Quirky Comics That Capture The Artist And Her Boyfriend’s Spicy And Sometimes Awkward Life

By Jana I

This article was originally published on comicsenz

We are back again with another relatable and interesting comic artist. This time, the artist we researched is Esther González. She created an Instagram page under the name miss.pad_thai. She shares her everyday life and different experiences that are solely for the female population but also loves to include her boyfriend in the mix. Her comics are fun, quirky, entertaining, and even spicy! Her comics will be your next favorite hobby if you are sick and tired of unrealistic portrayals of couples and women online. She doesn’t hide her shabby side, and she is not ashamed to show that we are all, in the end, just humans. Imperfect, flawed, but above all, train wrecks. If you want to see what the hype is about, keep on scrolling!

Artists’ Life

They say the best works and creations come from a depressed or disturbed mind. Since you feel bad about yourself and life, people assume you will focus better by distracting yourself with work and creativity. This isn’t always the case.

Image Courtesy of miss.pad_thai / Instagram

Esther translated this into a comic, simply divided in half with subtitles: expectations & reality. Expectation is thinking: ‘Embrace the pain, and you will grow from it in more ways than one.” Reality is: “I don’t want to be here. Take me home and make me some popcorn.”

Girls’ Nights

Let’s be honest. Going for a drink with a friend never ends with one drink. You will either order a couple or drink until you can’t anymore. That’s why girls’ nights out are so interesting and exciting because you never know how they’ll end.

Image Courtesy of miss.pad_thai / Instagram

If girls get drunk, they usually start rambling about their relationships, partners, zodiac signs, and one-on-one time with their partners, if you know what we mean—wink, wink. The artist knows this too damn well, so she exposed all the women out there. Not cool!

Been There Done That

We truly envy you if you never have self-esteem or body-image issues. We can’t remember how life was before those issues resurfaced. We get them once in a while, but with years, we mature and learn how to love ourselves.

Image Courtesy of miss.pad_thai / Instagram

This situation happened to us a million times! We think we are that good-looking, yet as soon as we leave the house and see other attractive people, we feel like a pile of doo-doo. It’s not healthy to compare yourself to others.

Binge Hours

How often have you followed a strict diet and ate clean, just to binge and overeat at night?! Our answer is: Yes! Wait, what was the question again… We have done this so many times. It is ungodly. Struggling with food is another relatable thing Esther mentions.

Image Courtesy of miss.pad_thai / Instagram

It shows a girl eating a low-carb diet with lots of vitamins and minerals at different hours. At night, she becomes an entirely different person and consumes a lot more than she would in the first place. Balancing out your meals is important, fellow readers. Take care of your body.

Mosquito Problems

The sound of mosquitos is like nightmare music for our ears. There is nothing worse in this world than hearing a mosquito struggling to find its way to your juicy, delicious skin and blood. That is an instant alarm clock in our book.

Image Courtesy of miss.pad_thai / Instagram

The artist has shown this so vividly and accurately. They can sleep through almost everything. Neighbors working in their yard, construction across the street, even the morning birds’ song, but a mosquito buzzing? Hell no. They are up and ready to fight.

Keeping Up With The Unrealistic Expectations

Keeping up with unrealistic expectations is exhausting. If you are a girl, you are expected to be put together, smell nice, and never show any signs of present bowel movements. No, girls don’t do number two in the toilet. That’s for boys only.

Image Courtesy of miss.pad_thai / Instagram

Look at this poor girl trying to squeeze a fart back into her body just because society taught us that women don’t fart or burp. God forbid a girl does that! It mostly appeals to the male gaze and creates a perfect creature. Women are human, too. Let it out, girlie!

Yay Vacay! NOPE

People often look forward to finally boarding their plane and taking off, as if that’s going to be more comfortable than waiting at the gate. Usually, you are squeezed between two people, and one of them always has bad body odor.

Image Courtesy of miss.pad_thai / Instagram

Esther quickly realized that and used it as an inspiration for another highly relatable comic. Here is our opportunity to talk about one phenomenon among the men population: men spreading. Why is it that men must spread their legs so much when sitting?!

