4 Things The Nintendo Switch Pro Needs To Succeed

By Stephen M

Ever since the release of the Nintendo Switch somewhere in 2017, rumors of an upgrade Pro version are always in the news. Some pundits believe that the Switch is underpowered compared to its competitors PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

Photo credit: www.broomberg.com

The Nintendo Switch came in when competitors upgraded to the 4K HDR world and storage size of 1TB. This made the 1080p console with 32GB a far cry from what was expected. Is Nintendo just focused on providing a quality gaming experience with software deeply rooted in its hardware? Or it just can’t beat its competitors?

Photo credit: theverge.com

Well, the company seems not to be bothered by the exploits of its competitors. Their focus is to provide a phenomenal on-the-game experience to gamers. Nintendo Switch sold about 70m units on its release, while Switch Lite sold about 14.7 million units. Though many believe the console is underpowered, its hardware is top-notch quality and has been a great success.

Despite these successes, the Switch is currently underperforming in high-end games like Control or Hitman III. The only way to enjoy these games is to play them via cloud streaming. Hence, undeniably, the Switch needs an upgrade to continue enjoying the goodwill it has.

What a Switch upgrade needs

4K output

A planned Switch Pro needs a powerful core to deliver 4K visuals. A 4K resolutions would boost the gaming experience and make several high-end games enjoyable on the console.

Unlimited power

An upgraded Switch needs something more powerful than the Nvidia Tegra X1 SOC power. In 2019, the Switch and Switch Lite console’s power was improved with the Tegra X1+ and therefore had improved battery life; however, much needs to be done in a Pro.


With the Nvidia Tegra X1 SOC battery Switch, gamers can enjoy three to six hours of playtime before charging. The Tegra X1+ also offers up to 9 hours of play. But a Switch Pro would need more hours of battery life to make it enjoyable, especially on long trips.

Bluetooth audio

Audio Bluetooth connectivity is a must in any upgraded Switch. The current Switch has a 4.1 Bluetooth that connects to controllers but needs something that also connects to wireless earphones.