It’s All In The Details: 45 Times Designers Interlaced Hidden Details Into Their Clothing

By Aakash M

This article was originally published on befashionly

When we are out shopping for clothes, our first hope is that they will be a good comfortable fit and make us look and feel incredible. Next, we want to be sure that the product is of good quality and that it will last for a long time, at least a year or two, if we take care of them properly. Other than that, we can’t expect much else from our clothing. Prepare to be blown away by the clothes you’re about to see in this article. Would you ever expect the tag in your t-shirt to have a double purpose? This designer created tags that could be used as seeds planted into the ground. It’s something nobody could have ever imagined, until now. The clothing industry has a lot of potential for innovation, and it can surprise customers with what they can offer. We all love people who go the extra mile to include something unique just for us. We created a list of some of the most unexpected details designed into clothes by designers and manufacturers.

Ice Protection

To start, here is a picture of a winter boot. There is something special about these shoes in particular. These boots come with flip-down ice cleats that will help you walk on icy surfaces! For those horrible winter nights, this is ingenious.

Image Credits: Reddit/ TheRealJasonium

That’s some great innovation. When you find something unexpected as this, it comes off as a good surprise. If the customers knew about this helpful extension in the boots in advance, the purchase line would be out the door!


When you are having a bad day, and nothing seems to make you feel even the slightest bit of happiness, it simply sucks. But, these times too, shall pass! At those moments, random words and surprises are the most effective!

Image Credits: Reddit/ Shy_raspberry

Surprises, just like this quote found on the clothing label, do just that. The people who thought of this idea are gems. These things will make you feel good on a bad day, and they’ll keep you happier on happier days! Those are some great words of wisdom.

A Small Toolkit

This workwear has small tools on the zippers. We don’t know if they would actually help somebody with any construction work (you never know!), but we must say that those small tools look cute on the zippers! That’s an innovative design.

Image Credits: Reddit/ Alain_leckt_eier

We don’t know why but these little tools give off a small Bob the Builder vibe! We know they’re not functional, but they are a thoughtful little decor item that takes the sweater to the next level. Although, we do wonder if these clothes were bought from the children’s section?

Measuring The Water Levels

The person who posted this image is sharing a photo of his son’s rubber boots. Those rubber boots are amazing, but you know what’s unique about the shoes? The boots indicate the depth of the water in centimeters. As far as we can see, it goes up to 18cm.

Image Credits: Reddit/ sparowe

That’s a beneficial and straightforward product since it can measure the depth in centimeters. But, what would the boy do if he stepped into the living room with those muddy watery boots? Any idea how “deep in trouble” he would be?

Where Are My Reading Glasses?

Before you assume anything, let us tell you that although this t-shirt looks like a newspaper, it has no news written on it. It is something completely different. Also, this idea is an innovative one, and we think selective audiences will love it!

Image Credits: Reddit/ Legin_666

This person’s t-shirt has the whole script of pulp fiction printed over it. Wow. That guy must be a huge fan to go for a design of that sort. Reading what’s written on that shirt can be a great pastime activity, especially when you’re bored in class.

How Good Is That!

What you are about to see is so unique and creative, we highly doubt you’ll see such innovation anywhere. Just take a look at these pants, and see what’s written on either side of the zipper! We were blown away after seeing that!

Image Credits: Imgur/ MrFishOils

The inner side reads “Lucky Me,” and the outer side reads “Lucky You.” Come on now. We don’t think we need to explain what’s happening here, but it’s something that will put a smile on the face of the person who buys these and their partner.

Great USP

Different clothes have different USPs (unique selling points), and it’s all cool. But, it starts getting saturated after a point. After one point, we see so many brands offering the same thing, which makes us feel like there isn’t any innovation anymore.

Image Credits: Reddit/ grummlinds

However, there is always hope for new designers to break the mold. The USP of these jeans is really unique and lifesaving to a great extent. These jeans have a no-slip grip in the back pockets, saving cash and cards from falling out of them.

Watch yourself

Indeed, this clothing company knows how to care for its customers and make them feel safe and sound. Tips like these should be shared and shown all around so that everybody gets to know about these things! We love this one.