It’s The Small Victories In Life

We are trying really hard to be eco-friendly. Bringing our tote bags and paper bags whenever we have to go grocery shopping has become a habit. We don’t want to be a part of the waste culture and use plastic. This is much better for our planet!

Image Courtesy of miss.pad_thai / Instagram

Yet, we noticed that some cashiers take that personally. Now, they want to fight you and prove to you that they are more capable and better than your little eco-friendly bum. The girl in the comic won, and we cheered for her! You go, girl!

This is So Cringe! GUILTY!

Have you seen that Tik Tok trend yet with audio of Kim Kardashian that says, “Ew. This is so cringe.” Guilty! That’s all we can think of while we’re scrolling through miss.pad_thai Instagram page. It’s all too familiar and relatable. We tried to choose the best ones!

Image Courtesy of miss.pad_thai / Instagram

We are super guilty of this behavior. We love mornings, don’t get us wrong. It represents a fresh, new opportunity. A blank canvas, if you will. But, we are not morning people. We can’t wake up that easily. Three a.m is our jam, though!

Wanna Be a Girl? Think Again!

The one thing that proves boys have it easier than girls is definitely monthly periods. We know some women struggle with hormonal issues and get their periods irregularly. That’s a topic for itself. Today, we talk about periods as an occurrence. Period.

Image Courtesy of miss.pad_thai / Instagram

It is a known fact that pad and tampon commercials show women on their periods singing, dancing, and wearing white summer dresses, and all. That is all so cute and idyllic. We can’t deny it. Yet, so far from reality. You can see for yourself.

Dog Things

Sometimes, dogs just do dog things, and you can’t really understand their logic. In this instance, the dog was so unprovoked that the owner was baffled by its behavior. Esther tried to depict that in this witty and funny comic.

Image Courtesy of miss.pad_thai / Instagram

Sure, sometimes dogs are illogical and provoked for no reason, yet, the owner still must be careful and observant. Try to realize what triggered the dog in the first place. Is it the cactus or the sly faces of the two children in the window?


If you don’t have the privilege of having a car or owning a driver’s license, riding on the bus, train or metro might be your destiny. This is a tough task. Let’s be honest here. First of all, it is always too crowded, and second of all, a mass of people packed in one place tends to smell foul.

Image Courtesy of miss.pad_thai / Instagram

The girl in the comic spotted a free seat, yet she was beaten to it by a boy who got there before her. What an unfair turn of events. We hope she finds her seat elsewhere. We know the struggle she is going through.

Keepin’ It Realistic

Men sometimes don’t understand the extent of photoshop and plastic surgery that goes into someone looking perfectly on social media. Most men do realize this, yet there are some that expect this level of perfection out of their partners.

Image Courtesy of miss.pad_thai / Instagram

Esther is here to keep him grounded. Let us all remind men what a real, hormonal, bloated woman looks like. Let’s keep them aware, girlies. Let’s make them regret ever wanting perfection! That is what she seems to be doing, after all, and we are loving it!

Drama Queen

Well, as the girl club members, we can tell you we can be hella dramatic. We don’t know what it is, but we are prone to drama, spicy drama and gossiping with the girls, or exaggerating every minor life inconvenience.

Image Courtesy of miss.pad_thai / Instagram

Women tend to have slower blood circulation than men. It’s a biological fact. It is, again, probably something that can be traced back. Whatever the case, women can’t seem to get warm enough on a freezing winter day. Don’t judge. Pass the blanket!

Cliché, But It’s True

According to Kelly Clarkson, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Despite how cliché it sounds, it is true. When you overcome inevitable difficulties, problems, and heartbreaks in life, you become a stronger, more well-rounded person.

Image Courtesy of miss.pad_thai / Instagram

Look at Esther and her comic character! The girl went through a whole glow-up. Well, she also went to the gym, that’s for sure. Peep the six-pack on her forehead. She must’ve trained her brain, too, not only her quads and glutes. Good on you, girl!

