Futuristic High-Speed Pods Might Be The Solution To Traffic Jams

By Anthony K April 5, 2021

Cities throughout the world have to cope with the traffic jam problem. The pandemic may have eased the problem, but only momentarily. And with the hope of having life resume to normalcy, being stuck on the road is, while still an existential problem, one that will need to be solved.

uSky, a company based in Belarus, has sought to solve this problem. The company believes that the traffic problem will be solved by a system of driverless high-speed pods suspended from steel on which they ride around cities. uSky has already made a 400-meter test line in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

Image courtesy of Indiatimes.com

The pods are electrically powered and have flashy interiors, a first-class airlines suite look, and glossy exteriors. The interiors feature floor-to-ceiling windows, lounge music, and mood lighting.  With two foldable seats and two padded armchairs, a pod can accommodate up to four passengers. According to a report by CNN, a city-wide full functional network is capable of transporting 10,000 passengers hourly. Presently vehicles can travel on average at a speed of up to 150 Kilometers per hour. Nevertheless, they don’t always travel at their top speed for safety concerns, but it will still relieve traffic problems. The ground level used by vehicles is over-saturated, so this innovation is much-needed.

Image courtesy of Indiatimes.com

uSky’s CEO, Oleg Zaretskiy, explains the advantages of pods in addition to solving the traffic jam problem. The pods will help reduce emissions, as they are electrically powered, and their systems also use fewer structural materials. According to the CEO, it can cost up to $150 million to build a kilometer of road; however, USky’s system will only be $10 million. The company’s ultimate objective is to ensure free space for walkways, public leisure space, and greenery.