45+ Off The Wall Creations That Make Us Question The Designer’s Thought Process

By Luka E

Sometimes people really just haven’t thought things through well enough, and it shows quite clearly in their creations. Thanks to the Instagram account, Ugly Designs, we were introduced to a whole new world of crazy design ideas that are not exactly appealing. Whether it’s a bogus product that “changes your life,” and new article of clothing, failed DIY projects, or just plain weird products, this is a collection of the strangest creations we could find out there. Sometimes they are created with humor in mind, but other times, it’s plain laziness or lack of creativity. Some of them are just bad ideas through and through. Whether you’re here looking for funny products to buy or you’re just here for a laugh, we promise not to disappoint you with this list of the craziest designs on the internet. They’re bound to leave you wondering about the sanity of their creators, laughing out loud, or just scratching your head in awe.

Freshly Cooked Cashier

When their food isn’t enough to attract clientele, some restaurants may resort to extremes to bring the business in. Some might create kid’s play areas, others offer unique dishes, or perhaps they only use the freshest of fresh ingredients.

Image courtesy of Ugly Design/Instagram

This restaurant goes beyond using fresh ingredients by cooking their own cashier right there in front of you. The appeal of this is beyond us, but maybe some people are into that kind of thing. We assume the idea is to attract their customers through the shock or humor of it.

Snot For Your Cake?

Have you ever compared egg yolk to mucus? That’s probably why we cook them and was certainly the inspiration for this egg separator. If you want to have a giggle while you’re baking, this funny egg separator is for you.

Image Courtesy of Ugly Design/Instagram

The little guy really looks like he’s got a horrible cold. Those with a weak stomach might not appreciate the image of runny snot running down into your delicious food, but if you enjoy a bit of icky humor, then you get a thrill out of it.

Hilarious Goat Legged Chairs

Have you ever wanted to become a martyr right out of Greek mythology? Have you ever just wished that you could be a creature that resembles a child with goat ears, a tail, horns, and goat legs? Yeah, neither have we.

Image courtesy of Ugly Design/Instagram

Well, at this pub, you can do just that when you sit on one of their hilarious bar stools that resemble goat’s legs. They really do make you look like a creature out of an ancient mythological story from the right angle.

Feeling Feetsy?

Unless you’ve got a thing for feet, we really don’t understand the aim of this bizarrely eccentric bedroom. This is where we draw the line in a “stylish” design that aims to appeal to you through confusion rather than aesthetics.

Image courtesy of Ugly Design/Instagram

If you need to share a room with a colleague or a friend, but you need to keep things strictly platonic, this could be just the place for you. We can’t think of a better turn-off than a foot-themed bed. In fact, that’s probably all we’d think about while sleeping here.

Well-Guarded Rear

Upon viewing the house, the new owners simply fell in love. It was perfect, with a spacious garden, gourmet kitchen, and a beautiful lounge. There was just one problem. They would be trading some garage space for all that room.

Image Courtesy of Ugly Design/Instagram

Despite the law saying they couldn’t cut into the sidewalk, maybe they could bend the rules just a little? It’s a creative solution, but can they even get out of there once they’re in? And what if their next car has a different shape?

Shiny Sweat Stains

Why, oh why, would anyone design a top to accent your sweat stains with little shiny decorations? Is this a joke? We sincerely hope nobody’s considering wearing this on their first date unless they’re hoping that laughter will seal the deal.

Image courtesy of Ugly Design/Instagram

But hey – for some, good humor is a deal maker. Or maybe you have excessively sweaty armpits, and this is your way of compensating. Either way, you’ll certainly be making a very bold statement, but make it wisely and in the right company.

Elevator Confusion

Have you ever stepped onto an elevator only to find yourself boggled by the layout of the buttons? Neither have we. It’s a bit awkward when you’re standing there searching for a number, or in this case, attempting to press the tag and not the button.

