Get Into Gear: 45 Hidden Car Features That Will Help Everyone Go The Extra Mile

By Arvyn B

Almost all of us own a car or at least have access to one. They are a vital part of our lives and make traveling a lot quicker and efficient. But most of us have very little understanding of the intricacies of these vehicles. Many things are going on under the hood of the car that we have no idea about. Some of these things might be features that can save your life. Others are designed to make your road trips a little simpler. We have to admit, some of these features are mind-boggling! Here is a list of some hidden features in your car that you probably have no idea about. Most of these are related to our four-wheel friends, although there are some exceptions to this rule.

Lane sensor

Anyone who struggles to stay in their lane will love this feature. These sensors will keep you in the center of the lane and warn you if you drift too close on either side. Some drivers might want to disable them, which is an option, too.

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The latest models have an even more remarkable feature. If they sense that you are drifting to the edge of the lane, these sensors will turn on autopilot and move you back into the middle. What a clever and intuitive machine!

Ambient Air

We all like to use some kind of air freshener or device in our car to make it smell like it is always clean. But finding the right scent and changing the packet every few weeks can be a bit of a hassle.

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This is where BMW’s new feature, titled ‘Ambient Air,’ comes in. It is hidden away in the glove box. It is a built-in air freshener with lots of customization features so that you can change the strength and scent to your preference.

Hidden cart

Citroen came up with a bizarre feature for their “Picasso” model. If you take a look in the trunk, you will find a foldable shopping cart. Yes – really! It can be found tucked away to the side of the trunk.

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Unfortunately, this feature was not as successful as was expected, so it was not included in other models. We’re not sure why Citroen thought a shopping cart was necessary, as we’ve never seen a shopping cart shortage in a store before.

Handsfree Trunk

This one is a relatively new invention and is only included in the latest models. Gone are the days where you have to put your grocery shopping down to open the trunk. Now, you just need to wave a foot under it.

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Even if your hands are full, doing this will cause the trunk to magically pop open. This makes journeys to the grocery store much easier, and it is a very welcome feature. Say goodbye to having to use the key fob.

Cool and classy

Anyone with a Rolls-Royce car is already living a luxury lifestyle. But, anyone with their Phantom model can go the extra mile with this built-in champagne cooler! Obviously, it’s in the back of the car for passengers and not drivers.

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Still, it’s a pretty cool feature anyway. It will undoubtedly make any long travel journeys much easier and make any passengers feel highly glamorous. You just need to make sure not to spill any champagne on these premium seats!

Window control

We all know the struggle of parking your car, getting out, and locking it before realizing that your windows are still down. Say goodbye to that nightmare with these key-controlled windows. This feature isn’t new and is already a loved addition to many new cars.

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All you have to do is press down on the “unlock car” button on your fob for about five seconds. If your car has this feature, the windows will roll down. Repeat this step to make them go up. It’s truly that simple!

Easy clean

One of the worst parts of having a car is cleaning it. No vacuum cleaner seems to be long enough to reach inside to small nooks and crannies. This is not the case for the Honda Odyssey, though – this model has a vacuum cleaner installed in the trunk.

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This makes things a whole lot easier when you’re trying to sort out the mess inside of your car. You can also clean your car wherever you are instead of having to return home. There are many benefits to this smart feature!

Undercover Umbrella

Here is another cool feature of the Rolls-Royce Phantom – it has a hidden umbrella in the door. This clever feature will be particularly useful for anyone living in the UK. Say goodbye to those rainy days and soaked clothes!

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As it’s hidden inside of the door, this means that it does not take up any extra space. You are also less likely to forget it when you leave the house. It’s perfect for days when the heavens suddenly open and you need a little extra protection.

Ticket stand

Nobody enjoys paying for parking tickets, but they are an unfortunate part of driving. Luckily, this feature means you will never have to worry about your ticket flying away. This parking ticket holder keeps that slip of paper safe.

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Also, its position on the windshield makes it far more visible for any parking officers and will hopefully help you avoid any accidental charges. It’s an excellent option for anyone who uses parking garages frequently or restricted parking areas.

Safe and sound

A collision is possibly the worst thing to happen in a car. Collisions can cause a lot of health problems, including hearing loss. This feature, which is called Pre-Safe Sound, is the perfect way to tackle that significant issue.


It’s currently only found in Mercedes-Benz cars. It works by playing a special sound through the speakers at 80 decibels. This sound is only played in the event of a collision. It keeps your eardrums safe from the crash’s blast.