Blown Cover

One of women’s biggest insecurities and worries is whether their partner would like them the same without all the makeup and Instagram story filters. It’s not easy going all natural with someone for the first time. It takes time and trust.

Image Courtesy of miss.pad_thai / Instagram

This man probably swore on his life he won’t get unpleasantly surprised or taken aback by his girlfriend’s bare face. The comic says more than any words can. We know this is an over-reaction by the artist, but still, we feel attacked.

They Got It Easy

We crawled so generations today can walk. We had to survive with a few toys here and there on the playground that consisted of two swings, with one of them being fully destroyed and unusable. Children today, on the other hand…

Image Courtesy of miss.pad_thai / Instagram

The picture on the left is what the playgrounds we hung out at looked like. Exactly that! One tire, two chains, and a wooden frame. Nowadays, everything is made of shiny plastic and rubber. A dream come true. We are jealous!

Mutual Support

Mutual support is extremely important in relationships. If your partner doesn’t have your back, who will? You should always be with a person that makes you feel secure yet still pushes you to be the best version of yourself you can be.

Image Courtesy of miss.pad_thai / Instagram

Enabling someone’s destructive behavior is not healthy. It’s not a relationship you want to be in. You need someone like the boy in this comic to remind you of what you should do. To be better, healthier, and live a longer life. Essentially, he wants you to spend as many days with him as possible.

Fashionably Late

We all have that one friend that is always late. If you don’t, we hate to break it to you, but you are that friend. You probably get heat for it all the time. It’s not cute to not respect someone else’s time and punctuality, is it now?!

Image Courtesy of miss.pad_thai / Instagram

Many of us h ave been in this situation. Lying to someone that we are almost there, finished getting ready, on the way, when in reality, we are still in the shower. Time management is a good skill to have, and it’s mastered with time. How ironic.

It’s Like Looking In The Mirror

Everyone and their mother knows we are a sucker for cats. We love those idiotic creatures to the core. We don’t know what it is about them. Well, we guess it’s the big eyes, soft purrs, and fur-covered body. They just know the way to our hearts all too well…

Image Courtesy of miss.pad_thai / Instagram

Cats love to scratch and bite, and more often than not, it’s not because they don’t like you. They want to play with you and don’t realize how much harm they can do. Although, make sure to check if what your cat is doing is inviting you to play and not aggressively hissing at you to go away…

You’re Going to Hell

There are certain things that shouldn’t be funny but still, somehow, are. When you see a child plastering their face on the concrete after profusely running and annoying everyone, you can’t help but laugh a bit. Psychopathic, but honest.

Image Courtesy of miss.pad_thai / Instagram

Esther wasn’t afraid of showing that side of her to her boyfriend. They both find it funny. We can’t deny it. We find it funny as well. We don’t want them to get hurt. It’s just the timing of it all and the reaction afterward.

Taken By Surprise

We all hated the virus once it appeared. We wouldn’t take it seriously until it became a worldwide problem that caused a lot of unfortunate events and resulted in terror. The artist we are talking about today thought the same.

Image Courtesy of miss.pad_thai / Instagram

Although we mainly like to talk about things that are light, fun, and humorous, we can’t completely ignore the reality we all went through. It’s fun to make jokes about a traumatic event. It will heal us all. Laughing about it will make it easier to bear and overcome!

Influencer’s Lies

We are all familiar with the ever-growing concept of influencers on social media. Surely, they can help, give advice, introduce you to different topics and, finally, influence your behavior and life for the better.

Image Courtesy of miss.pad_thai / Instagram

However, what they do more often is set unrealistic expectations that you feel obliged to fulfill. They were regular people, like all of us, and that’s what separates them from celebrities. Nowadays, girls and boys compare themselves to influencers, not celebrities. That is a problem for another discussion. The truth is, we can never look like influencers, and we don’t have to!

