4Subsea Provides Digital Twin Technology Of The Decade

By Anthony K

4Subsea is a leader in the field of delivering technologies and services that help operators in optimizing energy production from offshore wind farms and subsea oil and gas fields. Through data-driven design, they incorporate domain expertise with data analytics and digital services to boost the life of assets, minimize operational expenses, and optimize future projects.

Photo Credits: 4Subsea

4Subsea was founded in 2007, and its main market includes equipment providers and big energy companies. 4Subsea is headquartered in Asker, Norway, and has offices in Bergen, Stavanger, Kristiansand, Rio de Janeiro, and Aberdeen.

They are able to gauge and regulate the stability of the wellhead system, as well as the fatigue, load, and structural integrity during drilling operations using retrofitted subsea sensors as part of the Subsea Wellhead Integrity Monitoring (SWIM) technology. It uses self-contained sensors with five-year battery life and can function in up to 3,000 meters of water depths.

Photo Credits: 4Subsea

“Digital twin technology gives an early warning and greater accuracy in structural health monitoring than traditional assessments,” said Peter Jenkins, CEO of 4Subsea. “Its use has grown tremendously over the previous decade.” SWIM conducted roughly 80 measurement campaigns in its first five years of operation.

Photo Credits: 4Subsea

They are able to prolong the life of wellheads, as well as re-use critical wells, using data collected with the SWIM technology. Predictive models are a vital part of this program.

The SWIM Live app, developed by 4Subsea and integrated with the BOP MUX umbilical, delivers live data streaming from sensors deployed on the BOP and lower flex joint. This provides for real-time updates and the potential to optimize operations using real-time data.