Here Are Some Privacy Settings You Should Consider Changing On The iOS 15

By Anthony K

With each new operating system update, phones are supposed to be easier and safer to use. However, there might be a few hidden settings that still need tweaking to keep you safe online.

Block Email Trackers

Apple improved app tracking in iOS 14. This round, the secret trackers stashed away in the emails you receive are being hit. These monitors are most commonly in the form of pixels added into the bodies, header, or footer of emails that transmit messages about you back to the email source.

Image courtesy of ImYanis/Shutterstock

When you open marketing emails and newsletters, the companies can potentially see your IP address. With Apple’s latest Mail Privacy Protection, you can protect yourself. Now, you can hide your IP through proxy servers, concealing your identity from potential scammers.

Secure your IP Address

Some time back, Apple unveiled Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP). This feature allows you to block the online tracking that keeps tabs on your whereabouts as you browse the web. Apple can locate the domains tracking your browsing and then erase the data on other people’s devices.

Of late, the technology has advanced, and iOS 15 allows you the alternative to conceal your IP address from trackers. Moreover, this implies that websites cannot translate your IP address into an identifier. As a result, you can ensure your phone is safe from unnecessary tracking and hacks while keeping your business private.

Image courtesy of Kicking Studio/Shutterstock

While considering your device’s privacy settings, you must quickly review the available pre-iOS 15 features. You might discover evidence of sharing information with multiple companies and applications without your knowledge. There are quick steps you can attempt to bolster your on-device privacy.