45 Amusing Comments People Left On Restaurant Receipts

By Doreen R

Dining out has always been a favorite pastime for many. Sure, it happened gradually, but modern technology is now instilled in our dining experience just as much as it is in our daily lives. We don’t even realize how much things have become digitized. Just look at the restaurant bill at the end of the meal. Many establishments have taken to adding tag lines and comments to their receipts, and we like them!  We’re no longer dealing with handwritten checks; we’re now getting printouts with funny little comments or quotes of the day. This also has a downside to it, which will become evident as you scroll through this list. Some comments are obviously intended only for restaurant staff and not for us, the guests. This is exactly why we’re here today. Let’s check out some of the more humorous sides of eating out. We’ll witness first-hand how the lack of attention to the guest causes some waiters to be left empty-handed. Yes, we mean without a tip.  

We Thought This Was a Family Establishment!

Nothing like an innocent typo to give one a reason to giggle out loud. Check out the mistake in this restaurant order. It seems that ‘whole’ tomato juice has been replaced by ‘whore’ tomato juice. We would love to have seen the diner’s face when they caught the mistake.

Image courtesy of trending.com/luckymiam.com

Some question how these typos happen. We sometimes are preoccupied and simply make an innocent mistake. It happens. We’re not delving too deep into what caused it, but we sure appreciated that they didn’t switch it to ‘whope’ because that’s just not funny.

Oops, the Customer Wasn’t Supposed to See That

Whenever we give our names at, say, Starbucks, or any other place that uses one’s name for the order, it’s normal to be tempted to be a bit more creative. We are sure that the employee took a creative license here. We’re also confident that the employee didn’t think the customer would see their name written down.

Image courtesy of digibunch.com/Trip Advisor

We’re wondering what transpired during the ordering process to result in that being the customer’s name. If the employee was correct, we doubt the customer even noticed. Tip to the server: after you’ve had your laugh, use the customer’s real name.

Now That’s a Great Deal

One has to feel a bit strange ordering a cocktail with a weird name like ‘Sex on the Beach’ or ‘Pussy Foot.’ Yet, from that to ordering an ‘Orgasm,’ one might feel a bit self-conscious. We’re just hoping the customer was in the know and didn’t do a double-take.

Image courtesy of huffpost.com/narratingmyworld.wordpress.com

If the customer is married, they may want to either get rid of the receipt or make sure their significant other is aware of their taste in alcohol. Go ahead and Google the cocktail’s ingredients. We’ll leave it to the reader to decide if the name is appropriate.

There Needs to Be Laws Regarding Naming Our Children

So we know that Elon Musk gave his offspring a name that can’t be spelled or pronounced. He’s not the only one. The fact that we’re allowed to name our children anything we can dream up doesn’t mean we should. Just ask Frank Zappa’s son Dweezil if he truly loved his name growing up.

Image courtesy of thechive.com/ny.eater.com

We’re seriously hoping that Mr. Butthole Teeth was laughing while signing his check. We’d hate to think his parents actually named him this intentionally. If they did, here’s hoping they’re filthy rich, which helps soften the blow. Just ask Elon’s son.

So That’s What He’s Been Up To

It’s only human for servers to have a giggle behind the backs of their customers. As long as no one’s insulted or mistreated, there’s really no harm. Let’s hope the server wasn’t dealing with the actual leader of North Korea when he labeled him ‘happy.’

Image courtesy of Reddit/tamerax

We are wondering if Koreans give nicknames to all their diners or only those with famous monikers. We’re just happy that Mr. Jong-un was thought of well in this instance. Wouldn’t want to upset the customer, especially not this one.

Better Than a Penny For Your Thoughts, Not!

Ouch, this tip must have stung. We get that tips are voluntary and are given to signify satisfaction with service. But one can’t help but think that giving nothing might have been preferable. A two-cent tip is not only insulting, but it’s not necessarily justified.

Image courtesy of oddee.com/Reddit/pics

We are a bit divided on this one. We get that the diner wasn’t happy with how slow the service was. His comment clearly blamed the kitchen staff. We don’t 100% agree that the waiter should have been penalized here. Here’s hoping that the comment was taken as constructive criticism and improvements were made.

If You Have Nothing Nice to Say….

Similar to how staff at restaurants make judgments about questionable diners, it’s understandable that it happens in other places of business, like a book store, for instance. While we might think we’re somewhat anonymous during the purchase process, we’re obviously not.

