Games That Might Need Modern Remakes

By Shivam B March 14, 2022

Right now, it is super popular to release remakes, and retreads. They are all the rage these days. But you have to ensure that publishers do not fool you. From Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1 & 2 remakes to Mass Effect franchise remasters, the masses love most games, and get a real thrill when they see one of their favorites get a facelift. How about exploring the greatest misses by turning them into the biggest hits in today’s time? Some games that deserve another chance are:

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Black & White (2001)

Black & White is an original god game launched during the game world’s entire planet’s influence on growth and civilization. It’s hopeful and very epic tagline was, “The world is what you make it.” After its launch, some players loved the game so much that they burst into rainbow clouds of happiness. And then after some time, it received some critical acclaim. That’s why people are expecting that a remake would be even better.

Tom Clancy’s EndWar (2008)

EndWar was created and fed on our love of horror and the dystopian feeling of hopelessness. It lingered around the stock market of 2008 and the rise of voice controls for software. It featured a future nuclear apocalypse in 2020. Even though the game received some good reviews, it was not up to the mark. A remake of the game means it will have modern natural language processing. In that way, the game will not be super boring and frustrating when you try it out. 

Final Thoughts

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Similarly, several other games are there which can change after renovation. They are Alpha Protocol (2010), Spore (2008), Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (2012), etc.