How To Make A Home Theater For Under $1,000

By Shivam B

If you have a room with a blank wall, you can do it! A home theater is an easy and affordable way not only to get the most out of your living space but also to enjoy movies in the comfort of your own home. There are many ways to put together a functional home theater system for $1,000 or less. Follow these instructions and start enjoying life in full color!

Unsplash / Alexander Lemann

Step One: Determine the Layout of Your Room and Purchase

Take a tour of your room with a projector in hand to figure out what space will work best. The wall you choose should be flush with a window so that natural light can shine through onto the screen. If possible, avoid doorways or hallways because they tend to interfere with the sound.

Step Two: Purchase a Projector with an LCD Screen 

Once you’ve figured out where your wall will be, find a projector that fits into this space well to not be in the way. LCD screens are more expensive but can produce a better picture for your home theater experience, so this may be worth considering if you’re going to splurge on any part of the setup.

Step Three: Choose Your Screen and Sound System

Once you’ve found a projector that fits your space needs, choose the screen size you want to get. If it doesn’t fit in your budget, consider smaller screens or adding on later if you can afford the extra expense of a huge one right now.

Step Four: Choose Which Piece You Want First

Once you’ve purchased all the other materials and are ready to start building your home theater system with what’s left in the budget, start with which piece you want first. Consider your sound system and what kind of space it will take up before choosing a projector or screen to not waste any money on something that won’t work for your room.

Step Five: Connect All Your Devices Together

Once everything is set up, connect all devices according to the instructions to have a functional home theater system.

Step Six: Enjoy Your Home Theater!

Lastly, enjoy your new space by watching movies and TV shows in full HD color with surround sound to complete the experience!