Image Courtesy of Ugly Design/Instagram

This building really needs to consider fixing its labels. Each button has a number with a tag next to it saying the same number, but some of them are missing one, or the other, or both. This picture alone would be enough to give anyone an aneurysm.

Crocs Devouring Chicken

Crocs already have a bad rep on the internet for their un-stylish design. After all, they’re intended for outdoor wear, not the catwalk. Add some KFC-themed wedges, images of chicken nuggets, and an actual chicken wing to the equation, and you have something truly grotesque.

Image Courtesy of Ugly Design/Instagram

We know KFC loves their enthusiastic advertising stints, but this takes it a bit too far. Then again, maybe there’s a chicken-obsessed, fashion-deprived lady out there who’s just been waiting for shoes just like these to show off her love of fried chicken.

The Era Of Random

It seems to us that the fashion industry is becoming overrun with designers who don’t have the slightest idea how to be original. It’s like they take the most random, least stylish themes, slap them on a design, and call it art.

Image courtesy of Ugly Design/Instagram

The worst part is that the new generations are eating it up, creating a self-perpetuating cycle of randomness. When did bizarre become the new criteria for good taste? We aren’t sure, but somebody needs to stop this insanity before we end up wearing condiments as jewelry.

The Vampire’s Pool Toy

Whoever said that vampires couldn’t have fun too has something coming for them. This pink, floating coffin is for the pool party-loving vampire with a taste for bright colors. They get to join the party and still get their midday beauty sleep in the old coffin.

Image Courtesy of Ugly Design/Instagram

Imagine bobbing about on the water, your friends all around you having fun in the sun (which would burn your skin), and saying how lovely it is you could join them. This is certainly a design for the hip, modern vampire.

The Pigeon’s Laying… Light Bulbs?

Have you ever wished you owned your very own light bulb popping pigeon? You’d never have to repurchase light bulbs! You could turn your endless supply of bulbs into a booming business and probably charge a lot for them.

Image Courtesy of Ugly Design/Instagram

Jokes aside, we can’t really see the appeal of looking up from your evening’s read to see a pigeon laying a light bulb egg, but as far as entertainment goes, this is pretty great. It might not be functional, but it’ll get a laugh.

A Little Too Realistic

This somewhat eccentric hair accessory might seem like a good idea, but we would argue that it looks a bit too realistic. Sure, you and your friends would know that it’s not real, but what about everyone else? Get ready for some shocked looks.

Image courtesy of Ugly Design/Instagram

You might end up being interrupted every few minutes by someone shouting, “There’s a snake in your hair!” If their phobia is powerful enough, you might even get a whack over the head, so wear this hair tie with care.

Dad’s DIY Car Mirror

Most of us can probably relate to having fathers who would much rather fix things themselves than take it to a professional. They might say it’s to cut down on costs, but we all know that, deep down, they just want to play with their tools.

Image Courtesy of Ugly Design/Instagram

This is a pretty extreme case of a dad’s DIY shenanigans, and we’re not sure it’s totally functional, or safe for that matter. Sure, you fixed the mirror, but how many car crashes are you going to get in with the new one?

Is That Grandpa?

For those technologically advanced grandparents who need secure file storage but still have a tendency to misplace things, this is the perfect product! There’s no chance you’ll lose it because it’s sitting right in your mouth at all times!

Image Courtesy of Ugly Design/Instagram

If they lost it, they’d be missing their two front teeth, which would serve as a funny reminder, too. We can imagine a very confusing library visit, where you witness an older man walk up to the computer and pull a USB out of his mouth. What a modern man.

Dinosaur Turd

The first thing that catches your eye in this image is, of course, the giant turd that serves as a bench in this otherwise quiet and peaceful-looking courtyard. It took us a moment to notice the toilet in the center which holds the coffee table.

Image Courtesy of Ugly Design/Instagram

Whoever came up with this awful design needs to do some serious soul searching. Only a child would really find this funny. The rest of humanity is left in awe, wondering if their friends are doing alright if this is their idea of entertainment.