Automatic Hazard Lights

Hazard lights are a necessary feature that is installed in every car since they warn people that you’re in a dangerous situation. These go the extra mile. They automatically turn on when your car senses a problem like engine trouble or a flat tire.

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This feature is particularly important in an emergency. The stress of this situation can cause you to forget to turn on your hazard lights. They warn other drivers that you are in trouble and can end up saving your life.

Hold that fuel!

Whenever you go to the gas station, it’s very easy to lose the fuel cap for your car if it’s not attached to something. After all, once you’ve taken it out, where are you supposed to put it? Holding it will get your hands dirty.

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Instead, you should try checking the inside of the gas tank cover. Many cars have a holder installed, which makes this whole process a lot easier. It will ensure that you never lose your fuel cap cover ever again.

Open trunk

For many of us, our worst nightmare is being kidnapped and stuffed in the trunk of someone’s car. Luckily, since 2001, all cars made in America must include this safety feature that could save you in this awful situation.

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This feature allows you to open the trunk from inside simply just by pulling this release handle. In some cars, this handle is glow-in-the-dark. For others, you may have to search for it. However, we hope you’ll never have to use it.

Built-in Ice Removal

If you live in a place with a lot of heavy snow or ice, you will love this special and genius feature. In most new Skoda cars, there is a built-in ice scraper. You can find it inside the fuel door.

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This is perfect for those living in colder conditions where it is always snowy. Skoda cars have many other valuable features for freezing conditions, including heated windshields. Of course, you can also use it to remove anything else off your windscreen – including pesky bird poop!

Sleep Detection

Sleeping at the wheel is just as dangerous as driving under the influence. If you ever feel drowsy and you are driving, you should immediately find a rest stop and take a short nap until you are ready to set off again.

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This drowsiness detection system can massively help with this. This system monitors your facial movements and eyes to check if you are awake. If it senses that you are sleepy, it will immediately direct you to the closest rest stop.

Tire Trouble

If you’re the owner of a newer car, you probably already know that your car has a sensor to tell you if a tire is running low on air. However, if you have a Nissan car, you should count yourself lucky if you have this problem.

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Using a particular sensor, these cars will honk their horn when the tire is at full pressure. No more wondering if you have filled it up enough – the sound is loud enough to let everyone around you know, too!

Icy roads ahead

This feature is in pretty much all cars today. Sometimes, when you start your car, you might notice a snowflake symbol on the dashboard. This symbol is warning you that there is a possibility of ice on the roads.

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Your car has a thermometer on the outside that is linked to this light, which activates when the temperatures drop low enough for ice. You should take extra safety precautions in icy conditions, particularly when you accelerate and brake.

Automatic dry brakes

Driving in wet conditions is always a risk. The roads are slippery, making it difficult for your brakes to get any grip on them. BMW has created an excellent solution to this problem – brakes that automatically know when to dry.

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If your car detects wet weather, it stops moisture from gathering on your brakes by tucking them into the wheel hub. This makes it much easier for you to control your brakes and lowers the risk of a collision.

Keeping it warm

Here is another one for those driving in cold places or anyone with a convertible. Some of the more expensive manufacturers like BMW have started including neck warmers next to the seat of cars. A car’s AC system usually can’t reach your neck.

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This handy tool will make driving your car much more comfortable. You will be able to cope with any cold or windy weather, no matter what. If you are lucky, your car might even have a seat warmer, keeping things extra toasty!

Easy talker

All of us have been in this situation before. You’re driving the car but trying to have a conversation with one of the passengers in the backseat. Obviously, it’s too dangerous to turn your head around to maintain eye contact.

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Introducing the conversation mirror. With the press of a button, this little mirror pops down and gives you a direct view of the backseat. It’s perfect for talking to anyone sitting behind you or for keeping an eye on the kids.

Which side?

Whenever you buy a new car, it’s easy to forget which side of the car your gas tank is on. Sometimes, this can happen even a few years after having the car! Next time you’re unsure, check your dashboard.

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The arrow will show you which side your gas tank is on and will stop you from pulling up on the wrong side of the pump. This feature is in all cars. It can end up saving you a lot of time!

Sound? What sound?

This is a feature that quite a lot of people don’t know about. Almost every car out there has some form of a soundproof feature on the walls and seats. This helps to make the sound of the road a little quieter.