Image courtesy of buzznick.com

It’s a fact that there’s no disputing taste, and this can be said in our choice of reading material. While the book’s title is a bit bizarre and might be for a post-doctorate thesis, the salesperson should have kept his opinion to himself. We can’t be sure if it’s a standard receipt due to a unique book shop, but we did appreciate the humor.

Making a Deal With the Devil

We get a kick out of people trying to be humorous. One needs a healthy sense of humor when receiving a signed receipt from Satan himself. If this is a restaurant check, let’s hope the tip they left was only money and didn’t require any handshake or deal.

Image courtesy of thechive.com/abc.net.au

We are curious to know if the server went ahead and swiped the devil’s card or if he comped the guy altogether. Imagine, though, if you will, that the check came out to $6.66. That would’ve blown our minds. Wish we got to see what the Devil eats when dining out.

Say My Name

Believe it or not, back in the day, the name Richard is often shortened to ‘Dick.’ It was a simpler time when it meant nothing more than a guy’s name. Today, we’re sadly more jaded and giggle like school kids when we hear this name. Sure, it’s childish, but so are jokes about farts.

Image courtesy of funnyordie.com/Trip Advisor

We’re not sure if this customer was less liked and considered a lousy tipper, prompting the pizza delivery guy to take a cheap shot. We’re hoping it’s an elderly gentleman who tips well and sincerely likes being called by his nickname. Yeah, we’re not buying it, but we tried.

Thanks, for Noticing!

Sad as might be, it’s also a fact that most people are attracted to good-looking people. It has also been documented and proven that attractive servers earn significantly more than less attractive ones. This sun-kissed server must’ve had quite the tan to earn this comment.

Image courtesy of mandatory.com

While it’s not hard to have a year-round tan thanks to tanning salons, it is nice to know our efforts are appreciated. We’ll take this diner’s comment to suggest the server looks natural instead of that fake orange hue some of us succumb to. Kudos to the diner for mentioning the server’s healthy glow.

A Work of Art

This artist was in no rush to pay the bill and leave. Check out the talents displayed on this check. We’re sure the waiter was pleased with the diner’s work of art. According to the waiter, it was created in about five minutes, and we’re all impressed.

Image courtesy of acidcow.com/hospitality-school.com

The moon and mountain are done so well. It’s hard not to acknowledge their skills. We also loved the kind words to Chris, the server. Nothing like dealing with pleasant customers who appreciate the wait staff. Glad we got to glimpse this artist’s unique gift.

The Cola Wars

For those who are die-hard Coke fans, you aren’t going to be happy with Pepsi and vice versa. This restaurant obviously didn’t carry the diner’s preferred soft drink. Instead of huffing and making a scene, the artist had a better idea.

Image courtesy of scoopwhoop.com

This talented artist explained in great detail the war between the rival companies. We couldn’t help but admire the lengths this person went to, which shows why the war exists in the first place. Next time, ditch the sugary soft drink and consider water or ice tea. Nah, but then we’d never have seen this diner’s point of view.

Extra Gas Charge

At first glance, it’s hard to determine what’s written on this receipt. When looking closer, as this customer did, he saw a $2.00 surcharge for farting. Yup, that’s right, a charge for farting. We’re still not sure we’re reading it correctly, but that’s what it appears to be.

Image courtesy of Imgur/xxlizzle

We’ve heard of countries worldwide charging for dining in and using table cloths, but flatulence is a first for us. We’re wondering if all customers are charged for this or only those where the offensive odor is proven to be emanating. We are checking the legality of this charge as well. Something seems a bit off with this bill.

James Bond Would Be Rolling His Eyes At This One

Waiters learn the hard way that the customer is always right. If it’s true or not isn’t the point, they do what they can to please the diner and ensure a good tip. When this woman asked for her bacon to be shaken like a martini, images of James Bond flashed through our heads.

Image courtesy of shareably.co/thegaytripper.com

We giggled at the explanation given to the kitchen staff on this order. We’re pretty sure the diner appreciated the attention to detail as well. We’ll have to try that next time to see if it’s worth the hassle or not. Shaken bacon does roll off the tongue well, so maybe it’ll become a thing.

Nothing to Say Other Than What the…?

This Safeway receipt left us as dumbstruck as it must have left the customer who received it. In what realm of any universe is the cashier’s skin color of any relevance? We are truly hoping this receipt went viral, and the supermarket chain was called out for this.