Straight from Pakistan

We’ve got to say, although this image is featured on an Instagram account called “Ugly Design,” we think this is rather pretty. The bright pink color of Himalayan rock salt is said to have special properties and supposedly ionizes the surrounding air.

Image Courtesy of Ugly Design/Instagram

What boggles us is how on earth they got their hands on all of this stuff. That amount of salt could probably feed a few families for the rest of their lives, but the concept of sustainable usage is clearly lost for them.

Someone Needs To Fire the Designer

We can’t fathom the connection between your weekly mass and a giant shell. Besides looking absolutely ridiculous, whoever created this had clearly run out of ideas. We wonder if the priest feels like a little sea snail up there, looking, baffled, over the Sunday mass.

Image Courtesy of Ugly Design/Instagram

Maybe they thought a Spongebob theme would help the kids get more involved in their religious studies. Either way, we can all agree that they really need to reconsider hiring a new designer, because all we could do during this sermon is giggle at the giant shell.

Camouflaged On The Bus

Imagine rushing to sit down in a bus before it zooms off, only to realize there’s a man where you thought there was an empty seat. He looks up at you, confused, saying, “Can’t you see I’m sitting here?” Um, no, you actually can’t, and for a good reason.

Image Courtesy of Ugly Design/Instagram

The thing is, though, his outfit has the exact same pattern as the bus seats. “This must be some kind of prank,” you think to yourself, “or perhaps he’s hoping to escape the bus fees by camouflaging himself amongst the seats.”

Someone’s Been Drinking on the Job

Perhaps this is just a new take on the classic rocking chair, but we suspect someone’s been naughty at the furniture factory. It would take a rather high level of inebriation to put the legs on the wrong way of a traditional rocking chair.

Image Courtesy of Ugly Design/Instagram

For the sake of it, let’s pretend it’s on purpose. We can’t imagine it’s very comfortable swinging side to side while doing your daily knitting, and there’s a high chance of toppling over mid-stitch. Does anybody’s grandma want to volunteer for testing?

Earphone Holders

Going for a run and having your earphones fall out constantly is less than ideal. Why not attach them permanently with a bunch of earrings! What could go wrong? Well, we could think of a few things. Images of torn ears come to mind. 

Image courtesy of Ugly Design/Instagram

As far as we can tell, those earphones won’t easily fit through the small loops, so it must be quite a process to get them installed, only to look like an alien or an awkward security agent. Let’s pray this isn’t the next fashion fad.

Spare Fingers

Looking for a quirky Halloween costume? Or maybe you’re going to a dress-up party and want to go the extra mile to stand out. Well, we present you with these extra finger rings! They probably won’t serve any practical purposes, but they’ll surely get you some funny looks.

Image courtesy of Ugly Design/Instagram

Maybe you can think up a good prank with them too, but, frankly, we don’t see ourselves wearing these for more than half an hour. They’re bound to become an irritation quite quickly, but it’s about how you arrive, not how you leave.

Dad’s DIY Antics Strike Again

Spacial awareness is surely the single most important quality to have as a handyman. Well, this guy clearly doesn’t have it. That, or dad’s DIY antics have struck again. Either way, it’s safe to say this tap is pretty much useless.

Image Courtesy of Ugly Design/Instagram

So what do you do now? Do you remove the tap and reinstall it? Cut a hole in the basin? Build a makeshift little travel duct for the water to run down and through? Perhaps you should just get rid of the basin altogether.

Family Travel Couch

Traveling with a large group can have its perks. If you all get some of these bags, you can make yourselves a makeshift couch while you wait for your next flight. You’ll be waiting in luxury while everyone else braces against hard plastic benches.

Image Courtesy of Ugly Designs/Instagram

We just hope this isn’t actually someone’s permanent couch at home. Sure, you’re cutting costs, but won’t you have to keep picking up the armrests when they fall over? It’s definitely less than ideal, but maybe you’re into upcycling or something along those lines.

