40+ People Who Regret Trying To Sound Smart Online

By Rekha R

The Internet is a magical, sometimes scary place where you can find practically anything or anyone you could want to research or learn about. It’s like the largest flea market in the world, full of all types of colorful characters, some of whom are willing to do just about anything for some clout. And one thing that we love about this modern age we live in almost more than cat videos – almost – is when these people try to act smart but fail hilariously, all we need to do is take out our phones and capture them on camera. Have you ever had an experience like the following situations in the article? Share this post with your coworkers at lunchtime, or with your besties at Sunday brunch and let the laughter ensue.

1. You’re captured

We can’t even imagine this man’s expression when he realized that the government already had his face. Well, they’ve had each of our pictures since we were about 16 years old. Not to mention we had school IDs created when we were in school.

u/MavDrake / Reddit

Going above and beyond the limits, and trying hard to protect your privacy from the government is all vain when you have a social media account or like to be able to drive a car. So, sorry to say, buddy, but your face is out there.

2. That’s Awkward

It’s funny to see people make grammatical mistakes and criticize others for their mistakes. If you try to act as “grammar police,” then you must be conmfident you’re really good at it. And if you are, show itoff in your writing, not by picking on others.


Many people get it the wrong way. This one is really awkward to read, but really made us smile. Everyone has their pet peeve, and the first poster was very clear about his. But calling people names is bad karma, as we can see.

3. Oh no

Nice to see that people want to inspire others and make them aware of important things. But don’t lie and get caught like the man in this scenario. Also, next time you claim you’re doing a good deed, make sure you don’t share it on a platform where people you know follow you.

@AlexT / Twitter

This guy probably thought about getting some traction on his Twitter during his catch-up with his grandmother, realizing that he could take some photos of her sitting alone and ask the server to take a few according to his plan. But that plan backfired when people exposed him online.

4. Isn’t he smart?

Do you find the psychology behind some movies and storeis intriguing? Not everyone is a metaphor person but we think most people understood this one, especially when we were kids with amazing imaginations. One thing in the original poster’s favor is you can still enjoy Jumanji without getting this tidbit.


It’s just like Peter Pan. Captain Hook is played by the same actor as Wendy’s father, because he is the villain in her life, and so he is the villain in her games too. We get how it can pass someone by, and it must have been a mind blowing moment.

5. Oh, Snap! Hope those worked!

We hope that God blesses this innocent mom. probably a result of the stress and congfuauon folowing the accident, thought the car insurance company asked for the front, rear, and side views of her face, not her car. Even though she felt awkward doing that but still clicked and sent them.


No doubt she is a good sport! The act was weird and hilarious because that’s not what they expected at all. It’s sweet that the agent Susan had the tact to reveal the truth without using harsh words and even complimented her.

6. You need a Dictionary

Isn’t it amazing seeing people posting hilarious things that pop in their minds without doing proper research? This depicts how people are their using social media accounts. A number of people across the world state their opinions just like we do in conversations.


Just a simple comment was enough to answer the challenge in this post and also make a wicked pun that doubled as a burn. Seeing how many comments there were, we wonder if any one humored him, and what other hilarity ensued.

7. Geography class!

Alright, here we go again. People just have to bless others with their knowledge. Even if you are an expert in a particular topic, you probably shouldn’t be calling anyone out. This person did not get that memo and really put herself out in the line of fire.

officialunitedstates / Imgur

But in reality, a little research may have saved her some public embarrassment. On the other hand, how well did we pay attention in geography? We consider ourselves lucky we knew with relative confidence that Rio de Janiero was in Brazil.

8. Poor thief

Rule number 1 of being a good thief that gets the goods is to be silent. And this story is a perfect example of what happens when you breal this rule. You never know when someone cracks a good joke and you can’t control your laughter.

u/vollan13 / Reddit

This failed robber was put in the same position and could not control himself. This got him busted. The moral of the story here – try not to laugh at strangers, it’s weird. Just kidding! The actual one is don’t just rob people.

9. Check your dates, dude

Now you got why it’s important to remember dates. The stress of a final exam is enough to cloud one’s mind a bit, but that being said, mixing up test dates is a nightmare we’ve all had. Diego had all the confidence in his memory.


May God give him the strength to face his parents. His silence tells us what reaction he’d had to realizing the truth. We hope he turns his bad day around and finds out there is a makeup exam. Dear Diego, our hearts are with you!

