40 Posts That Show The Less Serious Side Of Higher Education

By Ragini A

This article was originally published on travelerdoor

Remember the good old days, when the worst thing on our mind was a spelling test or an essay to write? We miss those days and don’t doubt that you do too. Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane to remember when high school teachers did everything in their power to create fear in you before college. “They don’t care about you; you are just a number; there are no extensions” we can still hear them drilling this into our young impressionable minds. However, jokes on them because we had such an incredible time in college. We had teachers who simply did not care, which could be seen as good and bad. But when it meant allowing us to cheat on tests and using our phones in class, it was good. They proved that they were perhaps the coolest in the education sector, and we’ve got the tweets to prove it! Read on and giggle as you relish how much fun it was to be in college, despite what we were told.

What Deadlines?!

The professor doesn’t care and couldn’t be bothered to read all the emails he probably got asking for deadline extensions. Honestly, we’re not surprised, but the best part is when professors hear everyone’s pleas. 

Photo courtesy of Phlpessoa/Instagram

We stan Professor Justin and appreciate his flexibility. Some of his students included him in their prayers and journaling for the night. Bless him! He has our hearts. He will have a spot in heaven because he chooses not to care. Good lad. 

Turkey Hands FTW

Not great at art or even basic sketching? No problem! Hold your pencil and trace your hand. Draw a tiny claw and two stick feet, and your hand turkey is ready. Hooray! You’ve gotten extra credit for your course, and you might not fail after all. 

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Adato (Photographer)

Just joking, we believe in you, and we’re sure you wouldn’t have failed…even without the hand turkey. Anyway, how cool is this college professor? A high school teacher might have had a fit of rage in the cafeteria if she saw this. 

PowerPoints For The Win

No matter how much you begged your high school teacher to send over the PPT they made and presented in class, they always said the same thing: “you should have been taking notes or listening attentively!” They were confident that college professors won’t ever lean on slides for teaching. 

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Adato (Photographer)

They were so wrong! Almost all professors with large classes use power points to make their arguments crisp and memorable, and they’re more than happy to share them with the class for notes. Game point, college professors take the win! 

Rap Game Tight

We grow up thinking college professors have a stick up their behind and will have no place for fun and games in their classes, but the tweet below throws all that out of the window! Some of us have strong memories of professors asking for nickname suggestions, which doesn’t surprise us! 

Photo courtesy of maaddialt /Twitter

We think the clear choice for a rap name for this fine gentleman should be ‘Lil Al.’ What do you think? We believe we speak for all when we say we can’t wait to see a collaboration of Drake, Eminem, Nicki, Kanye, and Lil Al. It’s going to be lit! 

Technical Issues

Let’s face it, technical issues in classrooms and lectures are plain annoying. Sometimes, these are avoidable if a student can help a technologically inept teacher out, but often the problem is just unsolvable. Students are hopeful when this happens; what if the class gets canceled?’

Photo courtesy of Reichmanuni/Instagram

These were the dreams in high school, but teachers rarely budged. In college, though, the scene is different! Sometimes professors are just as out of it as the students are and give in to some well-deserved breaks. We stan professors who cut themselves some slack! 

Friendship Above All Else

It’s not wrong, but teachers in high school maintain strict professional boundaries and pretend (or not) that they don’t have lives outside of work. On the other hand, university professors will tell you about their gambling addiction and laugh it off. 

Photo courtesy of Chris_mateo_designs/Instagram

They wear their hearts on their sleeves, their problems in their mouths, and have extended arms open for hugs and friendship for students who need the support. Statistically, professors are also far more accommodative of mental health grievances in students, which is excellent! 

Extra Credit

We believe teachers only wanted our love. Why else would they put down someone else so great and fabulous, AKA college professors! Don’t lie, you remember asking your high teachers for deadline extensions, and they pulled a hard stop: “when you get to college, you won’t get this support.”

Photo courtesy of Pieterverelstofficial/Instagram

“Yeah, Miss Kathy, thank god we haven’t been pushed to our extremes for no reason and have understanding professors in college! We’re heading out to karaoke bars with our professor. If you want to let loose a bit, tag along!” 


Everyone loves a good Halloween costume. Some college professors love costumes even when it’s not Halloween. Sometimes, people like to dress up in a banana, get up and casually walk into class to teach it. 

Photo courtesy of hannah_sweenney/Twitter

Chances are, this sweetheart-looking professor won’t care if you come wearing a cardboard box to class. Your high school teacher who probably hated your guts? Yeah, they would send you home for wearing shorts. We once got detention and had to remain back after class for wearing green socks instead of white ones.

Class Cancelled

College professors are great at teaching their students the idea of putting comfort and convenience over nonsense schedules, like lectures, academics, and…other things. Can you IMAGINE a high school teacher canceling class because they couldn’t find a parking spot? NEVER!

