Discover More About Scotland’s Four-Day Week

By Anthony K

Have you ever dreamed of going to work for fewer days than usual? If so, Scotland could be your next destination as the Scottish government seeks to reduce the work days from five to four. Reducing the working days has several benefits and possible demerits that could hinder its implementation.

Benefits of a Four-Day Week

The benefits of a four-day week may include…

Increased productivity

Orocco reported increased productivity after adopting the four-day week, while UPAC’s reports showed that they maintained productivity after a two-month trial.

Image courtesy of FrankHH/Shutterstock

Reykjavik City Council’s move to let shift and office workers reduce working hours without reducing pay also improved productivity.

Better mental health of workers

Orocco reported that its employees were more fit mentally after making Friday a free day for their employees. UPAC, on the other hand, reported that employees were less vulnerable to stress as they had more time to relax and unwind.

Increased motivation levels

Staff members feel that the employer is more passionate about the individual plight of each employee putting in the work.

An employer allowing an extra day to relax sends an impression that they are passionate about helping an employer live a better life in and out of work.

Disadvantages of Scotland’s Four-Day Week

The demerits of a four-day week may include…

Revisiting work contracts

The government must reexamine work contracts to ensure that the four-day week is relevant to individuals in all employment sectors. Individuals working gigs or part-time jobs may not enjoy the benefits of the legislation if the government doesn’t reconsider the contracts.

The politicization of the issue

Members of the ruling party and opposition may take up the issue in favor of their political ideologies instead of the electorate.

Image courtesy of scottishgovernment/flickr

The Scottish National Party (SNP) has been widely associated with the move to break the tradition of a five-day working week.

Maintaining employees’ mental health and holistic well-being may translate into more creativity and productivity that would benefit the nation.