10. Never try this

We wonder if she got the memo that tires have plenty of treads for a specific reason. She doesn’t even know that this is very important for her safety. Why did she think sanding tires was a good idea? This is an argument for making a basic car mintenance course a requirement.

@Y2SHAF / Twitter

We hope this didn’t last long and she read the comments on her post before driving. Thankfully someone warned her and stated the dangers of remodeling tires in a sarcastic way. We hope she understood the real meaning of the joke and took it seriously.

11. Poor Christina!

We understand how Christina must be feeling after reading this. But it’s not her fault she is glam and fierceness personified! No doubt it is a big moment if Netflix replies to your comment when you’ve written something witty. This fellow must be feeling less than proud of this, though.


This time Netflix has to chime in and correct the guy who thought it was a man wearing that dress. It must be fun to see how he’d reacted after knowing that the person was, in fact, beloved singer Christina Aguilera.

12. What’s For Dinner?

Heaven help us if our mothers stepped in the kitchen after we cooked and it looked like this. It would undoubtedly be the end of our carefree evening. What was in the pot, rocks and monster’s meat? Whatever it was, it did not go as planned!


This person seems to be in trouble. It’s not really their fault the stove listerally broke, but either they went through something really unfortunate while cooking some curry. We hope they’re alright, at least physcially. Emotionally, we’re sure they needed some wine and take-out after this.

13. Counterattack

Parenting is a challenge, and everyone has different ways of dealing with it and those choices are very personal. But when you have controversial ideas and you are willing to put the ideas in front of the people, you are sure to receive some pushback.

Looking at this, it’s notable that when a mother announced her efforts to the people she was met with a metaphor that we couldn’t help but laugh at. Though the analogy was pretty cold, it got the point across very clearly.

14. Think before you post

Young millionaire Kylie Jenner might grab attention due to her beauty and fame. But none of this will spare her from the internet. The duality in her social media posts says a lot: showing sympathy towards animals, and then seen flexing in her fur slides made from mink fur.


Poor Kylie posted both without giving it a thought and how contraditctory it came across. People had some serious comebacks, like this one, and maybe she realized the mistake she was committing on her end. We hope so, at least.

15. The poor lady thought she was helping her kid

Parenting is for real a challenging task. There are times when parents make the best decisions for their kids from their end but alas, they don’t really turn out well. So is the case of this poor lady Ema. Ema caught her son dabbling in illegal activities and she was devastated.


The only way out of it, she thought, was changing his school and the solution backfired, and irony of all ironies, the boy just took his business to high-class customers. Though, he might have gotten a better education, he was able to build an empire out of his business.

16. It’s All About Engagements

What we see in this picture is plain hilarious. It’s amazing to see what people do to get engagements on their posts online, well, cheer for themselves, if put simply. The best part is, people noticed what Madi was trying to do and made their comments quite clear about it.


We’ve all had those crigny moments where we texted the wrong person or posted something publicly on accident. We would all love to believe that everyone is genuine and real but let’s just say, morepeople than we think use this approach to get clout.

17. Untrue advertisements

You must have come across advertisements where they assured you that the material or the thing that you are buying was indestructible, and if they advertise it well, you assume it is just that. The thing with social media nowadays is these companies get called out fast.


Even if the guy would have been experienced at breaking locks, the designer was charged with creating a product that no one would be able to get into this easy and fast. This is a sheer example of an erroneous advertisement.

19. Bedbug Trouble

Putting the message in all caps doesn’t mean you can wash your hands of your responsibility and this tenant was quick to give a reality check. Guess the landlord should’ve studied the facts of the law they were bound by all this while.


This is a classic example of how people try to evade their responsibilities, even if it is as small as getting a pest control service to get rid of bedbugs. The best part is, the tenant must have been studying law, or made themselves familiar with the relevant codes after being burned one too many times.

20. The irony of the application

Uber is considered one of the best applications out there. The app is used for several reasons which include decreasing the figures of drunk driving. This was one of the paramount reasons why this application was introduced in the first place.


The tweet was shared on social media where it claimed, the drivers will refuse to pick you up if you will be drunk and thus this defeated the whole concept and ideology behind the invention of the application. If this happened then the profits would seriously decrease.