Photo courtesy of That_lil_red_pug/Instagram

Speaking from personal experience, some of us here have had high school teachers come to school to take their classes a day after spine surgery. Yup. Either they’re super dedicated, or they’re kind of loony. Regardless, college professors should be our role models. Comfort and boundaries are top priorities for us in 2022. 


High school teachers’ most common reasons for failing students or being super harsh with grading are that they’re “preparing” us for equally mean and terrible professors in college. We’re taught that college professors have limited grades to give out and will fail whoever they can.

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Adato (Photographer)

What a LIE! University professors know that grading on a curve, failing students, and giving them a hard time will not help anyone! Most importantly, you would think the act of giving away free grades is “illegal,” but it isn’t because most grading is subjective. HAHA! 

Quizzy Whizzy

Whether it’s using photoshop to make the funniest memes, bright PowerPoint presentations, or getting brownies to class for their student’s birthday, college professors are on a whole other level. Yup, sometimes their pop quizzes ask that you draw a smiley face to get 10 points! 

Photo courtesy of Kormasssa/Instagram

No matter what high school teachers say, professors try their best to make classes comfortable, entertaining, and straightforward. The point here is to learn not to be competitive with other students. We stan college professors. Why did high school instill these ideas in our brains!

Wigs And Things

College professors sure know how to dress the part to take cosplay to the next level! While teaching the communist manifesto during a lecture, this professor amped up the game and came to the classroom dressed like….this. We bet every student could recall the lesson that day.

Photo courtesy of bulikoswsi/Twitter

High school teachers would never pull this off! College professors have consistently taken their teaching to the next level, from bringing their pets to class to making PowerPoint presentations in the most quirky way possible. That beard is next level, Teach.

But Really, When?

Professors and teachers are in the same boat as us regarding the coronavirus pandemic. All of us literally want it to drop off the face of the Earth so our lives can go back to normal, and this professor made the best of his rant. 

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Adato (Photographer)

Imagine sitting down to write a test, and a question you see is so subjective and emotional than any answer can suffice as a hint of hope. That’s precisely what this Twitter user faced while recalling how annoying his high school teachers were. 

Rock, Paper, Scissors….SHOOT

Every person who has gone to school has played rock paper scissors and won something off of their victory at some point in their lives. This fantastic college professor gave his students a chance to redeem themselves…Check this!

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Adato (Photographer)

With a simple game of rock paper scissors for the opportunity to win five extra credits on their final grade. If we were still students at university, we would be crying and shaking with our gratitude for how excellent this professor is. 


Let’s admit it, professors with a keen interest in fandom, (whether Harry Potter or The Office) and the ability to accurately use memes in the funniest way possible are ELITE. This Twitter user got a hilarious threat when they snuck out to use their phone. 

Photo courtesy of elizwsmith/Twitter

Even if they had a sense of humor, a high school teacher could never do this because they wouldn’t give the student a hall pass to go pee in the first place. Getting caught for something so silly is annoying, but this professor dealt with it in the best way possible! 

Thamks, But No Thamks

Anyone working a noble job, especially in the education field, deserves respect and courtesy. So it is pretty assumable that etiquette and politeness are considered to take you the long way in your interactions with them, considering, you know, that they can make or break your future. 

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Adato (Photographer)

Funnily enough, hilariously actually, that same dedication to the royal treatment can’t be expected from university professors. Sending an email through an IPAD and misspelling the word ‘thanks’ is just about as much we get, and we appreciate their sincerity. 

Ethos Vs. Migos

Multiple choice questions are always preferred by students when it comes to giving unnecessary tests, but if you’re not in touch with either the subject OR the billboard top 100 music chart of the week, you might fail this quiz.

Photo courtesy of Migos/Instagram

Just in case some of you are noobs (like some of us), Migos is a hip-hop trio. Ethos, pathos, and Lagos are techniques and arguments of persuasion and can be taught in philosophy lessons in university. Same same, but totally different.


What is a terrible joke and sounds like buns? Puns. Hehehe, don’t shush us; we’re proud of that one. We’re not going to lie. Something about college professors with an undying passion for terrible jokes has us loving them even more! 

Photo courtesy of Omid_organic_farm/Instagram

Writing this made some of us dig up our old college email accounts and sift through old professor emails to see if they ever delivered iconic jokes like this one. We suffered some horrible jokes that you would never have expected to come from a Ph.D. professor.  

Gotta Go!

Whether it’s not being able to find a spot to park their car in or an after-school activity or commitment that they’re passionate about, we’ve got to admit college professors prove time and again that they’re super fun and laid-back people. 

Photo courtesy of Villagehoops/Instagram

High school teachers had us believing that college professors would crush our souls and dreams. The audacity for us to assume that a high school teacher had a life outside of work was an immediate reprimand. This post gives us pure joy to get that passing grade we so need.