Cutlery Out of Hell

This cutlery set looks like something out of the hellscape, a sort of torture for food lovers. Perhaps it’s punishment for all those rich meals and ridiculous desserts. They serve you your very favorite food and then laugh as you struggle.

Image Courtesy of Ugly Design/Instagram

Thorns thrust out from the handles. So you’re left with these options: consume less and pluck a few thorns from your palms, refrain from eating at all, or devour like the animal that you are. We would go with the third option. After all, food is best enjoyed when it is perceived with all of the senses.

Weird Place For A Display Room

Okay, so maybe this little setup is meant to be a display room, but how on earth are people supposed to see it all the way up there? And if it is, it’s a rather bland display if you ask us. Or maybe it’s a secret lounge that only employees can reach.

Image Courtesy of Ugly Design/Instagram

Management clearly hadn’t thought things through when they came up with this gem of a design flaw, honestly. It wastes space and resources with the lack of visibility, and now you have to figure out a way to clean up there.

Not Exactly Romantic

Imagine you’re having a delicious dinner with your partner, and you decide to light a few candles for some ambiance. They bring out these baby head candle holders, and you don’t have the heart to tell them these aren’t exactly what you had in mind.

Image Courtesy of Ugly Design/Instagram

Now you’re trying to have yourselves a romantic dinner, but you find yourself constantly distracted by the melting baby faces staring at you. Eventually, you decide it might be better to just switch on the lights and put them away.

Giant Baby

We’re all for anything hand-made. We’re sure that it took a huge amount of skill and time to create this giant crocheted onesie. This kind of design would look super cute on a baby, and you’d probably get tons of new parents asking for their own.

Image Courtesy of Pants _ Indeed/Reddit

Our question is, what self-respecting grown man would ever want to look like a giant baby? It’s our sincere hope that this is only worn at home, on the couch, during movie marathons, and not out in real life.

Individual Baths For Couples

Okay, so now you and your lover get to have a bath together, but in separate baths. Usually, one bath isn’t big enough, so it makes some sense if you want to bath together, but why not just make one big bath?

Image Courtesy of Ugly Design/Instagram

One reason we can think of is that they both enjoy bathing in differing temperatures of water. This way, they get to enjoy the temperature of their choice and still gaze romantically into each other’s eyes while they scrub their armpits.

The Grossest Dress Ever

This awful “unique” piece of clothing should never have made it to the shelves, and the shop owners must know it. Their only hope is to market it as an outfit for scaring off men. Ladies, we hope things haven’t gotten so bad that this is your last resort.

Image courtesy of Ugly Design/Instagram

At the end of the day, someone somewhere thought that this would be a great design for a skirt, and their manager agreed. Then, the shop also thought it was a good idea. This is a clear sign of the state of the fashion industry.

Krafty Cap

Alright, we gave this person points for their creativity and craft. This cap is clearly homemade, and they got all the proportions just right. That was until we noticed that it’s made from slices of Kraft’s processed cheese. Umm, what?

Image Courtesy of Ugly Design/Instagram

What if it’s a hot day and all the cheese starts to melt? It would be so sticky and totally lose its shape! We just hope the plastic sheeting is sealed tight enough that it doesn’t all melt into your hair. Good luck cleaning that up.

Sour Faced Lemon Juicer

This lemon juicer is actually a pretty cute idea. It looks as though somebody’s popping out of the swimming pool and looking over the edge. We’d guess it’s homemade. In this case, someone’s definitely got some skill with clay.

Image courtesy of Ugly Design/Instagram

The little sculpture has a rather unenthused look on its face, and we can’t say we blame it. We would probably feel a bit sour, too, after having lemons squeezed on our heads day in and day out. Even the lemon itself looks like it has a sour face.

Sandal Socks

These socks have been designed to make it look like you’re wearing sandals even when you don’t have shoes on. One has to question the motives, but we suppose they’re just meant to be funny, and they succeeded.