Image courtesy of top5.com/Faith Morsi/Pinterest

The line should include the employee’s full name here instead. While this is all we have to go on, we’re disturbed that they ever printed this receipt. While we’re sure this was more an innocent mistake, we’re bothered it even saw the light of day.

Tip of the Day: Think Before You Speak!

From the comment on this bill, it’s clear why this server most likely didn’t get a tip. Unless you’re 100% sure you’re serving a pregnant lady, leave it alone and just don’t get there! In an era of eating disorders and body shaming, comments about one’s food consumption should never be broached, ever.

Image courtesy of englishtenses.pro/Press of Atlantic City

It’s bad enough women are bombarded with filtered and photoshopped images that are impossible to live up to. To sit down in a restaurant and be accused of eating for two isn’t acceptable in any way, shape, or form. We’re applauding the woman who stood up for herself and shamed the waiter instead. Hopefully, she hit him where it hurts – his pocket!

Mathematicians Tip Too, Just In a Bizarre Way

Oh wow, talk about showing off. Not all of us are math geniuses, but to use the pi symbol as a tip is original. At least his tip was on par with the service. We give him props for being a decent tipper. We appreciated the humor here and hoped the server got that they did it in good fun.

Image courtesy of ebaumsworld.com/Pinterest

Maybe the customer was the waiter’s former math teacher. That might have been the teacher’s way of saying, “had you studied a little harder, you might have ended up somewhere else.” We’re not sure of the reason for the mathematical symbol, but we’re talking about it here, so it worked.

Game Over

We’re guessing this guest’s favorite video game was Pac-Man. That’s the only explanation for how he signed the check. Let’s hope the cash tip was decent and that he didn’t spend all his cash at the video arcade. Pac-Man was huge in the 80s, so we’re assuming this guy wasn’t a teenager.

Image courtesy of flomp.com/restaurantguru.com

We love that the credit card companies don’t make too much trouble over signing purchases with funny names. This list wouldn’t exist if the banks had a no humor policy. This signature strikes a chord with a certain generation, but we’re hoping more youngsters will get on board as well.

Beware of Ninjas

Here’s another example of a quirky footnote on a bill. Sure we giggled at it, but what’s going on with the staff that they find this humorous? We have to try to enjoy these bizarre comments that more and more restaurants are making use of.

Image courtesy of brilio.net

They must have figured out that social media is a serious tool to get one’s name out there. This receipt made the list, so obviously, they know what they’re doing. We’re talking about it, so it worked. Had they mentioned Ninja Turtles, it might have gotten more exposure, just sayin.’

Baby on Board

Once we’ve been informed that our diner is, in fact, pregnant, it’s safe to proceed. Reminder, never ask or assume unless it’s been made clear that the woman in front of you is definitely expecting. Once that’s been established, feel free to spoil the mom-to-be. It’s always a treat for pregnant moms to feel pampered and special.

Image courtesy of damillion.com/Trip Advisor

This branch of Red Robin offers discounts for pregnant gals, and we love it! We love the Mom 2 Bee note on the check, as well as the good wishes. Restaurants know how hard it is to develop regular customers, and this is a great marketing tool. Well done, guys!

Variety is the Spice of Life

People are mostly split into two when it comes to spicy food. For some, the spicier, the better, while others are more cautious and prefer things milder. In general, Indian food is known for its pungent spices and aromas. It’s also an acquired taste and not for everyone. This is why we appreciate it when restaurants take the diner’s preferences to heart.

Image courtesy of somuchviral.com/Trip Advisor

We chuckled when we saw this comment. Some might have taken it as offensive, but we found it somewhat endearing. It’s possible the diners were in a real authentic Indian restaurant, and the waiter made sure his table got what they wanted. Here’s hoping the curry was mild and enjoyed by the whole table. The waiter did his job and was surely tipped appropriately.

Matrix Fans Love This Place

We get it. The staff at this restaurant are major Keanu Reeves fans. While most receipts thank us for our patronage, this place decided to be more original and use quotes from the iconic movie. We are digging these original tag lines but hope that the authors take into consideration their audience.

Image courtesy of somuchviral.com/Emma Bovary/Pinterest

These humorous tags will only work if you get the gist of the joke. It must be frustrating to have to explain who Neo is or what it’s referring to. Let’s hope that these one-liners are met with smiles and plenty of ‘good one’ comments. That’s the whole point of these.

