4 Amazing Inventions You Might Have Missed

By Anthony K

Humans have achieved enormous advances in design and technology in equal measure over the years. In fact, it can feel hard to keep track of it all. Here are a few inventions intended to revolutionize and simplify everyday living that you might not have heard of.


Image courtesy of yankodesign.com

Stress, fogginess, and even sadness can be caused by a lack of fresh air, which is why a portable improved air purifier was developed. Atmoblue allows you to filter the air while also producing extra clean air in the process. The creators guarantee that it will deliver 99.7% of the time and that each user will have their bespoke designer.

Unpluq: Tag – Block Distractions & Improve Concentration

Image courtesy of Unpluq.com

Are you frequently distracted by apps on your phone? Unpluq allows you to keep track of your app usage and choose which applications to ban at different times of the day. The physical tag is used to unlock the apps. Work mode, chill mode, or weekend mode are all available options.

Pencil Printer

Image courtesy of ecofriend.com

This concept was birthed by designers Seunghwa Jeong, Hoyoung Lee, and Jin-young Yoon. Because the device uses pencil shavings rather than ink cartridges, you can simply erase a mistake on a piece of paper. At the same time, the environment is spared from permanent ink and paper waste.

Hover 2: Capture 4K content on a drone that flies itself

Image courtesy of zerozero.tech

Drones have become the newest tech hobby in the last few years, though they require a skilled hand to navigate. Hover 2 is supposed to achieve all this and more without requiring much human participation. The drone is equipped with artificial intelligence that guides it while flying and assists in capturing 4K videos from the finest available angles. The AI-trained tracking system can detect various objects.