Which Lil Are We Listening To These Days?

Yeah, because apparently listening to rap music in class with your professor just isn’t enough; one time, one of our professors assigned us a creative project. Half the class submitted their response as a rap, knowing well that they would get an A on the final if anyone so much as TRIED to rap.

Photo courtesy of Kingbach/Instagram

College professors are sometimes so transparent with their passions that it’s elementary to use those to our advantage and create projects that hit just the right notes, or should we say ‘beats’ for the professors. 

Ego Boost

It’s usually the people who know they don’t deserve any respect who demand respect so stubbornly. Perhaps it is because they are obsessed with discipline. Whatever it is, everyone who’s been to college knows that professors don’t care what they’re called. 

Photo courtesy of Marius.dochita/Instagram

Some of us had a professor with the nickname Chief. Chief scolded us if we ever called her something more formal, like professor or miss. Jordan here obviously had a soft spot for their professor called Matt. Professors get all our love, especially Matt. 

DJ Teach On The Mic

Breaking into a dance is scientifically proven to lower stress, anxiety, depression, and the heebie-jeebies amongst students going through a hard time. No joke! Maybe that is why this adorable professor talked about national security and then began yelling…

Photo courtesy of ceiling_dweller/Twitter

…at his students to raise their hands and dance like he’s a hired DJ at a local bar with great party vibes. We wouldn’t be surprised if this was his post-work gig and passion, would you? Maybe he and Lil Al from earlier can collaborate. 


The po-ta-to vs. po-ta-toh debate may not keep you up at night, but this student’s confusion about a subject got him a C grade. He might not care much about the grade, but if we were him, we would spend sleepless nights thinking why our brain works this way. 

Photo courtesy of thefaintrain/Reddit

BUT back to the topic at hand. A high school teacher would NEVER pull this off, not because they’re not allowed, but because they don’t have it in them to enjoy or laugh at anything and cut their students some slack. 

Format – MLA, APA, ETC.

Academic paper formats are a pain in the neck. Not only do you have to worry about the content of your piece, but you also have to consider the million different ways to do your citations, and the added pressure of your high school teacher breathing down your neck about margin spacing DID NOT help. 

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Adato (Photographer)

In some classes, college professors, on the other hand, don’t give two hoots about the format you choose to use, and that’s the best part. Do whatever you want, as long as it makes sense, and you follow the same one throughout, you’re getting your credit! 

Mood Though

Whether you want to call this spontaneity or irresponsibility, we think being quick on your feet while being considerate of other people’s moods during the day is an elite move and makes you the best possible person. There, we said it. 

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Adato (Photographer)

What were our high school teachers even thinking, feeding our brains such massive lies? If they were trying to scare us into discipline, our college professors sure managed to uno reverse it on their behalf. Mood today… hmm, let’s go with the smiley face with some Zs.  

Tweet Me

“Social media is a waste of your time and turns you into blithering blabbering idiots; turn that phone off!” Yup, we’ve all heard our parents and high school teachers say this at some point or the other. This is yet another difference that proves college professors are our friends.

Photo courtesy of bellefeuillemat/Twitter

From being on our close friends’ stories on Insta or retweeting our depression rants because ‘same sis,’ college professors are high-key our spirit animals, just not animals, and a lot older than us. Bless professors who care about our entertainment. 

Pinky Promise

The fact that this precious college professor canceled class with no explanation or excuses is why college is the best! Maybe they didn’t want to get out of bed, or there was an emergency, but whatever the case, they didn’t over-explain themselves!

Photo courtesy of By.theline/Instagram

We need this energy and boundary setting for all our relationships this year, gals and pals! Moving on, pinky promise to live up to your high standards, okay? And make sure you read whatever is on your lecture syllabus this week! 

Rules Are Meant To Be Broken

For some insane reason, high school teachers have always insisted on following a set number of words or pages for essays, even if you have to write and say utter nonsense to fill up the spaces. Guess what? Not college professors! 

Photo courtesy of Emientebi/Instagram

Similar to this Twitter user’s experience, some of us have had professors return feedback after reading only half the paper and giving us A’s, knowing very well that we turned nights into days writing that perfect report on whatever. 

Trick Question

When your friend is on the phone and distracted and not listening to you, and you give them an option between two drinks, and they reply with a ‘yes’ instead of choosing one, do you want to punch them or slap them? 

Photo courtesy of Campoverdealpacas/Instagram

The answer is ‘yes.’ Hehehe. This is an easy pointer on a test, and if we had this test coming our way, we would sob and give the professor a handwritten card expressing our gratitude and loyalty to them. Can you tell we need a break?