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Naturally, the more expensive the car, the higher the quality this feature will be. But all cars have some form of soundproofing. It can reduce the noise from your engine and helps to make your drive a much smoother one.

Light it up

Have you ever gotten out of your car and immediately stepped straight into a puddle? This can be a disaster and completely wreck your shoes. If this has happened to you, perhaps you should try buying Hyundai’s Genesis model.

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These cars have puddle lights on the sight that will help you to see the ground in front of you before you step out. You’ll know if you need to take a leap! Some other luxury cars have this feature as well.

Strange shapes

This feature is not exactly a useful one, but it is still pretty cool. If you drive the Golf model by Volkswagen, take a look at the gear shift. Do you notice anything odd about the shape of it?

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It’s in the shape of a golf ball! Okay, we know that it’s not extremely impressive, but it is a clever thing to include, given the car’s name. It makes for a fun fact to tell your friends, and it’s probably really comfortable to handle!

Special seats

Sometimes, you just want to switch up the interior of your car and move things around. Well, if you are the owner of certain Honda cars, you can do exactly that! This amazing feature is known as ‘Magic Seats.’

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You can push the seats up to give the trunk more space, or you can fold them down, making them completely flat. You can even push the front seats until they are flat if you fancy taking a nap. These seats are ‘magic!’

Supersized storage

You’ll never feel like you’ve run out of room in your car with this feature. Many cars are bigger than they seem since they have hidden compartments all over the place. Try lifting up the floor of the trunk!

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Some cars have even more storage under the passenger seats or even a special shelf on the dashboard to keep your phone safe. You will be amazed at how much storage space is tucked away. Try exploring your car!

Ambient lighting

We’ve already seen cars with ambient air features, now here’s one with ambient lighting. You can completely customize the brightness and color of the interior lights. The choice is completely yours! Jaguars have started including this in many of their cars.

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Honestly, we hope this feature becomes more popular with other manufactures. Being able to customize your car like this can really help to make your car feel like yours, and it will also make driving a much more exciting experience.

Adjustable Mirrors

You probably already know that you can adjust your side-view mirrors. But did you know that you can do the same for your rear-view mirror, too? Try giving it a go – most cars will allow you to move this mirror slightly.

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This feature is particularly useful if you are getting blinded by the bright headlights of the car behind. Some of the more hi-tech cars automatically do this. Make sure that you check your visibility before and after adjusting to stay safe.

Eye-Sight Driver Assist

Computers are becoming more and more common in our cars, and this cool feature is a great example. The newer Subaru models include EyeSight Driver assistance computer technology, which acts as an extra pair of ‘eyes’ around your car.

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This technology includes many of the other features on this list, including lane centering and cruise control. The system will also check the speed of the car and adjust the wheels accordingly. It has other safety features that make it unique, too.

More eyes

Continuing on with these handy external eyes, Subaru cars also have a special traffic feature sensor included on the outside. This feature lets you know when traffic has started moving so you can avoid any honks from the people riding behind you.

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This is great for any time you’re stuck in a long line of traffic or if the lights take forever to change. This feature is just one of several futuristic features included in Subaru cars that make your journey smoother.

Cruise control

Almost every new car has this feature, but its operation is slightly different with each model. Cruise control handles the safety side of things for most cars and reduces the risk of an accident by warning you in advance.

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These warnings can include collision sensors that tell you when you are too close to another vehicle or rear-view cameras to help you see behind. Each model will do something slightly different, so make sure to check it out.

Better fuel, better car

In the past, most cars used steel for their framework. Today, aluminum is the standard as it’s far lighter and equally durable. Having a sturdy frame can greatly optimize the fuel efficiency of your car, so it lasts longer.

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Manufacturers are still working hard to improve the efficiency of the frame further to make it lighter. These changes can be pretty drastic – frames can weigh 700 pounds less compared to the year before. Light frames for the win!

Hook it up

This one’s particularly great for any soccer moms out there. Almost all cars have hooks on the headrest, and you can use these to hang up anything, from grocery bags to school bags. SUVs have more hooks than standard cars.

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We’re not sure why most of us don’t use them, but we really should utilize them. They’re perfect for carrying anything fragile. You can find these hooks all over the car – in the trunk, above the passenger windows, and behind headrests.

Vintage vase

In the past, Beetle cars had a large, porcelain flower vase built near the dashboard. This was supposed to be an alternative to an air freshener, as you could put a flower inside to keep your car smelling fresh.

