Baylor’s Lab To Market Collaborative Helps Bring Baylor Innovations To Market

By Anthony K

Lab to Market (L2M) is a cooperation between Baylor’s Technology Commercialization and Industry Engagement Team, Waco Ventures, and Blueprints Lab. The L2M cooperation establishes a systematic and tested method for transferring technology from the university to the marketplace.

Photo Credits: The Baylor Lariat

L2M fills in the gap between industry, universities, and marketing. It takes into consideration feedback from university researchers and industry partners, and looks at possible roadblocks that affect how these technologies reach the market. In addition, the L2M team serves as a conduit for industry to obtain access to Baylor Research Facilities both for services and research and development.

Photo Credits: Baylor University

“Universities excel at developing and creating technology,” said Todd Buchs, co-founder of L2M and assistant vice provost for Research. “Universities are supposed to accomplish that. They’re inventors, and they have a lot of academic researchers, but getting [the technology] out of the institution and into the business doesn’t go well in most colleges.”

Photo Credits: Baylor University

“We are looking for partners who want to have long-term relationships with Baylor on Research and development where they win by getting what they need, access to faculty, and students and solutions to the problems they face,” says Todd Buchs, the Assistant Vice Provost for Research, Technology Commercialization, and Industry Engagement.

The collaborative’s revolutionary lab to market process brings together independent firms with unique expertise to advance the discovery, development, and sale of high-quality, low-risk innovations with real-world applications. Who would have thought that Universities are the best place to start innovation? Well, Baylor’s Technologies did!