21. Hard-Boiled Eggs

Boiled eggs are the most perfect, nutritious, and yummiest breakfast one can think of. In a hurry? Toss some eggs in the pan and boil them while you get ready. Children throwing tantrums for food? Garnish with some seasoning and tada! Boiled eggs have saved you. But it may not be as easy to make for a first-time cook.


This person sounds like nobody introduced them to the amazing food that hard-boiled eggs can really be, and the place they can have in their life. With a confused mind and sour tongue, they took to the internet, where someone was generous enough to correct them.

22. Hard Luck!

We understand that some parcels are not handed over to the designated person and so delays happen. All the guy wanted when he said for the parcel to be “put through the window” was to get the package at the end of the day. But he didn’t specify which window.


The delivery man’s intentions were in the right place, he just wanted to deliver as he was asked to. Little did he know which room the window belonged to! This is a clear example of why everyone should be very clear when writing delivery instructions.

23. Weak Of Science (And Sight)

We were all forced to study science in high school and eventually learned a thing or two we needed to know. With the sun being the biggest star and Earth being the only planet with life, guess someone didn’t pay as much attention to the Moon.


On the way to becoming uber cool on social media, the guy’s meme backfired pretty hard. First, lacking basic information about the moon, he went ahead and remarked about the ability of a rock to reflect light. Too much irony in one post!

24. Take A Walk In The Park

We are guessing the user has not really been visiting the park often. The fact that these slides have never lost their place in children’s parks, and on top of it, have even booked a spot in play areas at malls is enough evidence that these bad boys are not forgotten at all.


Whatshe probably meant was to remind us of childhood days spent in the park, and she doesn’t go to parks anymore. But people with kids, or those who, you know, walk around and pay attention to their surroundings, have never missed them.

25. If Only They Knew

There is no doubt about the wits of the person who executed this joke about sodium. The slip here might be where the poster suspected the viewers’ ability to understand the joke and the viewer actually proved them to be quite wrong.


Not only is it proved that the commenter is a real homie that wants everyone to be given the chance to succeed, but they also don’t remember chemistry class very well. We only got it because the original poster put the capital N in Na.

26. Opinion Nobody Asked For

It is okay to state your opinions on social media, but the facts you present should at least be correct. But this man broke that rule of social media, but we do get this gem of a burn because of it.


Only using fancy words doesn’t make you an expert, dude. So, if you want every single strand of your hair colored a different shade, you can go ahead and live your best life and not anyone listen to else’s opinion of you.

27. That Didn’t Go Very Well

We understand that the news channel wanted to give us all the details about the case, but we laughed at this and then felt immediately guilty. This is something that would happen in an episode of The Office or something.


Poor guy! Although no further information was given regarding the health of the attacked, we hope they – and their sense of humor – are doing alright. Even the toughest of us can’t imagine how we would react when faced with dangers of this sort.

28. Only If

When someone says it’s all about luck, the best example would be this. Every number on the lottery ticket they’re holding is just one short of the winning lottery number. It hurts to even look at the picture. How did the ticket holder feel?


Lotteries feel like a scam to us, and if we got this ticket, we’d take it as a sign to never play again. Our luck would just seem perfectly aligned in the wrong way. We wonder if this participant felt the same or saw it as a more optimistic sign.

29. Check Your Facts!

How easy would it have been to confirm the association of Kobe Bryant with this group of girls before the poster took to the Internet to question Kobe’s character? This is what shows that no matter how well you do, some trolls on the internet will keep watching your every step.


This isn’t much of a surprise because time and again, celebrities have been the subject of brutal remarks online. As much as it is satisfying to see that the user got told, the reality is that nothing keeps the trolls at bay.

29. Whopping Mistake (Or Not?)

This is not so much a burn as a solid joke. Sure, it is hard to understand why something harmless that grows in the ground naturally would be made illegal by the human-designed justice system. We can give the poster that.


If it were so harmful, why was it made in the first place? (We’re not going to comment on pioisonous berries and all that – it’s not the point!) The commentor channeled the energies of Adam and Eve in his response.

30. That Was Unexpected!

The best a designer could do was decide the right font and place for a simple but impactful slogan on a plain black hoodie. But it is hilarious how they altogether forgot how a simple hood could change the meaning of the design in an instant.


If nothing else, the prospect of keeping the hood down is off the table for anyone wearing the hoodie. But we guess, even they didn’t see it coming, all the buyers wanted to do was to show their support for animal welfare.