The Reality of Pregnancy

We know some women love pregnancy, and many glow throughout like never before. And, we know pregnant ladies that didn’t enjoy it at all. They felt lethargic, slow, and bloated all the time. They loathed it. Now, we know what Esther thinks of pregnancy…

Image Courtesy of miss.pad_thai / Instagram

We forgot to mention the third group: people reacting to pregnancy. To our artist, it seems like the alien from the movie Alien is what is nesting inside her friend’s womb. She is frantically running and panicking. We relate to both ladies here.

Generational Differences

While we are on the topic of children and babies, let’s stay there for the time being. If you remember your parents, you will probably realize that at the age you are at now, they already had two children and balanced a 9-5 with a side hustle.

Image Courtesy of miss.pad_thai / Instagram

Whereas you can’t wait for the weekends, so you don’t have to leave your house, or your PJs, let’s be honest. You binge Friends or The Office, and order take-out; we assume Chinese or Italian. We are not judging you, friend. We are the same…

Social Distancing, Still…

Some of us are still social distancing from society. We love to stay safe and secure. Yes…that’s why we won’t hang out and choose to feast on some pizza with our partner instead. We are afraid of getting sick. That’s it…

Image Courtesy of miss.pad_thai / Instagram

All jokes aside, it’s great to spend time with people and go out. It’s healthy. However, it’s not okay to feel pressured or obliged to do so. If you want to chill by yourself for a few weekends in a row, there is nothing wrong with that.

Pimple Popper

Elevators are a curse sent on this Earth to torture all of us with acne-prone, problematic, oily skin. We can’t help but pick on it whenever we are underneath those bright, white elevator lights. It’s definitely the worst lightning possible.

Image Courtesy of miss.pad_thai / Instagram

If you don’t do this or are not aware of it, you might see nothing wrong in this comic. Yet, we who do this frequently, noticed the redness of her face in the last picture. We know your secret, girlie. We won’t tell anyone, though. This is a safe zone.

Shop Assistance

Sometimes, we feel too uncomfortable shopping in a shop that carries expensive clothes. We feel like shop assistants are breathing down our necks the whole time. Not to mention that we can’t actually afford anything there. Maybe half a shirt.

Image Courtesy of miss.pad_thai / Instagram

The difference between cheap and expensive stores is the amount of assistance or lack thereof. In the stores where clothes are super cheap or thrifted, shopping assistants are overwhelmed with work. It’s thoroughly entertaining to point out the differences.

Oh, No, Not Those Words…

Do you feel like sometimes our partners tell us something they think is highly reassuring but leaves us feeling even worse than at first? Well, you are not the only one. Apparently, Esther has experienced this too. Take a look.

Image Courtesy of miss.pad_thai / Instagram

Telling her that her face is the same as always implies she always looks like that. Like what she thinks she looks like at that bad moment. That is no compliment, dude. That is downright offensive. She just wanted to be dramatic, and now, you made it worse. Well done.

Putting On Our Tinfoil Hats

To put on a tinfoil hat means to be opened up to hearing some outrageous conspiracy theories that people find or think of. We love to put on a tinfoil hat once in a while. It can be enjoyable and entertaining. Though, sometimes, it’s a stretch.

Image Courtesy of miss.pad_thai / Instagram

She was talking about needing some new black boots, and now, her Google search suggests exactly that. This is no secret. Our devices listen to us and curate the ads we see carefully. This is both good and kind of scary. It depends on what interests you, ya know?!

Words vs. Acts

We all love to get spicy with our partners, and that’s not a secret or anything to be ashamed of. The humor of it all comes in when someone is strong with their words but can’t act upon them once it comes to it. Give it a look.

Image Courtesy of miss.pad_thai / Instagram

She promises him a good time, wink, wink, but she doesn’t deliver. The reality of this is so different from what the movies and shows that make you believe. In real life, we have jobs. We are stressed out by a lot of factors during the day, and sometimes all you need is a good snooze.

Well, She Got Carried Away

The worst thing ever is consulting your friends about a dress code and then underdressing for the occasion. It is so annoying! If your friend planned on getting ready and dressing up, they should’ve told you or something.