Image courtesy of Ugly Design/Instagram

They would be a great prank for your Asian friends, who frown upon wearing shoes indoors. You’d take off your shoes as usual, and they’d probably take a look at your feet and start to protest, at which point you’d laugh and explain they’re just socks.

Hilarious Crocheted Mask

This grandma wins first place with this incredibly creative facemask. We can’t imagine wearing it out anywhere, as it would probably get annoying pretty quickly, but there’s no doubt it would be hilarious. It would definitely grab some attention and a few giggles.

Image Courtesy of Ugly Design/Instagram

Old ladies seem to come up with the wackiest ideas. It must be all that free time they have. She probably sat there watching her favorite soapie, giggling at the thought of someone wearing the mask she was busy crocheting.

Toe Themed Toothbrush Holder

While some might be grossed out by the concept of their toothbrush being held between a pair of toes, we think this eccentric design is pretty great. Just think of all the things you could hold with them! Pens, pencils, cutlery, the list goes on.

Image Courtesy of Ugly Design/Instagram

The suction pads make this thing easy to use all around the house for anything that needs holding. Just make sure to clean off the toe jam each time you brush – you don’t want to risk getting a fungal infection somewhere.

Comes With A Free Neighbor

It’s no wonder this awfully designed apartment building’s ratings are so low. The windows are so close to each other that you could climb right into your neighbor’s apartment without much trouble at all, never mind spying on each other. 

Image Courtesy of Ugly Design/Instagram

Such proximity seems like an invitation for theft, but let’s assume that both parties are honorable citizens. You could share a coffee over the balcony in the morning and get together for happy hour in the evenings. If you’re feeling a bit lonely, maybe this is just the right place for you.

Cigarette Curtains

Whoever designed this room obviously doesn’t smoke because, to any smoker, the curtains are an instant reminder of their habit. Sure, they fit the theme perfectly, but how could you possibly not notice their strong resemblance to a pack of cigarettes?

Image Courtesy of Ugly Design/Instagram

Imagine you’ve taken some time away from work to quit smoking. You’re dedicating a week to your recovery, and you book a room at a lovely beach hotel. One look at the curtains, and you know that this won’t go over well.

The Stuff Of Dentists

You know your dentist is tooth obsessed when you walk into their bathroom and see this. Not only should you brush and floss thoroughly every day, do so in a tooth-themed basin to make sure you stay focused on your teeth.

Image courtesy of Ugly Design/Instagram

We wouldn’t be surprised to find that the dentist takes as much care with his basin as he does with your teeth, giving them a good daily scrub with a large brush and special soap. How else would you clean a basin made of teeth?

A Hand To Hold

“When you find yourself single on Valentine’s day, and the sight of all the couples holding hands is getting to you, you might just need a hand to hold.” Says the advert, “Let this phone cover be that hand you’ve been looking for.”

Image Courtesyof Ugly Design/Instagram

Maybe you’re in a long-distance relationship, and this cover helps you guys feel closer to each other as you chat over the phone. It could be that your phone is your best friend and you want to hold it as you would a human hand, but that sounds a bit sad.

Bernie Fans Unite

It’s safe to say this guy’s a fan of Bernie Sanders. Perhaps he’s on his way to a pajama party for democrats. That outfit is sure to win him favor with the rest of the crowd, even if it’s just for show.

Image Courtesy of Ugly Designs/Instagram

The thing is, it’s not terribly well designed, is it? Half of the images are cut off by the seams, with the shoulder being occupied by a big old Bernie nose. Our feeling is that this fan doesn’t much care. He just wants to show his love for Bernie.

The Holy Toilet Scrubber

We aren’t sure whether the Christian community would be proud of this kind of dedication to the faith or offended that you would dare clean a toilet with an image of Christ on a cross. It could probably swing both ways.