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Today, something like this is much more of a safety risk. So, Beetle decided to include a smaller acrylic vase at the front that is much stronger than the porcelain one. Now, you can keep your car smelling flowery fresh!

Super stable systems

Here is another example of how advanced technology is keeping us safe when we drive. Most cars include electronic stability control. Your car will automatically switch on the breaks if it senses that the vehicle’s stability is at risk.

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This is great for times when you’re steering too slowly or quickly or if the road has become slippery. Naturally, you should not rely on this system entirely and make sure that you regularly check your car for stability.


This feature is present in every single modern car and can be a real lifesaver. If your car begins to skid, this is because your brakes have locked, and the wheel can’t turn. This is a very dangerous situation.

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ABS, or Anti-Lock Brake System, can help with this. The system detects this is starting to happen and fixes the issue. It applies and releases the brakes quickly to help them slow your car while keeping you in control.

Convertible checker

This one is for those who travel in a convertible. Sometimes, you might wonder how far you have driven when the top is down. If you’re a Mini Cooper convertible owner, then wonder no more as the Openomoter has the answers!

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As soon as you ride with the top down, the Openometer starts tracking your mileage and stops when you put the top-up. This tool might not be a completely useful feature, but it is a pretty cool one anyway!

Early autopilot

With the rise of technology, self-driving cars are becoming more and more popular. Unfortunately, we’re not at the stage where they’re completely safe for the road. But, the Mercedes’ Drive Pilot feature is the first step of the way there.

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It is a rival to Tesla’s ‘Autopilot’ and helps the car to drive itself, at least some of the way. You won’t be able to give up control completely just yet, but Drive Pilot allows you to relax a little.


When you lift the hood of your car, you might find yourself feeling a little overwhelmed with all of the different parts. How do you know what to keep an eye on and what you should ask your mechanic about?

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Luckily, most cars are color-coded to keep things a little easier. The yellow, red, or blue items are parts that you need to check regularly. Grey or black parts are things for your mechanic. Check your car’s manual for the specifics.

Jeepers Creepers!

Any Jeep owners should check their cars out for these hidden surprises. If you look at the gas cap, you might find a tiny drawing of a spider saying, “Ciao Baby.” Look around the rest of your car for others.


Did you find them? If not, take a look at the body, bumpers, or tires of your car. You might just find a picture of an old Jeep model hidden away. These features are pretty cute and keep you exploring.

Blind-spot, what blind-spot?

Blind spots are a tricky challenge since there’s no easy way to overcome them. Thankfully, many newer cars have a blind-spot monitoring system that makes things a little easier. They use radar sensors to check for any obstacles near your vehicle.

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If these systems find any obstacles, they will use a warning light to tell you that something is there, and you shouldn’t change lanes just yet. Some of these systems also make a sound too, so things are extra clear.

Smart cars

Since cellphones have become such an important part of our lives, it’s important that this continues in the car. Everyone knows the dangers of using a cellphone when you’re driving, so many cars have special features to keep you safe.

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Android Auto and Apple CarPlay let you use the most important features of your car while driving. You can access your music, maps, and some other apps from the comfort of your dashboard. There are restrictions on some visual applications.

Smooth seating

You’ll never need to go to a spa again with this relaxing feature! Cars like the Lincoln have inbuilt massaging chairs that will help you relax while on a long drive. This is a great idea for anxious drivers.

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Studies have also shown that being massaged while you are driving can help to improve your blood circulation. Driving does not need to be stressful anymore – in fact. It can become a pleasant and relaxing experience for everyone involved!

Hidden figures

One notable feature of Rolls Royce cars is the ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ ornament on the hood. However, these can be broken in accidents or even stolen by criminals. To tackle this problem, Rolls-Royce came up with an ingenious solution.


With the touch of a button, you can retract this valuable statue inside the grille of the car to keep it safe. This feature is automatic when you lock the car, and someone tries to pull it off your vehicle.

Holiday highlight

If you have a Tesla, then you should try getting ready for the holidays with this! Hold the Tesla T button for 5 seconds, then enter the special access code. Get out of the car and lock the vehicle.

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This will activate the “Holiday Show” mode. Your car will start flashing lights and automatically open the doors to a holiday tune played by the car’s speakers. It might not be useful, but the show is certainly impressive. Ho-ho-ho!