How AI And Machine Learning Will Change Our Lives

By Stephen M August 23, 2021

Artificial intelligence is currently making what was deemed impossible some decades ago now possible. The phenomenon has heightened the fear of machines taking over human jobs in the nearest future. With the help of AI and dedicated sensors, the next-generation machines can perform almost every task, including picking speech in noisy areas. Wasn’t this hard to achieve some time ago?

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Technological transformation is changing how we live, work, communicate, play, and even our choices. The previous generation of machines relied heavily on humans to perform their tasks. The smallest computer at that time even needed some help. However, this is changing with the speed of light. Currently, several machines with built-in software make it think like humans and predict human activities. This achievement seemed far-fetch some decades ago.

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Artificial intelligence is making machines more capable than before. It is now common to get voice and image recognition devices in the market. In fact, most high-end smartphones have these features. Phone users can now use their voice or facial recognition to lock or unlock their devices. Also, some smart speakers on the market can study people’s speech patterns with speech impairment and mimic them.

Engineers are currently relying on machine learning, customized sensors, and neural networks to transform digital sensing. The neural network is a branch of AI that study and imitate how the brain works. With this, engineers are building robots capable of detecting overheated radiators and do other jobs deemed dangerous for humans. AI is living to its hype though there is more to learn in this field.