My Name’s Lady Gaga and I’ll Be Your Server Today

We’ve already established that in restaurants or shops, the staff can be somewhat anonymous. They can give fake names, no big deal, unless you use a recognizable name. This is exactly what this clerk did when she chose her favorite singer’s name, Lady Gaga.

Image courtesy of relativelyinteresting.com

Of all the names to come up with, this gal chose one of the more over-the-top entertainers. Here’s hoping she had the singer’s fashion sense to go with the name. If she used it in a clothing store, that’s a name to live up to. We’re sure it was done in good fun, and Lady Gaga herself would have approved.

If You Don’t Get It, You’re Old

The gaming industry is mostly for a certain demographic. This demographic is usually under the age of 35. Unless you’re a gaming developer or in the business or above this age bracket, you won’t understand the tagline printed on this business’s receipt.

Image courtesy of karmadecay.com

The comment suggesting pre-ordering the game, ‘y u noooo,’ is a classic meme dating back to around 2002. The reference first appeared in a Japanese magazine and went viral. While most humans wouldn’t understand the line in the receipt, we need to remember it’s geared to a specific audience. We’re okay with that.

Nothing Scares This Baker

If this baker specializes in wedding cakes, it might explain the tagline in his receipt. We imagine overly sensitive brides with insane demands that would scare most people. But, nope, not this baker. He’s got kids and can handle nearly any situation.

Image courtesy of mandatory.com/Pinterest

Whatever scenario prompted this comment, it must’ve been a doozy. However, it’s fair to say that anyone in the service industry needs a thick skin. It’s not easy to deal with irate or unreasonable customers. This baker seems to have his priorities right. If he can handle a bunch of kids, a testy customer is a piece of cake.

That’s What Smartphones Are For

Let’s face it. We live in a digital era where we don’t even know how to spell anymore. Autocorrect takes care of our spelling. We can shop with our phone, or even do our banking. Let’s remember our smartphone also has a handy calculator to help us when tipping becomes a complicated task.

Image courtesy of kfor.com/kristinesexter.com

Don’t get us wrong. We laughed out loud at this diner’s comment about his lack of math skills. He could’ve saved face had he just done the math on his phone. Although we think if he didn’t figure out this basic math, his phone might have been too tough to deal with. Bottom line, he tipped, so all is forgiven.

Fat Shamers Left Empty Handed

This is a great lesson for the waiter who thinks he’s outsmarted his customers. While we’re sure the customers weren’t meant to see the order and his rude comments, they did. Talk about poetic justice. We’re sure when the gals got wind of his rude comment, he was left high and dry in the tip department.

Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

Let’s hope that the waiter was called out for his less than ideal way of labeling customers. People have enough issues to deal with, and they don’t need strangers calling them out. We wish we caught a glimpse of the waiter to tear their looks apart. However, that would make us guilty as well. Nope, leaving no tip will suffice. Taking the high road is always preferable.

We Should’ve Paid More Attention in School

We love the comments or tags left on receipts. They show humor and originality. It’s important to know your audience when coming up with just the right comment. From the little we see on this receipt, it’s more like an upscale restaurant instead of, say, a pizza joint. It could be this place caters to a more specific clientele that would understand the humor.

Image courtesy of ifyoucantaffordtotip.com/worldgoo.com

Honestly, though, anyone who’s gone through high school poetry remembers learning about Haikus. If we got it or not, that’s not the point. It was most likely hard enough. This tag line shows the humor of sitting through those long lessons. We appreciated it even if we don’t long for those days.

Lucky Number 7

Aw, this story has a happy ending. The diner sat down with his party and became friendly with the server. He told the waiter to pick any number between 1-10. The server didn’t question it too much and stated seven was his lucky number. Next time, he’ll probably choose ten!

Image courtesy of bossip.com/RETAIL Cafe Ideas/Pinterest

We love the generosity and humor noted on the bill. Luckily the waiter didn’t say one or two. It warms our hearts when diners are generous and appreciate the wait staff. These people either did the job once themselves or understand what this job really entails. What a great ‘trick’ this customer played on his waiter!

Keep Your Opinion to Yourself!

Ouch, this comment was way out of line. We have to admit that being a server has got to be one of the tougher jobs on the market. Having to cater to the moods and prejudgments of others can’t be easy. Without knowing the specifics, in this case, the customer’s comments are totally out of line.

