Electric Mopeds Worth Your Buck

By Anthony K

Mopeds are a cost-effective, comfortable, and easy-to-use alternative to a motorcycle. The seat, handlebar, and footrest are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. Mopeds are fun, money-saving modes of transport to use. When you switch to an electric alternative, you will quadruple your efficiency and save time in long traffic lines. You’ll find riding a moped easy, even if you’ve never done it before.

Although most of the mopeds run on gasoline, like many other vehicles, they’re getting an electric upgrade. The following electric alternatives are getting more popular as they save money and have a smaller carbon footprint.

Peugeot E-Ludix

Photo Credit: peugeot-motocycle.com

Peugeot has been a significant player in the moped business. The moped has a decent mid-range option (26 miles) that puts it ahead of its competitors. Like most electric mopeds, the battery is also detachable and takes approximately 3 to 4 hours to recharge.

Super Soco CUx

Image courtesy of vmotosoco.do

With a range of 40 miles per battery charge, this moped could be your standard mode of transport. The unique feature that makes it stand out is the use of technology. It boasts a front-facing camera and an app that pairs with your scooter and lets you track and review your journeys.

2022 Piaggio 1 Electric

Image courtesy of piaggio.com

Riding a Piaggio 1 is straightforward, with the precise handling and safety you’d expect from an everyday Piaggio product. The Piaggio features a removable battery with a built-in charger and cord. To charge it, plug it into any 120V outlet and leave it overnight as you would any appliance, and you’re good to go.