need to do a little bit of climbing to get into the ride. This four-wheeler also comes with two headlights in case you want to go on a night drive. Do not worry because it doesn’t peel off. So, no one will probably fall off after driving through town.

Volkswagen and Jeep Hybrid

With the retractable cover and capped headlight, this is an interesting Volkswagen-Jeep combo to have. Undoubtedly, it’s going to be pleasing to drive one of these during the summer holiday. This would work too for individuals who would love to drive it year-round since it’s a convertible.

Image courtesy of mentertained

With the tow truck-like body, this ride should work perfectly for carrying heavy luggage for a considerable journey. If you intend to drive through rough terrains, this hybrid should also come in handy with its high body, tires, and a strong fender.

The earlier LeSabre

It took some effort and trials before coming out with the LeSabre, and here is the evidence. The first car to come with a sports fin and wraparound windshield was the 1951 GM LeSabre. The finely designed ride features a convertible top, which makes it perfect as a summer car.

Image courtesy of hotcars.com

Apart from the large headlight and the fish-like design, the earlier LeSabre utilizes a moisture detector that helps raise the convertible top automatically once it starts raining. Once the rain stops, you can easily adjust the top back into its place.

Plymouth Superbird (Super-Small Edition) 

If you managed to own a Superbird during the era of muscle cars, you likely see a lot of semblances. Meanwhile, it’s understandable if you are wondering whether this miniature version works. Yes, it does! The question is, do you fit in it?

Image courtesy of Muscle Car Zone

Well, you are looking at a ride with a 440-cubic-inch V-8 and 4-speed manual transmission. The engine was originally designed with a 4-barrel carburetor before it was upgraded to Six Pack Setup – three 2-barrel carburetors. The Superbird was vastly considered as the Daytona’s high-volume sibling.

1932 Ford Speedster

So far, you have probably seen a few cars that were considered too good ahead of their time. This is another one of those kinds with an extra layer of elegance, beauty, and creativity. Ford Speedster was only for the elites back then. The beauty was developed by Edsel Ford, the son of Henry Ford and Eugene Gregorie.

Image courtesy of Hot Cars

The 1932 Ford Speedster offers some incredible features considering the time of production. For instance, the vehicle is designed with a flathead V8 engine that uses a starter button. Admittedly, this design resembles the ’57 Thunderbird compared to the ’58 Edsel.


For those who are wondering whether we will ever talk about supercars, here you go. BMW defines GINA as Geometry and Functions In “N” Adaptations. In layman terms, this ride is capable of changing shape in different ways to suit your desire.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia/Biso/CC BY 3.0

BMW GINA was designed with aluminum, which makes it very light. Not many cars can beat this strange vehicle in terms of power and speed with its S62 V8 engine positioned behind the front axle for excellent balance. We find the aesthetics really pleasing, to be honest.

The Cathedral

Back to a creepier ride! This vehicle is a combination of a Gothic cathedral positioned on a black hearse. This is really a paradox with the cathedral being known for the living while the hearse is meant for the dead – only the designer can explain it better.

Image courtesy of strangecosmos.com

Nevertheless, the Cathedral is a creation by Rebecca Cadwell in 2000. If you can take a moment to check closely, the remarkable creator welded the top of a VW beetle with 71 Classic Cadillac hearse. So, if you still fancy your beetle as it is, don’t pay a visit to Rebecca.

A Car with a dual-purpose Front Door 

Does it ever get less creepy in this list? Maybe not! A close look reveals that this strange-looking spectacle to be a 1950S Isetta by BMW. This three-wheeled vehicle is documented to be less costly compared to its four-wheel version, enabling the buyer to escape pesky fees.

Image courtesy of Neo drive

If you don’t mind having the front door of your car as your hood, this ride will surely save you some money. It would be a more exciting option worth having for an exhibitionist or antique collector. Don’t you agree? 

Learjet Limo 

Asking whether this is a car or a jet is a valid question. However, it’s the former. Learjet Limo will forever attract attention with its jet-like design, apart from the huge price tag at $5 million and frequent use on the road.

Image courtesy of Top 10 Drillers/Youtube

While the appropriate candy red hue surely pleases the eyes, the custom-made steel frame and aluminum fuselage are simply remarkable. Learjet Limo is controlled with a rear engine bay, suspension, and computer systems, and it moves on a set of custom 28-inch Diablo wheels.

Fab 1 Lady Penelope Thunderbird

On many occasions, you have read about three-wheelers in this article. However, Fab1 decided to step things up by doubling it for you. Fab1 Lady Penelope Thunderbird comes with three pairs of tires with two pairs at the front and one pair at the back.

Image courtesy: Neon Classical/Pinterest

The pink lady is a popular feature in the 1960s British science-fiction television series Thunderbirds with the bowl-like shape and convertible top. Surely, one of the pretty strange cars on our list. And oh, you don’t need to worry about rough terrains with multiple wheels.

1969 Travelall

If you fail to get a good look at the 1969 Travelall passing through your street, you can mistake it for a short train. International Harvester designed the bus-like car to carry three to about 15 people comfortably. 

Image courtesy of WTF/Reddit

For those going on a fishing picnic, you shouldn’t face many difficulties taking a standard-sized canoe inside a Stretch 1969 Travelall. Despite the incredible length and multiple doors, this ‘long’ ride does not use more than four wheels – is this not a cheat compared to Fab1?

Curtiss P-40 Warhawk Cruiser

No matter the number of strange vehicles you have seen so far, you’ll surely take a moment to catch your breath at the sight of this beast! Perhaps, it should have even made its debut in the famous Mad Max: Fury Road movie.

Image courtesy of watchtalkforums.info

With its trademark teeth, Curtiss P-40 Warhawk has graced the nose of multiple vehicles in several genres. We admit that it’s a cool symbol, albeit quite iconic and aggressive. A quick fact? P-40 is completely street legal if you can believe it!

An Old Hearse For New Clients

Admit it; you haven’t prepared for the apocalypse this much, right? With a meticulous look, you will notice that this is a remake of an old hearse into a… zombie-killer! However, we recommend ensuring that windows are bulletproof if you are going to war against the war-sucking beasts.

Image courtesy of myconfinedsoace.com

On a more serious note, the gun-like designs on the bonnet are completely fake, including the propane tanks at the top. Nevertheless, it would be wrong to deny the incredible reasoning behind this “old hearse for new clients.” It’s quite a work of art!