Image Credits: Reddit/ GetSparkyy

The inside of this jacket has outdoor survival tips on it! All of it only sounds relevant if it is a kind of jacket you’d wear to go camping, which is it, we assume. Also, those tips over there are handy for survival.

Tie combination

Take a look at this tie. Doesn’t it look jaw-droppingly beautiful? Wait. There’s more to it. When you look at it from afar, you cannot make out the exact design that’s going on on the tie because it looks like just another design.

Image Credits: Reddit/ squid50s

But, you’ll get an idea of the design when you look at the image on the right side. This design is innovative! Who would have thought that you’d get something so good by combining the rodent mouse and the computer mouse!

Good One

Here you will find some humor that’s slightly on the darker side. This brand made testing on animals sound cute. If you just read the sentence, testing clothes on cute animals and the clothes not fitting them sounds adorable.

Image Credits: Reddit/ Bobble_

You all can relax because it’s just a joke and makes a point to state the negative aspects of animal testing without going too deep into the issue. If you sum it all up, this joke is so bad that it’s actually good!

Multiple Namespaces

Who would ever expect multiple places to write your name on a clothing item? People will actually wonder what those spaces could even be used for and assume it was a misprint. The designer, however, made no mistake in this creation. Here’s why.

Image Credits: Reddit/ budgetpc0217

This person posted this picture about his kid’s jacket having multiple namespaces and explained that it is meant to be used to facilitate hand-me-downs. If the original purchaser rarely uses the item or maintains it well, it could be passed down to a sibling or friend.

Another Good One

By now, we have learned that clothing brands do have some friendly jokes in them. Maybe the designers should also try to work on their jokes and bust into that industry! Take a look at this joke. Most people never consider reading what’s written over there, and others simply cut it off.

Image Credits: Reddit/ vanillablue_

Well, there it is. You know what to do for the best results, and you know what to do for the worst consequences. The instructions are straightforward for the best results and even clearer for the worst. Now, it’s your choice to make.

Necessary Instructions

We thank this clothing brand for putting up such a necessary instruction. We can’t stop laughing. This joke is the kind you’ll see in a funny cartoon show. But, just to be clear, not all of the instructions are jokes.

Image Credits: Reddit/ SaveDamagedEpidermis

The advice that these people are offering is excellent. People won’t go around slapping pandas after they read this instruction. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to hit a panda because you would likely end up with a black eye.

Traffic Signal

When we thought that the innovations in the clothing industry would be limited, here is a photo that blew our minds. This is a biker jacket with signal and brake lights embedded inside. But, we are very intrigued about certain things here, and we have a question.

Image Credits: Reddit/ joat217

Firstly, where do you plug this thing so that the light stays on? Jokes aside, things like these would be beneficial for other riders to spot a biker from a distance, thus, increasing safety. Making something of this sort for bicyclists would also be helpful.

A Good Announcement

Here is a clothing label with the regular instructions and an announcement that needs to be heard. The label says that both men and women can wash it. We’ll put this one here and leave everything for you to see.

Image Credits:

Although a symbol and statement like this one on a tag would put a smile on your face, it is also a bit sad that a sign like this one needs to be put out. There isn’t any job that’s only for one gender.

Watch Your Step

These messages and innovations just keep getting more and more creative with each post. These pants for men have a zipper with a message along its side that spreads caution. Well, you should listen to what’s written and be careful.

Image Credits: Reddit/ rofLopolous

The message reads, “be careful; you’ve only got one.” Every boy would understand the importance of this message and crack up upon reading this message! Something that makes you laugh and keeps you safe seems like the whole package to us.

How Fancy Is That?

What would you do if, after seeing this image, we told you that you could light and extinguish the flames on this menorah? Doesn’t that make this the best holiday sweater! Let us enlighten you if you don’t know how to “light and extinguish” the flames.

Image Credits: Reddit/ katyvo

As you can see, it’s a sweater. It’s effortless. The flames are made of partially sewn sequins with opposite colors. Since the colors are contrasting, it looks like the flames have been extinguished when you flip them from yellow to blue!

A Little Out Of Tune, But Still Amazing

This t-shirt label has a set of random and odd instructions. After the typical instructions, it has a fantastic reminder about being nice to your dad. That’s a great message, we must say. But what’s with the skull in the end?

