Best Video Recording Devices For Youtube

By Shivam B

We all know that video is a huge part of the online world. According to Social Blade, 40% of YouTube’s top channels are dedicated to video games and gaming topics. With so many people producing content for this particular niche, it can be hard to stand out in the crowd. What if you want to cover a different topic? 

Unsplash / Szabo Viktor

Which device should you use? We will take an in-depth look at different devices that can help make your videos better than ever!

DSLR Camera: DSLR Cameras offer professional video quality that is on par with any other high production camera out there and at a much cheaper price tag than you might think! The downside to using one? You have to deal with the bulk of it.

Samsung Galaxy S Series: the newest Samsung phones have a series of perfect cameras for all your video recording needs! They come with loads of features, like optical zoom and wide-angle shots to capture everything you want in one shot. The downside? You’ll need to get used to carrying around another device if this is what you decide to use.

GoPro: The GoPro is one of the most popular and often used video recording devices out there, especially among those who are into extreme sports. It offers a great variety of resolutions for videos and an excellent picture quality that will make your footage look like it came straight from Hollywood! There’s no doubt about it: the GoPro is an excellent choice for anyone looking to record high-quality videos.

Unsplash / Jesus Loves Austin

So, what’s your pick?