Image Courtesy of Ugly Design/Instagram

Maybe it’s okay, so long as you recite your prayers as you scrub the toilet, giving thanks to the son of God for washing away your sins. Certainly, there can be no toilet more holy than this one if it weren’t for the tub of beans to hold the toilet scrubber.

Oriental Mouse Pad

When you love oriental designs and bump into this gem of a mousepad, it would be difficult to resist the temptation. After all, it would totally complete the look in your office and make you feel fancy while you work.

Image Courtesy of Ugly Design/Instagram

The only issue is, we aren’t too sure what the texture of that mini carpet is. If it’s anything like an actual oriental carpet, there’s no way you could surf the web with it. The mouse would have difficulty sliding around and probably wouldn’t read the movements.

Free Marketing

Now this backpack design is just silly. It’s most likely overpriced, and there aren’t even any side pockets to hold water bottles or anything else. All you’ve got is the one main compartment, which means everything will probably get jumbled up.

Image Courtesy of Ugly Design / Instagram

You’re basically paying to be a marketing object for the shoe brand, and it’s probably not even that comfortable. The only reason we would wear this bag is if we were paid to. In fact, we’d wear anything if we were paid to do it.

Extreme Egg Theme

This restaurant that serves predominantly egg-based meals took its theme to the extreme with egg-shaped chairs and tables. You might sit down and find yourself feeling like a little chick about to hatch as you read the menu filled with eggs.

Image Courtesy of Ugly Design / Instagram

The egg theme might just backfire with this level of over-the-top design, making people so very aware of what they’re eating. The overload of egg images could be enough to put people off, but really it’s just a fun idea.

Nail Dedication

We are always astounded by the sheer dedication of women and their nail designs. It takes some serious perseverance to stick to such a weird style and bear moving around with the thick layer of nail products sitting on your fingers.

Image Courtesy of color’s beauty salon/colors_ai/Instagram

For people who love oysters and biting their nails, this could prove to be a deadly combination. Sure, you’d be able to keep it at bay as long as you remember what they’re made of, but as soon as you get anxious or distracted, there go your nails!

Skinned Your Knees?

Either this image has been photoshopped, or those leggings covered are stitched with images of raw flesh. First of all, ew. Second of all, anyone who owns flesh-themed leggings like that has some really questionable taste in fashion.

Image courtesy of Ugly Design/Instagram

If you’re going for a look that says, “I’m for dinner, freshly thawed,” maybe you could make these pants work. All you need is a good grill, and you’d be smokin’ hot. Grab some BBQ sauce and have yourself a delicious dinner.

Finger Cutlery

If this doesn’t make you laugh out loud, we don’t know what will. It must be a bit of a challenge to get used to using your fingers as cutlery, but once you do, it’s an entertaining way to eat! Besides that, it’s like little armor for your fingers.

Image courtesy of Ugly Design/Instagram

It’s a decent way to make sure you stick to your diet. All that effort to get your food sliced, balanced on a fork, and straight into your mouth might just make you give up on eating altogether, despite your hunger.

Hardcore Couch

If you have a tendency to get lazy and sit in front of a TV all day, lounging on a cushioned couch with snacks and drinks galore, this hardened chair will help you get over the habit. It’s so hard, and we doubt anyone could sit in it for longer than ten minutes without getting aches and pains.

Image courtesy of Ugly Design / Instagram

It would be great to have outdoors, by the fire. You could sit like a king on his throne while you tend to your food on the fire and shout at the kids across the garden. Just be ready to check for bruises when you get up.

How To Get Your Kids To Do Yoga

Have you ever wondered what to do with your old, malfunctioning, and outdated apple computers? They’re too iconic to throw away, but pretty much useless anyway. Well, why not build yourself a funky new coffee table? It’s garish, sentimental, and colorful!

Image courtesy of Ugly Design / Instagram

We don’t think it’s a great idea to put one of these in your own house because it would probably look rather out of place. It would, however, look right at home in an internet Café or gaming center. Nerds and geeks alike would flock to check out the old Apple model and wonder at how far we’ve come.