Image Credits: Reddit/ ImWithTheIdiotPilot

We must say that we can’t seem to get over the dad part. A father’s lone joy is watching his children grow up and become unique human beings. So, meet your dads! If you’re too busy to do that, ring him up!

Predicting The Future

Here’s what happened here. This tag was on the inside of a shirt this person has owned for a few years. The moment he saw that tag after wearing it numerous times, he posted the image! Obviously, there were a lot of hilarious comments on it, and that’s how we came across this one.

Image Credits: Reddit/ dorfmcpumpkin

The prediction is pretty accurate; we must say that that’s literally the fate of most clothes. In certain countries, old clothes end up becoming washcloths, and guess what, they work out well! How close is this T-shirt to the day it ends up becoming a pajama?

How To Bake A Cake?

According to the person who posted this image, the t-shirt came with a cake recipe inside it. You know, it’s a bit hard to believe that one because it actually looks like somebody wrote this recipe by hand after purchasing the T-shirt.

Image Credits: Reddit/ LivingwithRobots

Also, that’s not the best cake recipe. It’s too basic. Actually, it’s the recipe for a sponge. There’s no filling or icing involved. Also, where’s the baking time? The units need to be standardized as well. A lot of improvement is necessary!

Squeaky Clean Glasses

Can you believe that this shirt has a piece of lens cloth sewn on its inside? That’s so cool! They did that so that you could clean your glasses on the go! Innovations like these make your life easy to a great extent. Marvelous! 

Image Credits: Reddit/ Marvin_k2000

This image was uploaded online with appreciative comments, especially from those spectacle-wearing people who were really glad for such an innovation. We think that a piece of lens cloth should be required in all clothing elements from this day forward!

LEGO shoe

We saw many clothing brands being innovative and creative with their clothing items. Now, let’s see how good Adidas has done here. Here’s a spoiler about it. They did well. Have a look at the fantastic shoe in this image!

Image Credits: Reddit/ gellous

This is the LEGO Adidas shoe, and it makes you step on a LEGO block every time you put them on. It’s not real, it’s printed on the insole, but it looks pretty natural, doesn’t it? Also, it feels like the sides and the back of this shoe can be used as LEGO bases. Just saying.


Have a look at this cool shirt which shows off its hexagons when the shirt gets wet. That’s quite different, but it still looks cool. The person who posted this image captioned it, saying, “The Pattern In My Dad’s Shirt Change To Hexagons When Wet.”

Image Credits: Reddit/ nider

But, here’s the main question. How does the pattern change to hexagon? Wasn’t it a hexagon from the beginning? It should probably say something like the hexagons become visible when it gets wet. Nonetheless, that’s an excellent design for sure.

Helping Others

Here is an image of a charitable worker who’s walking around with a pretty helpful sign on his back. When he’s working in the building, he probably had a few people ask him if they could get by quickly. Without saying a word, that sign can indeed help other people navigate.

Image Credits: Reddit/ Bungalowdesign

Many people would want to get this T-shirt, just because of what’s written on the backside! Wearing something like that would prevent people from cutting the line while standing behind you! Would you ever wear a shirt like this one?

That’s What It’s Made Of

Take a look at this Christmas hat that was apparently made of 100% Christmas. We really don’t know what that’s supposed to mean. We only know that it’s a hilarious joke with a fantastic and uplifting message in the end.

Image Credits: Reddit/ Dear-Me

After it talks about being made of 100% Christmas, there’s this line below it that tells you to take things easy, relax, eat, drink, and be merry. They also tell you not to diet and smile! Come on! It’s Christmas! Have some great food, and don’t skip out on anything!

Say What?

What is this sign supposed to mean? We get that it’s 100% cotton, we get how you need to wash it, we got all the precautions, and we also got that it’s made in China, but we didn’t get what they meant about the feeding-at-midnight part. Hilarious!

Image Credits:

We sometimes wonder if this was a problem in translation from Chinese to English or if perhaps the joke is really on us. Either way, the challenge will be accepted. To whoever owns this thing, don’t feed it at midnight and stay out of trouble.

What An Innovation!

Here is another innovation, but we’re pretty confused about this one since we don’t know how useful it could be. This jacket has a covered hole in it to help you see your watch through it. Firstly the design looks a bit awkward on the jacket.