Image Courtesy of miss.pad_thai / Instagram

Now, you look like a proper fool. Throwing on whatever isn’t really putting on beautiful eyeshadow and lipstick, and rocking those new black boots you bought online, is it now?! Oh, Esther, your friend must be pissed. We would be, too, girl. Not okay.

Game On

When you enter a relationship, it might be uncomfortable or shameful to fart or burp, especially for the female population. But, as you grow closer and start dating long-term, seeing each other daily, or even living together, oh boy, it’s game on!

Image Courtesy of miss.pad_thai / Instagram

This girl is not ashamed of letting out a toot into her boyfriend’s face, no less as she should! Men are always having a pass for doing that, and women are simply supposed to endure, and what, not do anything in return?! Yeah, right.

When Bae Doesn’t Get Your Signals…

This right here might be what takes the cake for the most desperate, embarrassing moments in a relationship. If you are in the mood for some alone time with your significant other, and they don’t get your subtle cues…

Image Courtesy of miss.pad_thai / Instagram

This man is so wholesome. He wants to help her clean and get healthy. Whereas she just wants to get some spicy time with him. The miscommunication kills us. It’s so funny and relatable. The artist did a great job once more. We feel seen.


Someone being condescending towards you is what we would say is the most irritable thing ever. You don’t want to overreact, yet, you can’t keep quiet either. The worst thing is, sometimes you realize it after the fact.

Image Courtesy of miss.pad_thai / Instagram

The comic version of Esther was super excited to share her work, drawings, and witty commentary with a fellow artist, and all she got in return were fussy remarks wrapped into kind words with a bow on top. To make matters worse, she realized it when it was too late…


How often have you ignored the problem for so long that it snowballed and became even bigger and even worse?! Yeah, we thought so. The thing is, sometimes the problem doesn’t even get bigger. It’s just that our anxiety and procrastination make it way worse.

Image Courtesy of miss.pad_thai / Instagram

Once you tackle it and solve it, you’ll realize how minor and silly it was. Yet, when it’s present, it might feel just like the comic shows us: a big blob of nose snot, waiting to swallow you whole. Not a pleasant feeling at all. You got it, bestie.

Speak English, Ma’am

This is something all of us encountered at one point in our lives. When you ask a new parent how old their baby is, prepare to do some mental arithmetic since they can’t answer in years, only months. Why do people do this?!

Image Courtesy of miss.pad_thai / Instagram

All we want to do at that moment is exactly what the comic version of Esther did – turn away and leave. Why are you saying 15 months and not a year and three months? What is the bloody difference? Help us understand! For goodness’ sake!

Getting Too Comfortable At The Office

This pandemic situation made our stay at home more than ever. A lot of jobs became remote, and people were no longer obligated to come to work. This, though productive and time-efficient, made us somewhat incompetent to behave in social situations.

Image Courtesy of miss.pad_thai / Instagram

She just let out a toot in the office, thinking no one will come around. As soon as she did, a flood of co-workers came, all asking for different things. It’s uncomfortable, unfortunately, but it’s the price we pay for working from home for such a long time.

Be My Valentine? Or Don’t!

We are all people that have opposites inside of us. One side of us might hate romantic movies because they show everything we hate about Westernized beauty ideals and unrealistic love. Yet, we will feel compelled to watch such a movie to relax and unwind.

Image Courtesy of miss.pad_thai / Instagram

We can see a fight between two urges. One is the urge for love, romantic gestures, dinner, movies, or a nice date. The other urge is to stay in and look as foul as possible but wear comfy PJs, a face mask for dehydrated skin, and binge a Netflix show. Who would win if it was up to you?


If someone loves you, would they condition you? Your immediate response would be NO, we assume. But don’t state that too fast. What if they condition you to do something, simply to test your abilities and make you a more responsible person? Still no… fine.

Image Courtesy of miss.pad_thai / Instagram

Have you changed your mind?! We, personally, see nothing wrong with this man’s gesture. He gifted her a plant, and if she could take good care of it, he would agree to get a cat. Taking care of a cat is a much bigger responsibility. He must be certain she is ready to show! Girl, you got this!