Image courtesy of quotesgram.com/Trip Advisor

The diner not only has a sour disposition, but he’s also a major cheapskate. To spend close to $150 on food and leave only a 1% tip shows a major lack of class. Sure, we don’t know what transpired during this diner’s experience, but the comment and tip shows he’s got some major issues to work through. We’re hoping the waiter didn’t take it too badly.

Shame We Missed George’s Birthday

We’re seriously hoping that the comment on this bill was a major mistake. If not, we’re kicking ourselves for not being around when George decided to sport his birthday suit on his special day. Is it possible this restaurant is part of some pro-nudity group or naked as we came organization?

Image courtesy of storiesmaze.com/eatthis.com

It’s more likely they commented in jest, but we’re just not fully getting it. At least George got a free burger on his big day. Is it possible the free birthday burger requires one to be naked? Now we wish we had the restaurant’s name to find out more.

Will Check It Out and Let you Know

We love a business that doesn’t take itself too seriously. This Italian restaurant’s slogan is too cute for words. We’ve all been on first dates and worried about partaking in garlic or onions, but this place feels that we’re worrying for nothing. For many foodies, the more garlic, the better, right?

Image courtesy of ebaumsworld.com

If you’ve chosen this or any other Italian place, make sure to pack your tin box of Altoids mints. To state that garlic breath is sexy is a bit presumptuous. We’ll just leave it with the proven research that garlic is healthy, so go ahead and enjoy your meal!

Alcohol + Math Don’t Mix

We’re going to assume this diner might have had a little too much to drink. Maybe he just sucks at math, but we think booze might be to blame. Credit card companies are sticklers for accuracy, and the customer was asked to initial and correct the error.

Image courtesy of ebaumsworld.com

It appears that the customer had a good sense of humor too. It doesn’t take much to set someone off or for us to get defensive for no good reason. We like that this guy found the humor in his error. He’s also a pretty good tipper, so all is well that ends well.

The Fire Is On The House

This restaurant cooks the food in front of the diners as part of the experience. For those who haven’t been to a place like this, what are you waiting for? It’s a show to see the chef chop and flip the food in front of you with a lot of flair and drama. It really adds to the ambiance.

Image courtesy of buzznick.com/lelongweekend.com

While we’re a bit bewildered at why the bill included a complimentary fire, we’re assuming that the show was on the house. Unless we’re missing something completely and a fire broke out during dinner. Nope, we’re sticking with a ‘Benihana’ type restaurant. That makes much more sense.

When a Mere Thanks Just Won’t Suffice

It’s not a cliche to say a pat on the back is worth more than a monetary gift. We all like to be praised for a job well done. We are confident that this waitress was grinning from ear to ear after reading this note left after the party broke up. We’re also sure a lot of alcohol was served that night as well.

Image courtesy of ronproject.com/Paris and Beyon/Pinterest

Few things are more satisfying than being commended when doing our job well. We’re sure a tip accompanied this note. Otherwise, there would be a nasty caption. Well done to this waitress for making this group’s outing so memorable.

Tip of the Day

We’re giving the nod to this customer’s tip only because a tip was originally entered in the bill. While we’re not sure why the diner deducted 2 cents, we did like his sense of humor. Let’s be honest, to ask for an additional tip after 15% has already been tacked on does sting a bit. Unless service was truly exceptional, an additional tip is not required.

Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk/birdsofparadiseanguilla.com

The customer’s tip of the day, though funny, could also be considered useful. Here’s our tip of the day to this establishment, don’t push for extra tipping if 15% is automatically tacked on the bill. For some, it leaves a bad taste after what might have been a gratifying dining experience.

Always Read the Fine Print

It’s been proven repeatedly that the majority of us don’t read the fine print. While we should care when signing important contracts and documents, everyday papers like restaurant receipts usually aren’t checked too thoroughly. We make sure we weren’t overcharged but not much more than that.

Image courtesy of somuchviral.com

To the witty Chuck Norris fan, your comment was read and even photographed. Mission accomplished. They acknowledged your humor. It was so funny it even made your lineup. Well done! Hard to meet someone who doesn’t enjoy a good Chuck Norris joke.