Image Credits: Reddit/ izokh

Secondly, why would you want a hole in your jacket? If you’re having trouble seeing the time on your watch, you can simply pull out your cellphone. Another option would be to roll the jacket sleeves, which is a pretty cool style. You might even look better that way! Good effort, though.

Conveying The Message

This person posted an image saying that he bought a shirt today, and then he saw this tag when he got back home. What would you do if you bought a shirt and saw a tag that says that? Well, we’d have a good laugh about it!

Image Credits: Reddit/ perpetualpez

It’s 100% cotton, and it also mentions how it should be washed. After that, there’s quite a meaningful and relevant message for some. Guys often remove their shirts at certain places, complaining that it’s too hot, but this shirt tells them not to do it because it’s never a good idea. Great marketing strategy!

Giraffe Tie

The person must have bought this tie for the color, the material, or other aspects. But, seldom did he know that a surprise was waiting for him inside the bottom of the tie! Look at that cute giraffe wearing a pretty red tie! 

Image Credits: Reddit/ TheWatersOfMars

Also, what’s impressive about the giraffe wearing a tie is that it’s actually inside the actual tie that the person purchased. What if there’s a tiny man inside the giraffe’s tie that’s wearing a black tie? And the loop goes on.

A Sole With Math Equations

Can you believe that this shoe sole has math equations on it! Those are some beneficial formulas that can help you get through specific exams—just saying it! We are putting out some exam-cheating tips here. Have a look at this image.

Image Credits: Reddit/ version365

Nobody will even suspect anything if you go to an exam wearing this shoe. If people knew about a brand that prints equations on the sole of their shoes, the sales of that shoe would shoot up like anything. Again. Just putting it out there!

Offense Taken

What would happen if somebody bought this clothing item while having a bad day and then flipped over the tag to see what was written on it? The person could say that they were having a bad day and then the jumper made the person cry!

Image Credits: Reddit/ BiohazardousAccount

The directions and all of it are cool, but things get serious when you come to the ending part. It literally reads, “So you don’t ruin it like everything else in your life.” The day has come. Clothes have started attacking us.


This jacket’s zipper has a whistle. It doesn’t look like something that was intentionally there because it’s hidden into the zipper. From the looks of it, the design is really ordinary. You would never know if your jacket had one of these as well!

Image Credits: Reddit/ Acriorus

This jacket is something you’d want to have if you’re a coach. Coaches run around with whistles while training their students. How fun would it be if their jacket zippers had a whistle! Not only that, but it can also help people in dangerous situations.

Just What She Needs

We have seen so many unexpected details, but we can still say that this one is by far the most wholesome one we have ever come across. This lady found this restorative tag in her maternity shorts! How amazing is that!

Image Credits: Reddit/ AudreyLovesJoey

The post was flooded with appreciative comments. Mothers are the greatest, no questions asked. For every mama and mama-to-be out there, you’ve got this, and you’re the best! Words of encouragement have a significant impact on people, and we love spreading the joy!

Fashion Tips

There are three extraordinary things about this tie. Firstly, it looks incredible. Secondly, it is from the 50s, and thirdly, it gives you some helpful fashion advice as well. We think the person who purchased this vintage tie must take up the suggestion.

Image Credits: Reddit/ NucklestheEnchilada

This tip is useful for people who find it difficult to mix different colors. But, we also feel sorry for those who will go out and purchase charcoal or brown suits that will match this tie. It’s just a one-time investment!

GPS sneakers

No, these sneakers don’t actually have GPS in them. That’s just a fancy title. The thing is that these Spanish sneakers have the map of Barcelona on the sole. To be more precise, these are Catalan sneakers and not just Spanish sneakers.

Image Credits: Reddit/ Xarawhite

This innovation is by far among the coolest ones that we have ever come across. Having an equation or a lego piece printed in the shoe or on the sole is one thing, but having a map printed on the sole is just so much more helpful!

Remote Control Shoe

This shoe was posted by a husband that was impressed with his wife’s latest purchase. As you can see, the tread on the boot is a remote control. Well, not literally, because that’d be inconvenient, but yes, that’s the design of the shoe.

Image Credits: Reddit/ penntastic

There ya go. You can now control your TV on the go. Oh wait, we forgot to mention that you can only control the TV on the go if you’re carrying a TV with you. Haha, just kidding! Imagine the tracks this thing will leave if you wear it on the snow, though!