Taking photographs with your favorite teacher or professor shouldn’t be that hard or even awkward. After spending the better part of a year together, you should feel comfortable enough to ask for a photo. Unfortunately, it still is weird, so it helps when professors take the initiative and want to remember their time teaching you…

Photo courtesy of alyssalaidler6/Twitter

…by taking selfies and photos in crazy poses that they learn from Instagram! We bet these photos found their way to the annual yearbook or at least in a private album and stayed with the students who graduated. Once again, college professors win! 


Technically, technically, if your professor doesn’t catch you and you successfully cheat, you might have bumped your grade by a letter or two. We will go out on a limb and assume that this professor has a smart reason behind this.

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Adato (Photographer)

Come on, if you’re going to cheat, you want to be smart about it. If your method of cheating is obvious and in plain sight, then it’s not an intelligent decision. The professor is probably embarrassed and disappointed in your choice of method. 

Dino Power

Dress codes in school are boring and sexist but a bit too disciplined. Remember when we mentioned getting detention for wearing green socks instead of white. Apparently, they’re meant to prepare students for college and stern professors and codes, but we all know that’s not true. 

Photo courtesy of Kindreadcurlsalon/Instagram

High school teachers demand a certain level of respect that is not even attainable. It seems like they don’t want students to have fun or a hearty laugh amongst peers. College professors, though, don’t care at all and will come dressed up as fictional characters, books, or in this case, extinct species—all good. 

I Am The Bell

Knowing when to enter, take the space, and when to leave are fundamental traits in a person, especially teachers. If you decide to drag a lesson on only because the bell hasn’t gone off, chances are, you’re a high school teacher. 

Photo courtesy of taelorjayy27/Twitter

College professors usually end the lecture or discussion when the most critical aspect of the subject is covered and done with. If there’s any extra time left, they might invite their students for questions to step up and allow everyone else the freedom to go.

Those Crazy Youths

“I’m straight up not having a good time right now” is something all of us here have said to each other at some point of the week. It’s a phrase that got popular on social media to show sadness in a sadistically funny way.

Photo courtesy of Luizfreazafilho/Instagram

We love college professors who are honest about their bad times and choose to rest and recover instead of blowing up their pent-up frustration on their students for no reason! It’s called elite royal behavior, knowing and respecting your limits. 

Snacks On Snacks

In September, we once had a professor dress up as Santa Claus and sprinkle candy across the class because we were stressed out. Yes, angels do exist! Why were we taught to expect rude professors who would never care about us in the world? 

Photo courtesy of Vita_k_studio/Instagram

This Twitter user sure seems to be touched by their professor’s offer. Sometimes all it takes is a slight nudge of goodness to influence our lives, and other times, just Milk Duds. Or Snickers. We can do with jelly beans too. We’ll take anything at all. 

Toes, Ick

Yes, breaking a toe is probably a dumb story, and yes, feet are gross – for most of us. Did this email still put a smile on the face of most of this professor’s class? Most definitely. Plus, who doesn’t like online courses from the comfort of their beds??

Photo courtesy of Eurodijagnostikabeograd/Instagram

This is great, right? Getting email updates about classes with a subject that is perfect and demands urgency but in the simplest way possible. The added bonus? The offer of the professor tweeting their broken toe x-rays for the students! 


This email reads straight up like a text we would send besties after a late night of partying. The professor might as well have started this text with “yo.” But we appreciate it for its straightforwardness. Let’s not waste anyone’s time.

Photo courtesy of Khushbrat_1786/Instagram

We sure do hope this professor gets well soon and sends just as nonchalant an email updating their students about it. We’re also pretty sure no student minds being on break from class for a few days, no matter how extraordinary the professor is. 

Allergy Warning

First of all, college professors are confident and humane enough to admit that they munch on things while grading student papers. Second of all, they’re considerate enough to consider someone’s potential allergy and decontaminate properly. Who are these sweet souls?

Photo courtesy of Gingerly_bakery/Instagram

Most importantly, though, they were eating trail mix, one of the best snacks to exist! High school teachers could never, and they probably won’t have the guts to even admit to their students that they even eat food, let alone fun snacks. 

After Party

College students are known for going to parties and having a blast. Luckily, college professors are also known for that! However, we’re pretty confident that if a professor of ours decided to keep the lights off in class, we would take a nap. 

Photo courtesy of Candyyaghi/Instagram

Come on, the tweet mentions someone snacking on mashed potatoes in the background shadows of the class. Who would stop a power snack to boost efficiency? Chances are, even if the lights are off, this professor wouldn’t say a word to the potato-eating student. 


One of the easiest 25 point questions to ensure passing their test, this professor sure knows how to salvage students’ grades if someone didn’t get a chance to study. We love seeing these kinds of test questions! We hope to take his class next year.

Photo courtesy of kinqcody/Twitter

Honestly, if we were in this lesson, we would have topped the test. We wouldn’t even have to lie about it honestly because if a student didn’t like this professor till that point, this test would have changed their opinion.