31. Oh, dear, Robert

Remember that comedy film Accepted? Here’s a quick recap for the ones who haven’t watched it. Justin Long’s character Bartleby gets rejected by all the colleges he applied to, and then he just made his own fake acceptance letter.

@USC GouldLaw/Twitter

This post from popular reality star Robert Kardashian reminds us of the movie, except that his attempt was even worse. Lying about getting into a college nowadays is much harder than it used to be. The school exposed the truth, and as true savages, tagged some major news outlets to further expose him.

32. Keep It Light

The excitement would have been explosive, if only the little girl could have figured it out on the first go. But the humor turned dark in no time. We guess the girl has watched one two many true crime documentaries.


We would love to believe the dad didn’t quite see it coming. We hope he decided to lend the little girl a hand by replacing the E with an S. It would do so much toward delivering the happiest message on earth.

33. Where Does The Queen Live?

If you don’t live in London, it is not weird that you’d be oblivious to the relevance of Buckingham Palace. It is where the queen of England and the royal family reside. Apparently, her royal chariot’s license plates are blurred in pictures and videos. This poster had some questions.


Let’s give them the credit for paying thorough attention to the clip. The burred plates are undoubtedly to protect the queen. But then again, what purpose does it serve if almost everyone already knows where she lives? There are so many laughable angles to this one post.

34. Oops! What Did She Just Say?

It is quite relevant if we start to weigh the gender divide in the film industry, but we have to use the right word to start with. We wholeheartedly believe that her intent was pure when she decided to post this but she was soon hilariously corrected by another user.


While it is rather funny how a simple grammatical mistake can make so much of a difference, even to the know-it-all Google itself. But to make fun of the thought and try to ignore the true meaning of the message is not so funny in itself.

35. Touche!

The mistake people make in calling the monster from Frankenstein by Mary Shelley by the name Frakenstein is one of the topics that literature lovers have always loved to lament. So when this person saw the post, they were definitely a little annoyed.


If you’re in such a hurry to fix people, maybe don’t assume everyone has the same misconception. If they’d considered the post before commenting their regular comment, tehy would have realized original poster understands Frankenstien is the doctor, not he monster.

36. Marketing Went Wrong

We can almost feel the high spirits behind this promotion strategy Pandora took to market their products for the holiday season. Following social media trends to promote your products is a great approach, considering you do it right! This time, though, Pandora missed the mark somehow.


The poll definitely stirred the festive mood in the respondents but not in the direction Pandora expected. The consensus was clearly weighted towards some warm holiday socks, and for good reason. Who even cares for another pair of earrings over a pair of soft socks if you have snow falling on your doorstep?

37. Brag It Because They Can

Companies must be thinking, what could make those CSR reports look pretty and increase their sales instantly? Giving thousands of dollars to society by spending millions of dollars to broadcast it! Why? Because they can! It is rather hysterical how these mega-companies deceive themselves this way.


Why not pay your respects in silence and let the impact make the sound? This poster seems think the company would be raised in the public’s esteem if they went in the direct of humility. Instead, they walked an extra mile to let eveyone know their good deeds.

38. Think It Through, Gary

When Gary took matters into his own hands to label global warming a scam and attacked a random person on the internet, maybe he did not think it through. That rado turned out ot be a well-educated scientist. Mother of ironies, isn’t it?


We are glad Katie didn’t hold back and supported her facts with a valid degree specification that quite appropriately roasted Gary. We think it teaches a lot of people about how they should behave in their first interaction with someone online. Her sarcasm gets 10/10.

39. If Only Life Was This Easy

We are in a dilemma whether to count this user as innocent or sarcastic. We assume the former. The hope does seem quite clear in the comment they left, that their phone would immediately respond to the phenomenon and start charging by itself. But alas! If only life was this easy.


The image was actually indicating a new technology charging cord with a type-C head which is proven to fasten the process of gadget charging. The commenter paid little attention to the content on the image but they sure made the most out of the post. We seriously doubt she was the only one.

40. Wrong Time Wrong Place

We’re not getting what this man was thinking when using this image on his dating profile. We assume practically everyone knows that the New York skyline is completely different these days since it’s been 20 years since the towers fell.


In the pursuit of using a good photo, it is revealed that he is not 23 but almost double that age. You surely need a helping hand when it comes to online dating. Hopefully he can find someone more in the know who can help him out.