Easter Eggs?

This person found these Easter egg treats on the back of the labels in his jeans. It’s really amazing how these creative tags are hidden, and you need to look at the most unexpected places to find a tag like that!

Image Credits: Reddit/ Kessowary

Those are two tags that will really make you laugh hard if you read one after the other. It’s a bit hard to find the space between “me” and “again.” In that case, who’s this Meagain person? Never heard of her before.

A Skulk

Imagination does indeed create wonders. Take a look at this sweater, which has a fox pocket with a design of numerous smaller foxes. It must have been challenging to develop something like this and then implement the design.

Image Credits: Reddit/ tangerinelibrarian

Nonetheless, we really appreciate the simplicity because it’s the best thing about this design. As far as we can see, the only plain stitch was used to make it look as if it’s made up of a lot of smaller foxes!

Weird But Funny

The person who posted this image captioned it, saying, “My Dad Found A Face As The Pocket Of His Pepperoni Pizza Pants.” First of all, what are pepperoni pizza pants, and why is this dad purchasing them. If he’s going out buying pizza pants, I feel his shock level to finding this wouldn’t be too high.

Image Credits: Reddit/ cosmosclover

Although we don’t understand the concept of pepperoni pizza pants, it definitely makes this dad look really groovy. We can’t tell if his son is embarrassed or proud. So, the pepperoni pizza pants are random. But you know what’s more random? The pocket with a face!

That’s Complicated

This person’s co-worker has a hoodie with headphones that are threaded through his drawstring. Well, that’s good, but we actually have many questions about how this whole thing is supposed to work. All of it seems really complicated.

Image Credits: Reddit/ wowiee_zowiee

First of all, If there are earphones in the drawstring, how are you supposed to wash the hoodie? And, are you even supposed to clean the hoodie? Well, that’s pretty much all, because apart from that it’s a amazing invention.

It’s Not What You Think It Is

How many of you are aware of the houndstooth pattern? It’s basically a textile pattern that has broken checks or four-pointed shapes. In this image, you can see what are apparently the favorite pants of the person who posted this image.

Image Credits: Reddit/ twinecho

Now, the person thought that his favorite pants had a houndstooth pattern. If you google to see houndstooth patterns and come back and see this image, you wouldn’t be able to note the difference either. But in reality, the pattern is just of a bunch of cats.

How Cute!

Ladies and gentlemen, you are looking at relationship goals. That’s just perfect. Oh sorry. Let us tell you what’s happening here. This image is of a man who is in the stone setting profession. Take a look at this one!

Image Credits: Reddit/ vandraks

Now, do you notice those knee pockets? It looks a bit weird since they are placed there on the front of the jeans, right? But the story is that the stone setter’s wife had sewed these pockets so that he could put his knee pads in there. How thoughtful!


These aren’t just two random glass-like holes on the hood of a jacket; this guy’s jacket has inbuilt sunglasses in it. We are really advancing in technology and innovation. But, we also wonder how often the person uses those.

Image Credits: Reddit/ radicallysold

For some reason, it disturbingly looks like a minion. Nonetheless, we’ll just ignore that because it’s irrelevant. These could also be used as snow goggles. Maybe he’s heading back from a ski trip. Fantastic either way and a way to make sure you don’t lose them or leave them at home.


Take a look at the image below because that’s what you can find inside of this person’s jacket. First of all, why are these people talking about hopscotch locations? Next, why aren’t these slogans making any sense? What is happening here?

Image Credits: Reddit/ englishmuffintop

Well, we don’t have the answer to all that, but we surely know that the whole thing is still hilarious regardless of it all. Having the inside of your jacket be so funny would be a unique experience in itself.

Shoes Saving Pants

We salute the makers of these shoes because they have seemed to have come up with a constructive solution. It gets so frustrating when our shoes start touching the ground. We can’t even do anything other than alter it.

Image Credits: Reddit/ chimiez

These shoes have a ledge that will keep your pants from touching the ground. We’d also say that it’s a great marketing strategy because you now have to buy a pair of shoes to save your pants. And it’s not far-fetched, because after looking at its purpose, many people will consider buying it!