Been To A Hotel With Great Wi-Fi? We Haven’t

By Kanyi M

Image: Shutterstock

When it comes to staying at a hotel, people usually want the best. They want a clean room with breathtaking views and the hottest Wi-Fi they can get their hands on — and they’re willing to pay for that luxury. With most hotels these days offering free Wi-Fi (or at least in-house Wi-Fi), there’s no excuse not to stay connected when you’re away from home, especially with how many memes and gifs we send to our loved ones every day. But when everyone else at the hotel is trying to type 60 words per minute while watching Netflix, you might see your connection slowing down.

When we’re at a hotel, we want to be able to forget that we’re staying in a hotel, unless we’re on vacay. The last thing any of us want to do is sit in an uncomfortable chair with a small desk and connect to the internet so slowly that it takes you 15 minutes to load Facebook. In the case of some hotels, it takes hours.

We’re surely not alone in our frustration about this issue. Many of us have been to a hotel only to find out that the Wi-Fi is absolutely unacceptable, and the first thing we do is complain to a manager on staff. So, why can’t hotels get their Wi-Fi on point?

Image: Shutterstock

Our theory is that it all goes back to two things: An old router. All the hotel wants is for you to have a great time, away from the screen, if you’re not on a business trip (even though probably half of the travelers are doing so for business). They want you to enjoy the wine and cheese by candlelight. They want you to take a walk on the beach and enjoy the fresh air. They want you to do whatever you would be doing if you weren’t on Wi-Fi at all. They know that a poor connection will get you away from Twitter.