Everything About The Innumerable Planets Outside The Solar System

By Shivam B

Are there any more planets besides the ones that orbit within our solar system? It is one of those common questions that many people have and love to contemplate. We are certainly among this curious crew of astronomy enthusiasts. Here is the answer by mathematician Metrodorus (400 to 350 B.C.), who lived in ancient Greece. He said a universe where only our planet Earth thrives and produces life is as unlikely and silly to believe as a large field comprising a single stalk. In the 16th century, after 2,000 years, Giordano Bruno, the Italian Philosopher, suggested something related to this. He revealed that countless Earth and suns existed elsewhere. He also revealed that all are rotating the same way.

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The exoplanets

No other way is there which demonstrates the existence of exoplanets. It means planets are orbiting stars besides the sun. For over four years, the telescope stared at a single space in the constellation Cygnus. It is an area consuming less than 1% of your sky view.

The Working Of The Telescope

Forty-two cameras were there onboard, similar to the one using which you click pictures. In a single region, the telescope detected over 150,000 stars. Over a half-hour, it has been found that the light is radiating from every star. A team of Kepler scientists has revealed it.

It’s Just The Beginning!

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Even though 3000 planets seem like a lot, this only leads to the conclusion that there are more yet to be discovered. It’s because of orbits that blocked the light detected by Kepler. Because of several transits observed by astronomers and Kepler’s knowledge of geometry, you can find the total number of exoplanets.