3 Easy Ways To Boost Cell Phone Signal Strength

By Stephen M

One of the frustrating situations you can ever encounter is having a bad signal when you need to place an important call or send a quick email. Have you experienced such circumstances before, and what saved the situation? In this modern and technological world, communication is everything.

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But imagine your internet connection crawling when you need an email sent, or your calls keep tripping during an emergency. You can lose an important contract or job in such a situation. The good news is that you can save yourself from this uncomfortable situation with these few hacks.

First thing first

A low battery can contribute to a weak signal. So your first step in such a situation should be charging up your battery. It is therefore important to always have a spare charger for emergencies. If your problem is not battery-related, reflect on how long you’ve had the challenge? The duration of your problem, whether it is recurrence or new, can also determine the solution. Do you have a thick cover on it? If so, then remove it as the made of your cover can sometimes affect signals.

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Lastly, check if your phone is in tune with the brand’s latest updates. Running on outdated software or operating system can affect the performance of your device. Always make sure you have the latest updates from your device manufacturer when released.

Put your IT cap on

Suppose the problem persists after trying the aforementioned, then on the Airplane mode and put it off after 5 seconds. Doing this helps the phone to re-establish its network. If it doesn’t work, turn the phone off and on again. Turning the phone off and back on refreshes the gadget to a new start.

Stroll around for a better signal

Sometimes your phone may not be the issue but the area you find yourself. A cleaner environment has better network connectivity. If you are encountering a bad signal, try to move around to a better location. If you are indoors, get close to your window or move outside.