Not Nice

We’re all aware that waiters choose this career for the tips. We’re also aware that everyone can have an off day where we’re not giving our 100% to the job. We should also be aware that waiters rely on tips to make ends meet. Not going to lie. We’re a bit divided on this one. We get that the service may not have been up to par.

Image courtesy of oddee.com/frenchgirlinseattle.blogspot.com

Some argue that comments about the lack of great service in real-time might have prevented this diner not to leave a tip. While no one knows what happened in this specific case, we are hopeful that a comment or word with the server could’ve turned things around.

Yo Mama Joke of the Day

One has to love a restaurant with a sense of humor. Many of us remember the Yo Mama jokes from our school days. They were tasteless usually, but also funny at the same time. This restaurant seems to thrive on this juvenile humor but may have gone a step too far.

Image courtesy of Reddit/RealJonOC/At The Cafe/Pinterest

In an era where we must consider every word we utter, we can’t help but wonder if this might border on offensive. Yes, Yo Mama jokes are offensive, but we’ll leave it to you to decide on this comment. Here’s hoping the younger generation doesn’t question the joke, requiring a major sit down with junior.

Bonus for Well Behaved Kids

For many of us, dining out in establishments that cater to families and children isn’t always a happy event. We get it. Kids can get cranky and loud, and in a restaurant, this can be a buzzkill. It’s a rare event to come across a family in a restaurant where the kids are all behaving like angels. It’s not impossible, but it is a unique event if you come across it.

Image courtesy of brilio.net/savethepariscafe.com

We couldn’t help but love that this restaurant appreciated this family so much that they gave them a discount. To have it mentioned in the bill is all the more heartwarming. Whether it was a one-time thing for this brood, we’ll never know, but we enjoyed that it was noticed and rewarded.

How Nice, Come Back Again and Again

This youngster learned to spread the joy—what a nice way to celebrate your 22nd birthday. We couldn’t help but think that the server wished the customer was much older. We’re just kidding. For a $40 bill, it was an extremely generous tip.

Image courtesy of club.hlmax.com/lazada.com

Leaving a tip of over 50% was sure to please the waiter, but it’s the time taken to write the comment that warmed our hearts. To the diner, may all your birthdays be as joyous as your 22nd. What a great example of paying it forward. It’s a lesson for us all.

That’s One Way to Go About Getting a Date

We’re living in an era where someone can take even the smallest comment the wrong way. This restaurant customer obviously saw something intriguing in the server and wanted to express the emotion in words. Or, maybe he wanted to see if other tattoos are more hidden than what he originally saw.

Image courtesy of somuchviral.com/The Guardian

It takes guts to try this method in hopes of getting a date. On the other hand, if you don’t try, you’ll never know. We applaud the confidence and would enjoy hearing if anything came of it. Either way, we hope the server found it flattering.

God Would Approve

For servers, tips are where they’re judged. The bigger the tip, the better the service. Sometimes, that means putting a little extra work in. It’s customary for diners to leave between 12%-20% to the waiter. To get 30% means that the service was extra special and appreciated.

Image courtesy of trending.net/Ely/Pinterest

We can’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy from this diner’s comments. A person who is generous and open about their beliefs is usually wrought with complaints and critics. It’s nice to see this diner expressed his faith in a higher power and his gratitude for the gifts bestowed upon them.

You’ll Never Guess Who Came to the Restaurant Today!

This is what happens when ID isn’t required when using a credit card. We love how this diner had fun when signing the bill. It looks like a historian buff was enjoying signing the bill as President Lincoln. Thankfully, it doesn’t void the bill, and we’re sure the staff had a giggle.

Image courtesy of trending.com/Trip Advisor

One does wonder, though, why they chose the 16th President. At least the diner chose a well-liked and less controversial figure. We’re hoping this creative person also uses this name when ordering coffee or pizza. If nothing else, it makes for fun conversation.

This One Refuses to Get Old

For those who think we don’t do our research, pay attention. We’ve all heard the ‘that’s what she said’ jokes, which refuse to go away. We were floored to learn that they date back to 1975 and were first uttered on Saturday Night Live. It can change the meaning of nearly every statement and cause us to giggle immaturely.

Image courtesy of huffpost.com

Take how this fast food order takes on a whole new meaning when the comment is thrown in at just the right spot. Much like fart jokes, these stand the test of time and can usually garner a chuckle or two. Sure, we’ll say it’s childish, but we’ll giggle nonetheless. We all need some humor in this world. We’ll take it wherever we can find it.